Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last WWW of 2013!!

Mon, Dec 16th2mile run with Molly (Mile 1 @ 10:11, Mile 2 @ 9:57) and continued with the 30day squat challenge - Day 8 – rest
Tues, Dec 17thJust did Day 9 – 9reps of each x2
Wed, Dec 18th1.62mile walk with Molly, P, and G after work, followed by Day 10 – 6reps of each x2
Thurs, Dec 19th2.11mile run with Molly (Mile 1 @ 9:34, Mile 2 @ 9:53, and 0.11miles @ 9:55) in the morning, 1.65mile walk with the family after work, and Day 11 – 5reps of each x4
Fri, Dec 20th3mile run alone (Mile 1 @ 9:40, 0.47miles @ 9:27, 1:30min walk break, 0.46miles @ 9;05, 1mile @9:17) Day 12 - rest
Sat, Dec 21stH-family Christmas morning and then G’s work Christmas party, so no running or walking.  I did do Day 13 – 7reps of each x3
Sun, Dec 22ndSuper rainy soaking day spent inside and then the evening at a baptism and Christmas party.  I did do Day 14 – 6reps of each x2
Mon, Dec 23rdTravel day!  Headed to my home for Christmas!! Day 15 – 5reps of each x5
Tues, Dec 24th1.97mile walk with my mom, P, and G to Starbucks for morning coffee!  Day 16 - rest
Wed, Dec 25thMerry Christmas!! 2mile walk around the neighborhood before going to Grandma’s house for dinner.  Day 17 – 9reps of each x3
Thurs, Dec 26th1.94mile walk to Starbucks! Day 18 – 5reps of each x3
Fri, Dec 27th Another 1.9mile walk to Starbucks! Walking to Starbucks is a fun family tradition when we are home.  Day 19 – 7reps of each x4
Sat, Dec 28thTravel day home. Day 20 - rest
Sun, Dec 29thMore wet and then we went to a football game.  P’s first NFL game!  Day 21 – 10reps of each x3
Mon, Dec 30th2.20mile run (this puts me at 200.17 miles running this year!!!) with Molly (Mile 1 @ 9:54, Mile 2 @ 9:46, and 0.2miles at 9:29) in the morning and Day 22 – 8reps of each x2
Tues, Dec 31st Happy New Year!! Day 23 – 8reps of each x4

Hope you had a great 2013.  It was wonderful in our house and we look forward to may more adventures with baby P!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Mon, Dec 9thPinterest workout day!  I decided to start a 30daysquat challenge – various number of reps of the following 5 moves – Narrow squat, Narrow squat with back kick, Basic squat, Basic squart with side leg lift, and Sumo squat.  Day 1 – 6 reps of each. Then I did -
Tone-up tight routine (website is down so I don’t have the url, just a picture of the workout)–
25 crunches
25 squats
30 lunges
50 jumping jacks
60sec wall squat}

Tues, Dec 10thP and I walk 1.66 miles and I did Day 2 – 10reps of each.
Wed, Dec 11th –  Molly and I ran 2.01 miles in the afternoon in shorts! (Mile 1 @ 9:28, Mile 2 @ 9:20) and Day 3 – 6 reps of each x2 (actually did rest day).
Thurs, Dec 12thMolly and I ran 2.1 miles in the frigid morning! (Mile 1 @ 9:57, Mile 2 @ 9:54, 0.1miles @ 9:49) and Day 4 – rest (actually did Day 3).
Fri, Dec 13thMolly and I ran 2.01 miles in the morning! (Mile 1 @ 9:38, Mile 2 @9:45) and this leaves me with ~10miles left before I hit 200!) and Day 5 – 5 reps of each x3.
Sat, Dec 14thThe plan was to walk, but then baby P had a rough night.  He was up at 3am, 5am, and 7am!  We figured out that he had a fever (100.6) and is probably starting to teeth (lots of drool and when the paci falls out he sucks on his hands) so no walking.  I was able to get in Day 6 – 10 reps of each.
Sun, Dec 15thThe fever broke and P is feeling great!  Later in the afternoon, we all walked 1.77miles and I did  Day 7 – 8 reps of each x2.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Full Performance of "The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)" from "Puppet Mast...

Having a baby definitely prevents one from keeping up with pop culture!
We were introduced to "What does the Fox say?" just a few weeks ago and now the song is repeated daily in our house!
This Glee version made my day!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

November Mileage

3month old baby P, 9month old baby C, and 4month old baby S.

P and S are cousins, C is a 2nd cousin and she loves P!

Running - 15.25miles

Walking - 29.27miles

Yearly totals - 
182.71miles running
350.27miles walking


Sunday, December 8, 2013

2weeks worth of WWW

Some more out of sort weeks!  Thanksgiving, lots of rain, G traveling, and I went back to work, have thrown of any sort of regular workout or even keeping up with “regular” posts.
We all survived my first week back at work and now sort of have an idea about schedules/what to expect.
For the short term – running will be for fun, no long races/specific training any time soon.

Mon, Nov 25thRunning 2miles with Molly (1st mile @10:20, 2nd mile @10:15) and then abs. 
Tues, Nov 26th It was pouring rain, so I did the “morning workout” 
3x {25 push-ups (on my knees)
       30 crunches
       50sec wall sit
       10 dips
       45sec plank
       30 lunges on each leg
       15 squats}

Wed, Nov 27thDoes Mall walking count?  We went to 2 malls?!
Thurs, Nov 28thIt was a bitterly cold morning, so we skipped walking in the official Turkey Trot.  My Mom and Molly and I, did walk 2.04miles later in the morning.
Fri, Nov 29th2.05mile walk with Molly, Mom, and P.
Sat, Nov 30thAnother busy day of shopping with my Mom in the morning, watching football, setting up the Christmas tree, and taking our Christmas card pictures.
Sun, Dec 1stLazy day around the house recovering/getting ready for going back to work.
Mon, Dec 2ndBack to work.  It is/was bitter sweet.  I have enjoyed my time with baby P, but love my job. 
Tue, Dec 3rdMore rain = “morning workout”
Wed, Dec 4th2.03mile run with Molly – (1st mile @10:03, 2nd mile @9:55)
Thurs, Dec 5thMore rain = “morning workout”
Fri, Dec 6thTired, so I hit snooze a few times!
Sat, Dec 7th2.35mile walk with baby P and then I finished the Christmas shopping!
Sun, Dec 8th The jury is still out on what I will do today – it is raining, so walking is out.  Boo.

On the bright side, I only have 16miles to run to hit my goal of 200miles!  Exciting!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I am thankful everyday and I make sure to say "Thank-you" to everyone I interact with during the day.

I wanted to give a shout out to our yard guys!  We live on a corner = lots of yard and we have a ton of pine trees.  In the Fall, our yard is covered in pine straw and leaves.  I raked leaves as a kid.  It is fun once.  We need to do it every weekend.  Not interested!

Our yard guys come every other Monday and I love them.

This is our yard Sunday -

This is our yard Monday after the yard guys came - So pretty!

This is our yard on Wednesday -
Not to bad.

Tons of pine straw.  Hate it!

I love the yard guys and if we had unlimited funds, I'd have the yard guys come every week!
Thank-you yard guys!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

2 weeks of WWW

Soo… lets just say the last 2 weeks have been out of sorts.  Having a baby will do that.  Having a baby and a massive cold does that.  Having a baby, a massive cold, and a traveling hubby does that.  Having a baby, a massive cold, a traveling hubby, and celebrating your birthday does that.  Having a baby, a massive cold, a traveling hubby, celebrating your birthday, and celebrating your hubby’s company’s 3rd anniversary does that.  Yes, thing having been crazy!

Mon, Nov 11th Off/rest/work at home day.
Tues, Nov 12th 2mile walk with the baby, 200 abs, and some arm exercises with 5 and 10lb weights.
Wed, Nov 13th 2mile walk with the baby, 200 abs, and some arm exercises with 5 and 10lb weights.
Thurs, Nov 14th 2mile walk with the baby, 200 abs, and some arm exercises with 5 and 10lb weights.
Fri, Nov 15th Lazy day
Sat, Nov 16th Super early morning standing in line to get Pappy and then just a lazy day after.
Sun, Nov 17th Sleep in morning!  The baby stayed with his grandparents while we stayed in a fancy hotel celebrating my birthday and the 3rd anniversary of G’s company.  They had a huge soaker tub.  It was wonderful!

Mon, Nov 18th Another busy day – physical therapy for the baby.  He has tortcollis and we need to get his neck straighten out.  After that, I had a work meeting at a local children’s hospital, a follow-up OB appointment for me, and a hair cut!  I was able to get home before it started to get dark, so I took the baby for a 1.65mile walk.
Tues, Nov 19th 2mile walk with the baby and 200 abs.
Wed, Nov 20th 2mile run with Molly (1st mile @ 10:10, 2nd mile @ 10:09) and 200 abs.
Thurs, Nov 21st2mile run with Molly (1st mile @ 9:55, 2nd mile @ 10:20) and 200 abs.
Fri, Nov 22nd2mile walk with the baby and 200 abs.
Sat, Nov 23rd3mile run ALONE!  Crazy girl!
Splits –
1st mile @ 9:25
0.46miles @ 9:26
1min walk break
1mile @ 9:30
0.49miles @ 9:32
-> 3miles in 28:55

I did do 200abs after the run.

Sun, Nov 24th1.89mile family walk and then I was able to run some errands alone.  I love being with the baby, but being able to go to Target and the grocery store without him is a good time.  I was even able to get a mani/pedi!

I go back to work soon, so I need to get on a better consistent workout schedule!
Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Mon, Nov 4th2mile run with Molly (1st mile @ 10:36, 2nd mile @ 10:16) and one round of 5-to-50 AB workout.
5 V-Up crunches
10 side plank rows with leg lift on each side(I skipped the leg lift since my balance is a little off)
15 full body tuck’n spreads
20 alternating superman planks
25 plank jacks to jumps
30 windshield wipers
35 leg lifts
40 side-to-side foot taps
45 sec elbow plank
50 bicycle crunches

Tues, Nov 5th2mile walk with P in the afternoon.
Wed, Nov 6thMorning workout –
3x {25 push-ups (on my knees)
       30 crunches
       50sec wall sit
       10 dips
       45sec plank
       30 lunges on each leg
       15 squats}

Thurs, Nov 7th2mile walk with P.
Fri, Nov 8th2mile walk with P, one round of 5-to-50 AB workout, and then 100 extra sit-ups.
Sat, Nov 9th2.21mile walk with P, 200 various sit-ups, and various arm exercises with 5 and 10lb weights.
Sun, Nov 10th2mile walk with P.  Today is a busy day with the girls going to see the Radio City Music Christmas show.  It should be a great time!

Fun times!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Best Baby things

Baby P is now 8weeks young and I feel like I have handle on some of our favorite baby things.

1. Baby Sleeper -This is our favorite thing!  It was a recommendation from friends and we can't thank them enough!!  Baby P has slept in this every night since coming home.  He isn't a fan of his crib, but is fine in this sleeper in the nursery.  One of the great features is how easy it folds up, can be moved from room to room, and is easy to transport!  I can't recommend this sleeper enough!

2. Burp cloths - These are extra thick and wonderful for wiping P's chin and to protect your clothes while burping.  They also make bibs!  I am ordering some now!

3. Nursing cover - I don't know if this is the best nursing cover since it is the only one I have, but it is great!  I really like that the corners have terry cloth edges that can be used to wipe P's face or catching dripping milk.

4. Swing - This was a recommendation from my bestie who had used it for her two babies.  P sleeps in this during the day.  The best part.....the AC adapter!!  Now if it only came with a remote....the swing noise drives me crazy when I want to nap (I'm like the princess and the pea - any constant noise drives me bonkers!)

5. Ergo baby carrier - I think "wearing" your baby is one of the coolest things.  This is great because most of the weight is on your hips.  I do have a Moby wrap, but haven't quite figured it out.  I am going to a local Baby Wearing International meeting on Friday to get help!

6. Paci - Our friends got P a mustache paci, but he hates the shape of it.  I think he likes this paci because it is the same shape as the bottle nipples and the girls.  Fortunate for us, he isn't too attached to it!

7. Pottery Barn Kids blanket - I am a sucker for all things personalized.  Probably has something to do it my uncommon name!  My mom got P this blanket in grey with his name in orange.  Matches the nursery and the BOB.  P does have another great blanket from The Uncommon Kid, but it looks like she isn't selling anything now.  We have a few other great blankets, but I don't know where they are from.  Soft is the key!

8. Bottle brushes - Great for cleaning out all the bottles and pumping stuff.

9. Swaddle wraps - P does not like to be swaddled.  He likes his arms out and kicks his legs a lot.  We don't use these to wrap him, instead they make great car seat covers when we go out in public!  I keep one in the car and one in the diaper bag.  Some people are super noisy with a baby and this keeps them out!

What other favorite baby things do you recommend?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October Mileage

First some Halloween pics -
My mom and I when I was 6 or 7 years old - notice the chair...

Same chair!  New cover.  I figured that P and I won't be able to be pumpkins, so the next best thing, sort of matching shirts and matching hats that I made!  Showing off my Halloween creativity!

My knitted hats!
Definitely better than last month!
Running - 1.19miles

Walking - 37.96miles

Yearly totals - 
167.46miles running
321.18miles walking


Sunday, November 3, 2013


Mon, Oct 28th – I did a “morning workout” from pinterest.
3x {25 push-ups (on my knees)
       30 crunches
       50sec wall sit
       10 dips
       45sec plank
       30 lunges on each leg
       15 squats }

Tues, Oct 29th – 2.19mile walk with baby P in the morning and then 5-to-50 AB workout (again found on pinterest) – you are supposed to do 3 rounds.  I did 1.  Weak abs!
5 V-Up crunches
10 side plank rows with leg lift on each side(I skipped the leg lift since my balance is a little off)
15 full body tuck’n spreads
20 alternating superman planks
25 plank jacks to jumps
30 windshield wipers
35 leg lifts
40 side-to-side foot taps
45 sec elbow plank
50 bicycle crunches

Wed, Oct 30th  "Morning workout" and 1.46mile family walk in the evening.

Thurs, Oct 31st – Happy Halloween!!
I decide it was time to start running…. I did a 1.19mile RUN with Molly in the early, dark, cold morning.
The first mile was @11:32 and the 0.19 was @10:53.  Not the best times, but the times don’t matter now, getting the distance is!  Baby P was still asleep when I got home, so I did one round of the 5-to-50AB workout.

Fri, Nov 1st – off/rest day
Sat, Nov 2nd – 2mile RUN with Molly and then 1.19mile family walk.
Splits – Mile 1 @10:34, Mile 2 @10:30.

Sun, Nov 3rd -  2mile RUN with Molly.  This one had some hills!  It was hard!
Splits – Mile 1 @10:38, Mile 2 @10:48.

I like the “Morning Workout” and “5-to-50 AB workout” so I am going to do them more this week with a little running as G’s schedule allows. 


Sunday, October 27, 2013


Lots of walking this week and some new workouts!  I was cleared by the Dr to start working out.  Exciting!  I am going to take it sort of slow getting back into it, since it has been awhile since I ran or even used my stomach muscles. 

Mon, Oct 21st2.07mile walk with baby P and then some arm work with my 5lb weights.
Tues, Oct 22nd Off/busy day.  I had a meeting at work at 11am and then needed to run some errands.  G stayed home with P and loved it!  We lucked out with an amazing baby.

Wed, Oct 23rd 2.02mile walk in the cold with baby P.
Thurs, Oct 24th 1.54mile walk with baby P and I did a “morning workout” from pinterest.
3x {25 push-ups (on my knees)
       30 crunches
       50sec wall sit
       10 dips
       45sec plank
       30 lunges on each leg
       15 squats }
Oh my!  My body was sore that night.

Fri, Oct 25th 2.18mile walk with baby P.  This was a tough walk trying to warm up my muscles and get out some of the soreness.  I did do a “300 ab challenge” from pinterest.
25 In-n-outs
25 bicycles
25 reverse bicycles
25 crunchy frogs
25 cross leg/wide leg sit-ups
25 scissors
25 Hip butt ups
25 Heels to the Heaven
25 Roll-up V-ups – I couldn’t do these, so I just did crunches
25 Leg climbers
50 kayakers

I definitely looked like a fish out of water doing some of these.  I am sure my son was thinking, “what is that crazy lady doing?”

Sat, Oct 26th 2.02mile walk with baby P and the “morning workout.”  I can feel my legs getting stronger!

Sun, Oct 27th We just did a 2.02mile walk and rested/did chores around the house.

I love feeling sore from a workout, but ouch I didn’t know I would feel this sore!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Some more knitting

I made this cowl awhile ago -

It is cotton yarn and the pink color is called flamenco and is a bright pink, but paired with the black yarn it looks more red.  Oh well.
This is one of the first pieces that I have made for myself.  I have very sensitive skin when it comes to fabrics.  Wool, even a small amount is itchy.  I have some wool sweaters, but I have to wear long sleeve shirts underneath.  So I haven't made anything for me, until I found this great cotton yarn.  Fun!

This past week I made a pumpkin hat for baby P!  I am working on one for me (cotton yarn), so we can match on Halloween!  Nerdy!  

The day before baby P was born I made these fun owl gloves!
They are a labor of love and each glove was made twice.

The pattern called for size 6 needles for the cuff and size 8 needles for the hand - see the left hand!  When I made the right glove I forgot to switch to size 8 needles.  Opps! 

Ok, I'll just remake the left glove.  As I was working the 2nd left glove I noticed that I had forgotten a few rows of knit between the cuff and hand on the right glove.  Ahh!  I didn't really like the fit of the right glove, so after I finished the left one, I tore back right glove and started the hand again.  Fun times!!

I do love how them came out.

In addition to my pumpkin hat, I am working on a cable scarf and a square blanket that is supposed to be for baby P - this one might take me awhile!


Sunday, October 20, 2013


Humm… this was a weird walking week.  Motivation not there, missed opportunity waiting to go when G got home, and rain.  Oh well!  It is one of my last weeks of not “being allowed” to workout (OB said no workout for 6 weeks), so I’ll take it. 
I did do arm exercises with my 5lb weights almost every day.
Mon, Oct 14thSuper busy day running errands.
Tues, Oct 15th2mile walk.  This was an interesting walk since ~10min into the walk, G called and told me to pick him up because he had been in a car accident.  On the bright side, baby P was already in the car seat!  After we got home and G left in the truck to go back to work, we finished our walk.
Wed, Oct 16thLazy!
Thurs, Oct 17thIt rained all day :(
Fri, Oct 18th2.4mile walk!
Sat, Oct 19thWe had a busy day at a pumpkin patch in the morning and it was off and on raining all day, so we didn’t get in an official walk.  I did “wear” baby P for almost 2hrs at the pumpkin patch.  That counts as a workout?!?
Sun, Oct 20th1.65mile walk with G and Molly!

My 6week check-up appointment is on Wednesday, so if everything goes well, I’ll have better WWW posts.  I am thinking about finally trying out some of the workouts I have pinned!


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saying good-bye to a friend

In 2004, I bought my first car.  A Volkswagen Passat 1.8T.

It was a wonderful car, but was getting up there in mileage -> ~96,000 miles.  German cars start breaking around 100,000 miles and fixing it starts to get pricy, so we had sort of talking about selling it.  Wonder if we jinxed ourselves!?!

After we bought the Outback, the Passat became G's primary car and to be honest he hated some of the features.  The biggest hate was that the car would relock itself if you hadn't opened a door within 30sec of unlocking it.  Also, the doors autolocked if you drove over 15mph.  I could do without the relock, but I loved and miss the autolock.

In the past few weeks we toyed more with the idea of selling the truck and Passat and getting G something else.  No clue what something else is....
I do know that the truck is G's baby and the H Family way is house, dog, truck.  I would be really surprised if the truck ever goes away.
My family way is owning one extra car.  Since we got married we went from 3 (truck, Lexus, and Passat), to 2 (truck and Passat), back to 3 (truck, Passat, and Outback), and now back to 2 (truck and Outback).  I like have a back-up car!

The Passat died on Tuesday - sad day.  It was declared a total loss.  Sad.
G's was driving near an entrance area to the freeway that has one-way roads.  2 tracker trailer trucks were going the wrong way on a one-way, the SUV in front of G slammed on her breaks and G ended up rear ending her.  The impact cause both air bags to deploy and did a number on the front of the Passat.  G said there was brake and transmission fluid all over the pavement, which would indicate engine damage.  Not good.

Fortunately, G and the other driver were ok.  A little emotionally upset, but nothing physical.  G did say that the airbag pushed his hands off the steering wheel and he had some irritated skin on his wrists.  And the SUV had the VW logo "stamped" into her bumper.  Thankfully everyone it ok.

I took these pictures at the tow lot before releasing the Passat to the insurance company.  I needed to see the car and make my peace with it.  I know it is just a car, but I get emotionally attached to things.  I did shed some tears, but felt better about the situation once I left.

Love ya Passaty!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The great stoller purchase of 2013

Once we found out we were having a baby I knew I wanted a BOB stroller.  Went went to REI during their members spring sale and test drove the Motion and Revolution SE.  I liked the compact form of the Motion, but G and the sales guy convinced me that I needed a running stroller.  I don't plan on running regularly with baby P once he gets older, but I will want to run when G goes out of town, so we went with the Revolution SE.  Also, because of the sale we decided to get the matching Britax B-safe infant car seat.
We picked orange to match Molly!
And that is were the fun ends...

The BOB is great for walks but it is large and awkward for taking in and out of the car and into stores.  I wanted/needed something smaller and easy to deal with.  Based off of friends recommendations I bought a snap n' go stoller that says it will fit most infant car seats.  I guess it depends on how you define "fit."  The B-safe didn't "snap" or fit level on the frame.  The extra strap to wrap around the car seat seemed like a bad idea.  It went back.  Fail #1.

During all this, our friends gave us their Baby Jogger City Mini.  Wonderful!  It isn't as small as I would like, but I thought I could make it work.  We just needed to get the infant car seat adapter...
The Baby Jogger website said this adapter would work with the City Mini and B-safe.  It didn't.  Fail #2.

Our friends were able to find the adapter pieces that came with the stroller.  We installed the adapter and again our car seat didn't fit.  No snap/lock the car seat in place.  You could balance and wrap a strap around the car seat to hold it in place.  Sure, let's put a bungee cord around the baby and call it a day!! I don't think so!  That baby needs to be snapped in place!!  Fail #3.

At this point I was feeling super defeated and frustrated with our decision to purchase the B-safe.  Obviously, the B-safe wasn't made to play with other brands.

I went to the Britax website and searched for stroller options.  After watching the B-Nimble product video, I was sold!!.  An umbrella stroller that fits the B-safe, is only 14lbs, folds up flat, and will grow with baby.  The only down side, the price.  According to Britax, B-Nimble sells for $200.  Ouch!! 
I was able to find one on albee baby for $90 with free shipping!  It came with correct car seat adapters, cup holder!, and a rain shield.  And since it is an umbrella stroller, baby P will able to grow into it as a toddler and maybe even last for another baby.  Win!!

I actually purchased the B-Nimble the morning I went into labor! That morning, if you would have asked me if I would go into labor that afternoon, I would have laughed at you!

The only downside, if you even want to call it a downside is the color.  Albee Baby sold the red version for $90 and for $170 we could get it in silver to match our orange car seat.  Hummm, not interested in almost double the price for silver fabric.  Red and orange it is!!

Moral of the story - there is no such thing as universal when it comes car seats and
strollers!  Do your research and make sure you get strollers that are compatible with your favorite car seat before buying anything.


Sunday, October 13, 2013


Mon, Oct 7thWe didn’t walk and honestly, I don’t remember why!  Probably just lazy.  Ha!
Tues, Oct 8thWalked 2miles with baby P.
Wed, Oct 9thWalked 1.64 miles with baby P.
Thurs, Oct 10thWalked 1.02miles with baby P – we made it a short walk since it seemed like something was off on the BOB stroller and P was bouncing around a lot.  I did check the tire pressure and played around with it a little and everything seemed ok.  Weird.
Fri, Oct 11thWe had a really rough night and busy morning, which resulted in a long afternoon nap for both of us.
Sat, Oct 12th2mile walk in the morning with baby P.
Sun, Oct 13th2mile walk in the afternoon with baby P.
I did do arm weights with my 5lb weights almost everyday.  Mommy needs tone arms!


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

September mileage

Not that exciting!

1st family walk with 6day old baby P!
Running - 0miles

Walking - 13.28miles

Yearly totals - 
166.08miles running
283.22miles walking
3week old!  Love his faces!    


Sunday, October 6, 2013

WWW - It's back!

Sort of...

Sept 9th – 24th mostly off recovering from labor.  We did take a few short walks of less than a mile, but I didn’t record them.

Sun, Sept 22nd My mom came into town to help/hang out/meet baby P.
Mon, Sept 23rdMy mom walked…. P and I napped!
Tues, Sept 24th 1.7mile walk with my Mom, P, and Molly.
Wed, Sept 25th it rained ALL day.  We didn’t leave the house.
Thurs, Sept 26th 1.7mile walk with my Mom, P, and Molly.
Fri, Sept 27th Lazy!
Sat, Sept 28th My sister was coming for the weekend to visit and we had to leave the house ~10:30am to pick her up.  It takes P and I awhile to get ready in the morning, so my mom just walked alone.
Sun, Sept 29th – 2mile walk with Molly, Mom, sister, and P.  My mom and sister left later than day – sad. 
If G is too busy to walk with us, then Molly will be staying at home.  She is a puller, I can’t deal with her and control the stroller.  Especially since P is so little.  Maybe when he is bigger and can sit in the BOB without the carseat we can try taking Molly with us.
Mon, Sept 30th 1.65miles with P in the stroller.
Tues, Oct 1st 1.63miles with P in the stoller.
Wed, Oct 2nd Happy 3rd Anniversary to G and I!!  It is the leather anniversary (traditional) and I got G a credit card holder wallet from leatherology and he got me a fancy leather purse.  It has been an amazing year and even better 3 years.  I look forward to many many many more!
P and I had to run some errands for dinner and buy cupcakes, so we didn’t go for a walk.
Thurs, Oct 3rd 1.0mile walk with P.  P was pretty upset at ~half a mile, so we turned around and went home to eat!
Fri, Oct 4th 0.77mile walk around the block with P, Molly, and a visiting friend.
Sat, Oct 5th talk about lazy!  We didn’t get out a bed until 10:30am!  We did go on a family walk – 2miles.
Sun, Oct 6th Family walk on a nearby running/biking path – 2.34miles.

Monday will be 4weeks since P was born, so I technically have another 2 weeks workout free.  I will keep walking and maybe start adding some arm exercises with my 5lb weights.  My mommy arms need to be tone!


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013


Mon, Sept 2ndTired and lazy – day off!
Tues, Sept 3rd1.64mile walk with Molly and G before work.
Wed, Sept 4th1.7mile walk with Molly and G before work.
Thurs, Sept 5thI borrowed my friend’s gym pass and went swimming.  I was feeling pretty stuffed from the cold I caught, so it was a little tough.  I just did 1000yds – 100 swim, 100 kick.
Fri, Sept 6th39 week Dr appointment early in the morning.  I napped after work, since this cold has been kicking my butt.
Sat, Sept 7thSlept in since I was tired and we had a busy day with G’s family watching the nephews play football and soccer.
Sun, Sept 8thWhen I woke up this morning, I realized I had lost my mucus plug… not a big deal but usually means that labor could be in the next few days or weeks.  I did mean that swimming is not allowed and probably need to make our walks more casual.  We did take Molly out for a short walk (0.77miles) in the morning before going to brunch and running errands.

Weekly Workout Wrap-up is taking a break….
As is turns out, passing my mucus plug did mean labor was starting.  We went to the hospital at 5:30pm on Sunday, and our son was born at 2:50am Monday, September 9th!! 
We will be doing some walking, but nothing too strenuous for a few weeks and definitely not anything resembling a workout for 6 weeks.

Baby P is doing great as a 1week old.  We are all figuring out our new life and loving it.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Finished Nursery!!

The last touch was the mobile from etsy.

My mom crocheted the grey blanket.

I really love how everything came out - not too baby and some of my favorite colors right now.

Source list -
Rug - USA Rugs in turquoise
Crib (I just copied YHL) - Walmart
Quilt - Target
Grey Chair - La-Z-Boy
Paint - Rainforest by Martha Stewart and Bedford Grey by Behr
Curtains - Ikea with my added ribbon trim
Dresser/Changing table - Unpainted Furniture (purchased in 2001)
Recovered flower chair - info here and here


Thursday, September 5, 2013

August Mileage

Running - 0miles - this belly is too big to run anymore!

Walking - 38.68miles - up 6miles from last month

Yearly totals - 
166.08miles running
269.95miles walking

My walking miles has eclipsed my walking miles from last year!  And we still have 4months left in the year!  Maybe I should set a walking goal - 400miles?!?!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer 2013 Book Review

-->I did a lot of book listening this summer (my car has bluetooth, so that helps a ton!) and only read 3 paperback books.  Need to work on that!  Any great book suggestions? 

On to the my recommendations -

The Witch’s Daughter by Paula Brackston, 3 stars
This was an okay book.  The book wasn't really about magic and witches but more about a witch hunt that had lasted hundreds of years.  I prefer to read more about magic and the history of it.
I did like the author's writing style and will probably check out her other books.

I, Iago by Nicole Galland, 2 stars
This started out as an interesting book.  Then dragged on and on and on and bang done! 

The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith, 3 stars
This was an okay book. The main character Cormoran Strike was interesting and fun to follow. The story was okay, but there was something missing, something not developed. It was a better adult book than Rowling's other adult book (Casual Vacancy) but not as entertaining as the Harry Potter books.

Wool Omnibus (#1-5) by Hugh Howey, 3 stars
This was a recommendation from a friend because it was suppose to have "knitting" undertones. Not really! I think there was one paragraph about knitting.
However, it is an interesting series about the future and what happens to the world. It is a little depressing with lot of death, so I am not sure I would recommend this book. I am going to continue with the series, hoping to get answers many questions raised in the book.

Shift Omnibus (#6-8) by Hugh Howey, 3 stars
This was an okay book. It was difficult to get into at the beginning and relate to the characters. Towards the end, things started to make sense and tie back into Wool. I am looking forward to the next installment - Dust, to see how everything works out.

The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson, 2 stars
A very strange book.  I really don't know what was real and what was "fiction" in this book.  If you like reading about North Korea, then this is book for you!

Tumbleweeds by Leila Meacham, 3 stars
This was an okay book. Frustrating and unbelievable at times, but a fun, easy read. I did like her book Roses much better than this one, so check that one out and maybe skip this one.

Paris: The Novel by Edward Rutherfurd, 4 stars
I really enjoyed this book and following generations of families through the building of Paris. If you have been to Paris and want to relive your time there, definitely check out this book.

Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris, 4 stars
I love David Sedaris and reading about his crazy childhood and life as a crazy adult.  I am a closet crazy too!  It is best to get this book as an audiobook with David Sedaris as the narrator. He is hilarious and I laughed out loud many times! 

What books did you read this summer??