Friday, August 31, 2012


We miss our Lexus.  Whenever we see one on the road, we both think longingly of our missed friend.  It also starts a conversation of what should we get to replace it.  G has been traveling a lot this year and the end is in sight!  His truck is okay, but it up for daily driving. 

Getting another Lexus IS has been tossed around.  That was up until a few weeks ago, when the IIHS added a new safety test that focused on side impact near the wheel well of the driver.  Almost the exact position of our accident.  The 2012 Lexus' got poor rates, the worst possible! 

It looks like we were pretty lucky to walk away with just bruises.  "The Lexus IS had up to 10 times as much occupant compartment intrusion as the Volvo. In the IS test, the car's A-pillar bent and the footwell collapsed as the left front wheel and tire were forced rearward. The dummy's left foot was entrapped by intruding structure, and its right foot was wedged beneath the brake pedal."  Sadly, this the Lexus is definitely out.

This was my first car -

1980 navy blue Mercedes 450SEL.  I started driving when I was 15 and my parents wanted me protected.  It had been my mom's car.  They just decided to keep it and get her something new.  I will always be drawn back to a Mercedes!  G said "No German cars!"  I guess my Passat will be our last German car.  Sad :(

The next option is a Toyota FJ.  It reminds me of legos. 

Then there is this car -

We have a few more months before any real decisions need to be made.  It is fun to pay attention to all the cars and colors out there.

Monday, August 27, 2012


All over pinterest are great ideas for different detox regimes.
I don't think I need a major detox, but drinking more water infused with lemon and mint and taking a bath seem right up my alley!

I think I am going to try this Natural Cure for a Common Cold bath on Thursday.  I don't have a cold, but my left ankle is swollen!  I am not sure if it has been swollen since the surgery.  I just noticed it last night and it is pretty bad.  Thursday is the day my Dr. gave me the okay to take a bath and start putting lotion on my foot!  I have been putting arnica cream and peppermint cooling leg gel from The Body Shop on my left leg.  It feels good.  Hopefully, I can get this swelling thing under control.

On another note, this weekend was pretty crafty!  I finished my baby blanket for G's cousin's boy and started on my storage solution for all my ribbons.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Quick office update

While I was in Calgary I found some cool cards that I want to turn into artwork for the office.

The cards are 4x6" made by local artist and I thought I could find some nice black frames at Ikea.  Maybe even a new frame for the that "hot and cold" painting I made in high school art class.  Gold is a little tacky!

I also got this smaller card.  I think a colorful frame would be cool, but I am not sure where to put it...

I liked this as memento from our time in Calgary and attending the 100th Stampede.  I am not sure where it is going to go....

I think the office painting will happen sometime in late September.  My 6week foot follow-up is Sept 20th and I was told no running until after that appointment.  Painting might fall into the "no running" category since I am not super stable and would need to be up and down on a a ladder.  

What updates have you been up to?

Friday, August 24, 2012


I love ribbons and bows!  One of my besties said because she loves me, she would wear a bridesmaid dress with any number of bows!  Fortunately, no bows on me or bridemaids at the wedding.  The flower girl yes!

I have a small collection of ribbons that I love using on gifts.  I'm not really a wrapping paper girl.  Seems too wasteful.  

The ribbons used to live in a Gap plastic shopping bag with in my wrapping tupperware.  Not ideal, since I had to empty the bag every time I wanted to uses them.  

I randomly decided to organize them on a dowel rod we had, but I need another, better idea.

Searching on pinterest found these great ideas -
I like this idea, but I don't really have the room.
Cool, but I would need to find a cool box...

Styrofoam tube that you pin the ribbon around.  Love it!
The last one is my favorite!  Hopefully, I'll have time this weekend to go to the craft store and get some foam and more straight pins.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dude get on that already update

I painted the wooden stuff!

The placement is a little off, but we will work on that!

The bird house still needs some work.

I found this coloring sheet on pinterest and thought it would be cool to transfer some of the design onto the walls of the bird house.

I was going to print it onto card stock, cut out the shape, trace them onto the bird house, then paint it.  We are out of black ink, so the project it on hold!

More updates hopefully soon!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to...

My SIL!  I hope you have an awesome day and are spoiled by all your boys!

Love the shoes!

Love ya

Monday, August 20, 2012

Foot update

~3 1/2 weeks out from surgery and I am feeling better, have more energy, and am sleeping better.  I can tell a difference from week-to-week in my walking ability and getting feeling back in my toes, but noticing any day-today changes.

Still swollen!
I am still taking naproxen twice daily and am going to ween myself off of the oxycodone.  The most I have taken is 1 325mg pill in a day.  As of yesterday, I was taking half a pill daily.  Need to get off of that.

~2 1/2 more weeks until I can thoroughly wash my foot and soak it in Epson salt!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

More baby gifts

It is that season in life where everyone is having babies!  Wedding are over and babies are in!
We just sent another Pig in a Blanket to G's cousin who is expecting their first baby in February.  One of G's co-workers just had a little boy and G told me to "dispatch a pig in a blanket!"  Humm, never met the guy, wife, or baby and I kind of like the the pig is an H thing, not G's company thing.  So I sent them a Cordy Roy Jelly Cat Blue Rhino.

And of course some Boudreaux's butt paste - a favorite of our niece and nephews.

And for are closets, dearest friends a personalized bath wrap from PB kids.  I love love love personalized things, so this gift is right up my alley.

Anna in a pink Owl.

Ryan in a her pink bunny wrap.

And last but not least......
some homemade knitted "bear cuddle cloths" for Ryan and Anna.

My SIL embroidered their names on the ribbon.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy 60th Birthday

to my Mother-in-Law!

She is awesome and I hope she has an awesome day!

Love ya

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Checking my credit card yesterday, I noticed a $855 charged to UPS.  WTF!!!
Apparently, I shipped 60+ pounds of stuff to Malaysia from North Carolina.  I don't know anyone in Malaysia and even had to look at google maps to figure out where exactly it was!

The charge is being disputed and my credit card company said I won't be liable for the $855.

The tracking number was listed, so I did some searching and found out the details from UPS in case I need my own proof that the it wasn't me.

I also asked how this didn't raise a red flag with the fraud department.  The initial charge at the UPS store was for $45, which started the process of getting the package approved for shipment with customs.  The rest of the $810 wasn't charged until approval from customs.  Lovely!

I have a feeling that getting this issue completely cleared up might take a while!
Fun times!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

300th post!! and More mixed nuts!

Wow!  300 post of my random thoughts, house and workout updates.  Thanks for reading!

Pictures from my phone, some using my olloclip and the Pro HDR app (it takes two pictures at different exposures and combines the images. I also like it's editing features.)

Not a great use of the fisheye - How we do coffee in our house.  French press with the beans ground in a burr grinder.  G is sort of a coffee snob.
One of many places Arti likes to nap - she loves being under something and in the dark.

 It must have been too hot to get under the blanket.

She likes Vera Bradley!

My newest knitting project - a baby/toddler blanket for G's cousin soon-to-be 1year old! I love love this yarn - Madelinetosh in Envy       

Fun with the editing feature in Pro HDR - I think this looks kind of creepy, especially with the bear in the corner.  I still need to paint the E, G, a, a, and m.  Dude, got on that already!

What fun pictures are on your phone?
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Foot update

It has been 2 weeks!!


 I got many compliments on my foot wear during the past two weeks and questions/comments about what happened, I've been in your place, it will get better, I feel for you etc.  All nice and funny. 

I did have one sort of bad experience - at a local pizza place where you seat yourself and it is first come first serve.  The place is so popular that they added tables in the kitchen to make room for the guests!  

I was there with my MIL last Friday and the first lunch crowd was just finishing up, so the place was sort of packed.  We did find seats at a corner of a large table next to a big work group and two other ladies.   We did have a table right behind us, so there wasn't a lot of room for me to manipulate my foot into the seat, but I made it work!  
The two ladies next to us finished their pizza and were starting to get up.  
The lady right next to me said, "Can you move so I can get through?"  Note the lack of "please."  I looked at her and her friend and said, "No..."
They interrupted me before I could say "I am sorry but I can't really move easily, could you go around? or give me a moment, I can't move very fast."  
The ladies looked at me with shock and the lady next to me said, "I'm pregnant (she didn't really look preggo) and I can't squeeze through there!!"  I said, "I have a broken foot (a little exaggeration, but explaining surgery would have taken too long) and can't really move around easily!"  I then pointed to my lovely looking boot.  Again they looked at me with shock.  I guess they thought being pregnant trumps everything.  I haven't been pregnant, so I really wouldn't know what it is like or what was running through her head, but it does annoy me that she started off so rude and entitled.  I wasn't a super angel either, but I always remember to say excuse me, please, and thank-you.  

In the opposite case, at the vet's office the vet assistance carried Artichoke to the exam room and out her in my car, voluntarily! after she saw me limping along.  Thanks!!

Enough ranting!

Today, I had my stitches removed and got my first look at the new foot!  The Drs. office was packed and they were running behind.  I was apologized to multiple times about the long wait.  My reply, "No problem!  I am so excited to be here, get the stitches out, and get out of this stupid boot!" 

My new orders include - no soaking the foot for another 3 weeks :(  Still healing.  Don't specifically clean your foot, just let the soapy water run over it in the shower.  No lotions or powders or arnica gel.
Focus on getting back to putting my full weight on the foot before going for a long walk or riding a bike without any pain!  I did a little walk with Molly - 0.25miles in 11 minutes.  It was tiring.
No running at all!!  
My next follow-up appointment is in 6 weeks and we will start talking about running then.  They didn't give me any specific exercises to do but I found a some good ones on Live Strong, so I might try them in a few weeks.  
After the stitches were removed today.

And lastly, stay in the boot!  Now the boot fit after the surgery with all the wrappings, but now is is huge.  It is ~1.5inches longer than my other shoe, and I have gotten it caught on the stairs in and out of our house.  I brought my other sneaker and she relented, so long as it didn't cause pain from being too tight.  Success!

Most comfy of my ~60+ shoes.  Haflinger hard soled slippers.
I did try on some shoe other shoes when I got home and my slippers are the most comfortable.  Will I look weird wearing my slippers in the summer?  With a limp?
I don't really care!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The chair!!

Some pictures of the newly recovered chair!

Gussy was checking the chair out within a nano-second!
Looks pretty bad with the yellow paint!
PB rug sample with our color swatches.
Think it will look great together!
Chair details.

I am excited to put it all together!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks

This is my newest favorite song.  It reminds me of The Night Circus.  Have you read it yet?!
Read it!!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Mileage

Statue in downtown Calgary
Running – 17.78 miles
Walking with Molly – 2.02 miles

The first 3 weekends in July, I was out of town and then the surgery.  Molly was staying at G's parents house, July 6th - 23rd, so we didn't walk more than once. 

Yearly totals - 
Running = 336.52 miles
Walking = 133.33 miles