Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Funny texts between parents and their kids

This is so awesome.  I ended up crying from laughing too hard!

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

WWW - over a months worth

This is more for me than you the reader (is anyone even reading this :))

The last month has been busy with work, being sick - had the noro virus, sinus infection, and now a wicked ear infection.  On the plus side, baby P hasn't been sick!

This is just running and walking updates.  I have done some workouts from pinterest, but haven't kept track with them as much as something on my garmin watch.

Mon, March 17th Day 3 of the Ab and squat challenge – 15 sit-ups, 20 reverse crunches, 35 squats
Tue, March 18thDay 4 - 15 sit-ups, 20 regular crunches, 40 squats
Wed, March 19thDay 5 - 20 sit-ups, 20 long arm crunches, 40 sec plank – Travel day to my parent’s house.  P and flew alone – it wasn’t too bad, but having an extra hand is great!
Thurs, March 20thDay 6 - 20 sit-ups, 25 crunch twists, 45 squats, 2mile walk to Starbucks with baby P and my mom!
Fri, March 21stDay 7 - 25 sit-ups, 25 bicycle crunches, 50 squats, 2mile walk to Starbucks with baby P and my mom!
Sat, March 22ndDay 8 - 25 sit-ups, 5x5 V-up crunches, 50 squats, 2mile walk to Starbucks with baby P and my mom!
Sun, March 23rdDay 9 - 30 sit-ups, 30 reverse crunches, 55 squats

Mon, March 24thDay 10 - 30 sit-ups, 30 regular crunches, 55 squats, 2.12mile morning run with Molly 2.01miles in 21:10 (Mile 1 @ 9:59, Mile 2 @ 10:02, 0.12 miles @ 9:48)
Tues, March 25thDay 11 - 35 sit-ups, 30 long arm crunches, 55 squats
Wed, March 26thDay 12 - 35 sit-ups, 35 crunch twists, 1min plank
Thurs, March 27thDay 13 - 40 sit-ups, 35 bicycle crunches, 60 squats, 2mile morning run with Molly 2.01miles in 19:29 (Mile 1 @ 9:40, Mile 2 @ 9:44)
Fri, March 28thDay 14 - 40 sit-ups, 7 x 5 V-ups crunches, 60 squats
Sat, March 29thDay 15 - 45 sit-ups, 40 reverse crunches, 65 squats
Sun, March 30thDay 16 - 45 sit-ups, 40 regular crunches, 65 squats, 2mile family walk

Mon, March 31stDay 17 - 50 sit-ups, 40 long arm crunches, 70 squats
Tues, April 1stDay 18 - 50 sit-ups, 40 crunch twists, 70 squats, 2mile family walk
Wed, April 2ndDay 19 - 55 sit-ups, 45 bicycle crunches, 75 squats, 2mile morning run with Molly 2.01miles in 20:08 (Mile 1 @ 9:33, Mile 2 @ 9:38, 0.1miles @ 9:15)
Thurs, April 3rdDay 20 - 55 sit-ups, 9x5 V-up crunches, 75 squats
Fri, April 4thDay 21 - 60 sit-ups, 45 reverse crunches, 75 squats, 2mile morning run with Molly 2.01miles in 20:11 (Mile 1 @ 10:26, Mile 2 @ 9:42)
Sat, April 5thDay 22 - 60 sit-ups, 45 regular crunches, 80 squats, 3.1mile run alone – Mile 1 @ 8:57, Mile 2 @ 9:01, Mile 3 @ 9:06, 0.1miles @ 9:08
Sun, April 6thDay 23 - 65 sit-ups, 50 long arm crunches, 80 squats, 3.1 mile walk with P.

Mon, April 7thDay 24 - 65 sit-ups, 55 reverse crunch twists, 80 squats
Tues, April 8thDay 25 – 70 sit-ups, 60 bicycle crunches, 85 squats, 1.79mile walk with the family.
Wed, April 9thDay 26 - 70 sit-ups, 10x5 V-up crunches, 85 squats, 2.1mile morning run with Molly 2.01miles in 20:27 (Mile 1 @ 9:30, Mile 2 @ 9:54)
Thurs, April 10thDay 27 - 75 sit-ups, 65 reverse crunches, 90 squats, 2.3mile walk with the family
Fri, April 11th- Day 28 - 75 sit-ups, 70 regular crunches, 90 squats, 2mile walk with the family
Sat, April12th – Day 29 - 80 sit-ups, 70 long arm crunches, 95 squats, Pi mile race! According to my watch 3.03miles in 27:58, my official time was 27:56.67. (Mile 1 @9:04, Mile 2 @9:16, Mile 3 @9:25) 
This was my first race post baby, with an ear infection, and the course was very hilly.  My goal was to finish in under 30min.  Pretty good!
Sun, April 13thDay 30 - 80 sit-ups, 80 reverse crunch twists, 100 squats, 2.37mile walk

Mon, April 14thPretty much took this week off because of the ear infection, crappy weather, and just plan busy.  After this week, I only have 2 more crazy weeks left in the semester!  Hoping to get on a better workout routine then!
Tue, April 15th
Wed, April 16th
Thurs, April 17th2mile walk with the family
Fri, April 18th
Sat, April 19th2.10 mile walk with the family
Sun, April 20th


Friday, April 11, 2014

Mixed nuts - Mix Master P version

Can you believe it has been 7months!!

He can crawl with purpose, sit alone, get up on his knees, bang his head on the floor!, and just about has 6 teeth.  He is sure in a hurry!
The one thing he isn't in a hurry to do is eat solids :(  We keep trying and trying and trying with no luck,  He did voluntarily enjoy a mum-mum the other day.  Step in the right direction!  But the waking up twice a night STARVING, has got to stop.
We have a few new ideas to try... hopefully the parents can get a good nights sleep SOON!

Excited that Young House Love is a Red  Wings fan!! :)

Riding in the BOB like a big boy - next month running!!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March Mileage

I own you (really just myself) a few weekly workout update.  I have been running and walking and keeping up with my ab and squat challenge.  Life has just been crazy.  I can't wait until the summer, when things will slow down a little!  

Meanwhile, enjoy my latest stained glass piece my aunt made for us!
I love the detail in the yellow glass piece.

Running - 19.48miles

Walking - 22.64miles

Yearly totals - 
44.93miles running
58.52miles walking

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Book lists

I love book lists!  Lists of books you should have read.  Lists of book you should read.  Books I need to add to my own "need to read" list.

I saw this BBC book quiz that claims most people have only read 6 books on the list.  And members of Goodreads have read 23.

My score...


How many books have you read??


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Garmin GPS watches

I bought the Garmin Forerunner 110 in February 2011. 

It has been great, until recently.  It now has a hard time connecting to the satellites and just isn't acting like normal.  I have used it 778 times for a total of 2263miles in the past 3 years.

It might be time to get a new watch!  I use the garmin almost daily, so I need a reliable watch.

I am looking at the Forerunner 220.

Any recommendations??


Sunday, March 16, 2014

WWW - 2 weeks!

Mon, March 3rdBusy day at work – we moved to a new office building!  I wore my pedometer and took ~12000 steps!
Tues, March 4th1.35miles in 10:51with Molly (was running late and G had to leave early, so the run was short!), ~8400 steps during the day, 200 abs, and 25 push-ups.
Wed, March 5th2.0 mile run with Molly in the morning and then 200abs and 25 push-ups.  I am pretty sure my watch wasn’t working properly – the first mile was at 7:15 and the second was at 14:14.  Humm!
Might be time to start looking into a new Garmin…

Thurs, March 6thWednesday was our big move day, so I was tired Thursday morning.  Lazy/rest day!
Fri, March 7thJust flat out lazy!
Sat, March 8th4mile run with Molly and then a 2.41mile cool down walk with the family. 
Run – 10min warm-up (1mile @ 9:24, 0.07miles @ 8:54), 2min easy walk,
3x {5 min “fast”, 2min easy walk} (0.57miles @ 8:48, 0.57miles @8:50, 0.58 @ 8:40)
0.79 miles @ 9:13 Cool-down run.

Sun, March 9th2.2mile family walk and then lots of work during the day.
Mon, March 10th1.73 mile walk with P in the evening, 200 abs, and lots of arm exercises with my 5 and 10lb weights.
Tues, March 11th2.06 mile walk with P in the afternoon and 200 abs.
Wed, March 12thLong morning workout -
3x {25 push-ups (on my knees)
       30 crunches
       50sec wall sit
       10 dips
       45sec plank
       30 lunges on each leg
       15 squats}
Thurs, March 13thLazy and tired in the morning and it was really windy in the afternoon, so we didn’t walk.
Fri, March 14th 2.10 mile walk with P in the evening.
Sat, March 15th40min run (~4miles).  My garmin didn’t charge (even though is was on the charger over night), so I just wore my timex and did a timed run.  It felt good and the fast parts felt fast!
10min warm-up, 2min easy walk, 3x {5 min “fast”, 2min easy walk}, and 7min easy cool-down run.
I also started 30 day Ab and Squat Challenge.  Today was Day 1 – 10 sit ups, 15 bicycle crunches, and 30 squats.

Sun, March 16thDay 2 – 10 sit ups, 3x5 V-Up crunches, and 30 squats.  It was a rainy, lazy, chore filled day!