Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beginning of the week workout review

Sunday, June 25th - Make-up run day from last Thursday.
15min easy warm-up
4x (5min @ 7:45min/mile pace, 2min easy)
10min easy warm-down

Splits -
During the 15min - 1mile @ 8:46, 0.73 miles @8:38
1st-5min -> 7:29min/mile pace
2nd-5min -> 7:31 pace
3rd-5min -> 7:30 pace
4th-5min -> 7:36 pace
During the 10min - 1mile @ 8:20, 0.19miles @8:45
Finished with cool-down walk 0.38mile.
Total mileage minus the cool-down walk was 6.01!

It felt great. Didn't feel like I had just run 6 miles. Yeah for running!!

Monday, June 27th - Boot camp - regular one hour class and then advanced 30 min! It was killer.
Mile run - helped pace to wonderful ladies break their records. Previous record was 10:07 and we did the mile in 9:36!! Awesome. I like being helpful!
1:30min of push-ups - started late.... I did 24.
5min of plank
The rest of the workout was bands and plyometrics in 1min intervals followed by ~10sec of rest.
Advanced was a routine of 7 exercise done 3 time - 50sec on 10 sec rest. Killer!

Tuesday, June 28th - Run day.
The plan was 2 miles moderate, 2 miles at 7:35 pace, 2 miles moderate.
I ended up doing 6.2miles in 51:38.
Splits -
Mile 1 - 8:41
Mile 2 - 8:49
Mile 3 - 7:40
Mile 4 - 7:28
Mile 5 - 8:40
Mile 6 - 8:40
0.20 at 8:06pace!

My legs were tired and the fast running was hard. Definitely starting to like running again! Yeah!

Wednesday, June 29th - Off day and work picnic

Thursday, June 30th - the plan is weights and teaching swim lessons!!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Workout update

Life has been a little interesting recently, but fortunately my workouts have been consistent and are helping me get through all the ups and downs. I do have an amazing hubby who is super supportive. Love you GAH!

On to the review...

Sunday, June 19th – well deserved off-day

Monday, June 20th – Regular boot camp and then advanced boot camp. It was hard and fun.

32 push-ups in 2min

5 min plank

1mile run – my watch said 6:49, but it was shorter than what Stephanie said the course was. Love how accurate GPS watches can be!

Tuesday, June 21st – Running -> 4miles, 6 pick-ups, easy run to make it 5.01miles.

It was a hilly course, so the times are not great.

Splits –

Mile 1 -8:57

Mile 2 – 9:29 – hilly!!

Mile 3 – 8:50

Mile 4 – 8:46

PU 1 – 0.08 with pace of 6:59

PU 2 – 0.08 with pace of 6:41

PU 3 – 0.07 with pace of 7:27

PU 4 – 0.06 with pace of 8:38 – hilly!

PU 5 – 0.07 with pace of 7:39

PU 6 – 0.08 with pace of 6:46 – flat!

Finish with 0.40miles with pace of 8:37.

I listen to audio books while I run and just started Dracula. If you are a Twilight fan, you should read/listen to this book! Also, check out The Historian.

Wednesday, June 22nd – Boot camp. I meet Stephanie early to figure out a new running course, so I actually ran 1.89 miles that day. I only did 22 push-ups since I was playing with a different form. I did do plank for 5min. The rest of class was bands.

Thursday, June 23rd – Was going to run in the morning, but decided to sleep in! 6am is so much better and 5am!

Friday, June 24th – You know I can’t get myself motivated to work out on Fridays!

Saturday, June 25th – 13.1 miles with Stephanie. My goal was to finish. Time wasn’t important. I felt tired, but good.

Splits – 13.1 in 1:57.02

Mile 1 – 9:30

Mile 2 – 8:49

Mile 3 – 9:04

Mile 4 – 9:07

Mile 5 – 8:52

Mile 6 – 8:45

Mile 6.55 was at a pace of 8:39

Stopped at the half-way point to eat some sports bean and get some water. I hit the split button, which reset the mile tracking.

Mile 7.55 – 8:45

Mile 8.55 – 8:55

Mile 9:55 – 8:57

Mile 10.55 – 9:08

Mile 11.55 – 8:47

Mile 12.55 – 8:41

Mile 13.1 was at a pace of 8:40

Very happy this run. Starting to build a good base and hopefully speed will come. I do have a 10k race coming up with 50,000 of my closest friends! I am in seeded group B, which behind elite men, elite women, and A group. Pretty fancy!



Saturday, June 18, 2011

Baltimore 10miler

Running success!

Not a best time, but I finished feeling tired, but good. Didn't get sick, like last year...
Starting to like running again and get my mojo back! So a success in my mind!

On to the splits -
Mile 1 - 7:49 (all down hill)
Mile 2 - 8:02 (still down hill)
Mile 3 - 8:22 started the ups and downs
Mile 4 - 8:23
Mile 5 - 8:10
Mile 6 - 8:21
Mile 7 - 8:34
Mile 8 - 8:34
Mile 9 - 8:40 (up hill!)
Mile 10 - 9:01 - (hills - which did include some walking, legs were tired!)
According to my watch - the race was 10.15miles and I finished in 1:25.05 (10 miles would have been 1:24:00)

The race sent me this email a few hours after...

"There were 451 finishers in your age group and 4184 finishers in the 10 Mile Division.

Your overall finish place was 691, your age group finish place was 41 and your gender finish place was 181.
Your time was 1:25:03.84 giving you an overall pace of 8:30 per mile.

Your 5M split time was 42:16.97, Giving you a pace of 8:27 per mile, Overall place 769, Gender place 190
Your FIN split time was 42:46.87, Giving you a pace of 8:33 per mile, Overall place 652, Gender place 176"

Even splits! Now nap time.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Workout update - better

Monday, June 13th - Boot camp
I did the regular hour long class and then the "advanced" 21min routine after. It was hard and fun.
34 push-ups in 2min
5min plank
7:13min mile

I pushed myself, but not too hard. Still a little worried about the effects of Saturday's run. Out of curoisity I checked myself on the scale - down 2 lbs from a week ago. I really hadn't changed my diet, so I think it was the cookies and other fluids I lost. Kind of gross.

Tuesday, June 14th - 1st official marathon training workout! My marathon isn't until the end of October, but working backwards and taking into account vacations, this is the 1st week of my marathon training. My plan is one long run a week and two tempo type runs a week. As well as 2 cross training days, which will probably be boot camp. I am following a training plan from a women's running magazine and Run Less, Run Faster. For the 1/2, I had a hard time doing the track workouts, so I am substituting them with tempo runs from the magazine article.

Today was 10min warm-up
4 x (5min @ 8:00min/mile pace, 2min easy - translated to walk)
10min easy

I picked the 8min/mile pace, since Saturdays run was such a disaster. I needed something to build my confidence. I also ran before work, so it was cool. Me likely!!
I did 5.24miles in 48min.

Splits -
10min - 1.17miles (1st miles was pace of 8:33, 0.17 had a pace of 8:54)
1st - 4:56min - 0.62miles at 7:58 pace, 2min walk at 19:43 pace
2nd - 5:00min - 0.63miles at 8:00 pace, 2min walk at 19:11 pace
3rd - 4:59min - 0.62miles at 8:04 pace, 2min walk at 19:38 pace
4th - 5:00min - 0.64miles at 7:51 pace, 2min walk at 20:33 pace
10min - 1.16miles (1st miles was pace of 8:34, 0.17 had a pace of 8:45)

I am happy with this. It felt good, which is something I have missed. It didn't feel like I had done 5 miles. Yeah for me!!

Weight - still down 2lbs....

Wednesday, June 15th - Boot camp
34 push-ups in 2 min
10min of planks! A guy in class decided he wanted to challenge me on the plank after we had gotten to 5min. My best time is 21min! Sure I'll take you on! I lost. I told my friend next to me, I am only staying up 10min. It was his best time! I'll help push others to do their best anytime.
On the run, another challenge - this girl and I have almost the same name. I have two "a"s in my name she doesn't. We are just about the same speed and she likes to race me, which makes me faster. Today, we both got our best time!! 6:49! Pretty impressed since my feet were still tingly from the plank and I had a slow start. Starting to like running again!

Thursday, June 16th - Run day. Since I have a 10mile race/training run on Saturday, I decided to shorten/take it a little easy on this mornings run. I repeated the pick-up run -> 3miles then
6x{30sec fast, 35sec walk recovery} with some of the pick-ups being up hill!
Total distance was 4.06miles
Splits -
Mile 1 - 8:30
Mile 2 - 8:51
Mile 3 - 8:34
1st PU - 0.07miles with pace of 6:50
2nd PU - 0.07miles with pace of 7:07
3rd PU - 0.08miles with pace of 6:29
4th PU - 0.06miles with pace of 7:59 - hello hills and tired legs!
5th PU - 0.06miles with pace of 8:46 (actually 29secs)
6th PU - 0.06miles with pace of 8:05
Last 0.43miles was at 8:14 pace.

Pretty happy with this. My legs were tired and the hills were hard. I am still down the 2lbs from the weekend. Maybe started a good trend to get to my goal number!!

Friday is an off day. Saturday is the race. One of my goals is to not repeat last year's cookie tossing after the race. Good times!!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bedroom paint colors

I posted before that we were thinking about red paint for the master bed room. We did get some swatches of colors we liked and hung them up next to the furniture. The colors are pretty, but it wasn't going to work. Everything would blend together.
So on to the next idea.
A friend suggested olive green. Ok.
On my daily trip to the Depot, I grabbed tons of color samples to bring home. We picked three colors we liked and I bought samples. The greens are nice, but we are not jazzed about them.
We are not trying to match the bathroom!You can see the red swatches on the blend.
I am thinking about red/cranberry fabric for the curtain??

I did get a brown/grey color that matches a color in our bed spread and I like it the best.
Bedspread reminder....
Arti follows me around the house!

GAH isn't too sure about it since the main part of the house is brown and the other bedrooms are fun colors. He thinks it might be too boring.
Newly painted hallway on left and master on the right with the swatch that matches the bedspread - darker flowers to the left of Arti's leg in the previous picture.
More hallway and swatch.

What do you think?? We might look into some sort of shade of yellow or gray as the next idea. I still have to start and finish the living room before attacking the master!
Let me know what you think!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Workout update - failure:(

Tuesday, June 7th - Last Bikram yoga groupon class :( I like doing different things and this was fun. I might get back into it after my marathon. I did walk to class, 3.26miles round trip.

Wednesday, June 8th - Boot camp with Stephanie - Sharon actually taught the class and did a great job.
34 push-ups in 2min.
5min of plank.
Lots of cardio and band work. It was a great workout.

Thursday, June 9th - I had plans of getting up at 5am and running before work, but I was tired. I had worked out everyday since Sunday. Taking a day off would be ok.

Friday, June 10th - Another off day. Tired and just in a blah mood. I just can't get myself motivated to workout on Fridays!

Saturday, June 11th - Free morning yoga on the harbor!! I walked there and around the neighborhood with a friend, stopping for brunch and at a flee market. It was a fun morning. I had my watch on for 1.46miles. I did walk more, but who is counting!

Later that day I met a friend to run 12 miles....For the sake of this blog, I am trying to be 100% honest and open.
That being said, this was my worst run EVER!! It was hot and I felt awful after ~4miles. I would have stopped if I was alone, but my running partner was "full steam" ahead. The results were not good and the aftermath was worse - emergency pull over on the drive home to "toss my cookies." Followed by more cookie tossing, shaking, chills, and nausea. It was a fun night! I was able to shower, rest, eat some greek yogurt with almonds, get more water in me, drink some natural Lemon-lime soda, and watched Sex in the City reruns until 1:30am. I was able to sleep until 10am, but still don't feel great.
I had a similar experience last June after a 10mile race in the heat. Summer marathon training might be more difficult that I thought!
On to the splits -
10.5miles in 1:37
Mile 1 - 8:48
Mile 2 - 8:37
Mile 3 - 9:04
Mile 4 -9:13
Mile 5 -8:51 (took a walk break to get water and eat sports beans after mile 4)
Mile 6 - 9:09
Mile 7 - 9:13
Mile 8 - 9:18
Mile 9 - 9:58
Mile 10 - 10:03
last 0.5 had a pace of 9:54
According to my watch, I had an elapse time of 1:46.09. I do stop my watch during walk breaks. I did a lot of walking!
I did cool down by walking another 0.95miles.

Lately, running has been hard and I am not in a good grove. I was after the 1/2 in March and then took it easy in April. I just haven't been able to get back to the same place. Maybe it is the heat, maybe it is stress in my life - let me tell you there is a lot!! I don't know. I just want to get back to a running happy place.

Sunday, June 12th - Recovery.... still feel weak, so I am alternating juice and water and eating bland food. Fun times!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dining room and hallway

And the painting continues....I painted the hallway and the dining room. Which again included installing new switches, new 3-way switches, new GFI outlets, new register vents, new curtains, and of course Arti getting into the paint. At one point she walked on the top of the paint can.....
and laid against the wet baseboard.....Needless to say we had a love/hate relationship while I was painting!

Now on to the before -After....
Yes, that is a framed piece of construction paper Arti walked on, after walking on the paint can. Got to love her!

Yes, there is still blue tape on that window - I broke the pane while trying to close the window!

Making the house a home!
Now all that is left is the living/TV room and our bedroom. The living room is going to be the same brown paint as the dining room and hallway. Our bedroom....I'll leave that for another post!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quick update

Sunday, June 5th - Long run day
Because of our schedules, we meet at 6pm. It was 83deg, but it felt hotter!
We did it in 1:26:05
Splits -
Mile 1 - 8:33
Mile 2 - 8:29
Mile 3 - 8:19
Mile 4 - 8:19
Mile 5 - 8:17
Mile 6 - 9:01 - part of this mile was trail running on large rocks. My feet are very sore.
Mile 7 - 8:56 - more rocks
Mile 8 - 8:51
Mile 9 - 8:32
Mile 10 - 8:45 - this was a junk mile run, just trying to get mileage and running pretty much in circles. We need to plan better.

Monday, June 6th - Boot camp with Stephanie! She started an "advanced" class before the regular one. Advanced = non-stop exercises. It was hard, but it hurts so good.
We did 21 minutes of - 3 x {7 exercises each for 50sec, with 10sec rest} with the goal that you do the same or more reps each round. I was soaked after and I still had an hr left of "regular" boot camp!
One of the girls in the class had a goal of running better than an 8min miles. My legs were mush, it was hot, and I wasn't mentally prepared to sprint the mile, so I offered to pace with her! According to my GPS watch we finished in 7:53, but according to Stephanie's course we were 8:09. I am going to go with my watch on this, so my friend gets her goal!!
After we went inside and did some band work, more of the routine we did during the "advanced" class, abs, 2 min of diamond push-ups (I did 23 and was on my knees), and then 5min of plank. I am tired!

Tuesday's plan is to walk to Bikram yoga.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Workout update and 5k female winner

Wednesday, June 1 - Boot camp with Stephanie. It was 90+ and humid, so we didn't do the mile run.
2min push-ups - 33
5min plank
June is bands, so we did lots of band work, cardio, and abs. It was a great workout!

Thursday, June 2 - Since the weather has been sooooo HOT, I decided to run before work.
I did 3 miles and then 6 pick-ups (30sec fast, 35secs easy walk.) I did the pick-ups on a hill, so it was pretty hard. I was tired after, but that is a good thing!
Splits -
Mile 1 - 8:13
Mile 2 - 8:38
Mile 3 - 8:24
PU 1 - 0.07miles with pace of 7:06
PU 2 - 0.08miles with pace of 6:32
PU 3 - 0.07miles with pace of 7:33
PU 4 - 0.07miles with pace of 7:46
PU 5 - 0.07miles with pace of 7:24
PU 6 - 0.08miles with pace of 6:37
Ran 0.49miles with a pace of 8:23 to my car.
Total distance was 4.10miles in 35:50

Friday, June 3 - At work, we had a 5k race to celebrate the end of a 10 week Get Active program. Running this 5k was the goal of the Beginning Running program. The runners I worked with did an awesome job! The course was pretty hilly.
I did end up being the first women finisher! Pretty exciting.
My time and splits were not that great, but this is probably the only time I can say WINNER!
Splits -
Mile 1 - 8:08
Mile 2 - 8:21
Mile 3 - 7:59
0.1 had a pace of 7:26 with a finish time of 25:15!

Saturday, June 4 - Off day. Catching up on lots of loose ends.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

End of the month update and May mileage

Friday, May 27 - Monday, May 30th - No really workouts during this Vegas trip. We did do lots of walking. Vegas isn't my cup a tea, but I don't mind visiting there every odd year!

Tuesday, May 31st - Got to get back to running.
I did 4.25miles in 35:24.
Splits -
Mile 1 - 8:34
Mile 2 - 8:21
Mile 3 - 8:12
Mile 4 - 8:13
0.25 had a pace of 8:16.
It did feel pretty good, which is good after taking the weekend off.
I did a cool down walk with Molly - 0.67miles in 20:13.

My mileage monthly total was - 67.31miles bringing my year mileage to 311.76!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Birthday...

to one of the best Sister-in-laws a girl could have!Both of my SILs - wonderful women.

She made this head-band for me, for my sister's bridal luncheon.

Hope you have a great day.