Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tri Columbia Blossoms of Hope 1/2 Marathon Relay

Mile splits (some missing - mile markers were hard to see):
Today, I completed my 3rd 1/2 marathon. Actually, it was a relay, 6.55miles each. Is was my relay partner's first race, so I ran the first half and then ran with her on the second half as moral support. The course was very hilly and my knees did not like it. The second half hurt, but I had fun!

Splits -
1 - 8:35
2 - 8:11
3 - 8:24
4 - 8:50
5 - missed marker
6 - 16:45
6.55 - 5:11 (relay switch point - 56min) - the last 1/2 mile was uphill :(
7 - missed marker
8 - overall time - 1:01.16
9 - 9:41
10 - 10:37 - 1hr 30 min (knees hurt, switched to 3min run/1min walk)
11 - 10:50
12 - 10:43
13.1 - 10:58, 2hr 3 min


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Book Review - Winter 2010

Books read Jan - March 2010.

Mary Todd Lincoln by Jean Baker - biography of Mary Todd Lincoln, a very interesting misunderstood person. Great book!

Knit Two by Kate Jacobs - second in the Walker and Daughter Knitting store series. Great easy reading.

Tea Time for the Traditionally Built: #10 - Alexander McCall Smith - great book in a light hearted series.

The Forgotten Garden and The Shifting Fog - Kate Morton - I listened to these books on audible and I love them. The reader was wonderful, I could listen all day. Highly recommended!!

The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger - I know I am behind the times just reading this book now (I haven't seen the movie either.) It was a great book and I love how the author developed the story. A friend mentioned that she thought the book was too sexual. It does have many sexual scenes, but I feel they are integral to the story. Highly recommended!!

I, Alex Cross by James Patterson - I read this book on my kindle during the snow of February 2010! Classic Alex Cross book = Great!

Mercy by Jodi Picoult - another thought provoking book about the relationship between a husband and wife. Beautiful writing.

Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult - one of her newest books dealing with a family with an ill child, similiar theme as My Sisiter's Keeper. It was a great book, but I could do without the last few pages. The story was finished, they weren't necessary.

The Choice by Nicholas Sparks - my first Sparks book, it was an easy great weekend reading book. Great beach reading.