Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The snow totals for the 2009 - 2010 are depressing. So much so, that I haven't wanted to blog about them.
The first storm which hit before Christmas, caused my flight to Atlanta for a long weekend to be cancelled and delayed my arrival in NM. Arggg!!

Fortunately, all my co-workers said that the average snow fall is ~18", so the December storm was supposed to be all the snow we got. Needless to say they were wrong!!

The DC/Baltimore area was hit with two more 18"+ storms in the same week!!! The snow piles are so, high we will be lucky if it melts by April.

Check out this blog - written by a lady in Baltimore - Love her blog and she did a fantastic job covering the snow.


I will leave you with some pictures I took....
The owner of this car, still hasn't dug it out! It has been almost 2 weeks!!

And to add to the cabin fever brought on by the snow, on another trip to Atlanta to do wedding stuff with my mom, it snowed! 3 to 4"!! Which isn't much by DC/Baltimore standards, but put the greater Atlanta area into panic mode. I wanted a sign on the rental car - "From Maryland, I know how to drive in the snow. Get out of my way!!" The Atlanta snow did cause a few of our appointments to be cancelled, which almost put me over the edge. Fortunately, everything worked out, we did get some of the most important things done, and I got a beautiful necklace for Valentine's Day!

We are going snowboarding next weekend, which I should be excited about!?! More snow ;)With all the snow here, I would rather be at the beach next weekend. Spring, where are you...