Sunday, November 15, 2009

Birthday adventure

GAH came to town and we spent the weekend exploring MD. It was a fun wonderful weekend.
We went to PA and visited Fallingwater, a Frank Lloyd Wright house. We did the "long" 2 hour tour. It was definitely worth every penny.

We stayed at The Summit Inn Resort. It was very nice, but we our visit was "out of season" so we were not able to take advantage of all the In-House activities.

We met friends in Bethesda for a b-day dinner at Jaleo. It is a Spanish Tapas restaurant, that was very tasty! I would definitely recommend the Mejillones al vapor - Prince Edward Island mussels steamed with a bay leaf and a pinch of salt. Keep the sauce to dip your bread in.


The Birthday Box

Once upon a time, two girls met in the 4th grade and became friends. Their friendship blossomed throughout the years and the girls became BFF in high school.
Their junior year ELT decided to put EMN's b-day present is a white box that she had painted black with a sharpie. Unfortunately, the black marker ended up getting everyone who touched the box, hands black with marker. As a joke, EMN kept said box until ELT's birthday in November, but with the addition of stickers to prevent black marker hands. And so started the tradition of The Birthday Box. Each year the girls send The Birthday Box back and forth with gifts that fit into a 6"x6"x4" box. The box has survived ~12 years and it has had many sitickers added to it and clear packing tape, so no more black marker hands!
The End.

I love traditions and once I saw The Birthday Box in the mail last week, I wanted to cry and smile all at the same time. I love my BFF and our tradition.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Exciting things have been happening, but I have been tired (not sleeping well) so I have been slow on updating the blog.
We set a wedding date -> 10-2-10 (nerdy date!) at the Carter Presidential Center in Atlanta, GA. The venue comes with it's own caterer, so I am nearly done with planning :) HaHaHa.
The Knot page is coming soon...

At work, my building/division had a chili and brownie cookoff and I won for Most Unique Brownie Ingredient! I made NM red chile brownies. Add 1/4 cup of dried, crushed red chile to your favorite brownie mix and sprinkle some red chile of top after putting the mix in the pan.
If you are really daring, replace the water with green chile juice.
"green chile juice" = true New Mexican have frozen green chile in their freezer and when it defrosts you have green chile juice.

T-minus 8 days until the big 3-0!