Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from our house to yours!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


We're new here!  Ms. Ryan and Ms. Anna born 10days apart to besties I have known since elementary school!

Mon, Oct 22nd2.25mile walk with Molly!
Tues, Oct 23rd2mile walk with Molly!
Wed, Oct 24th – Fri, Oct 26thAll day conference with lots of standing and walking around the conference center.  My feet need Epson salt soaks and ice at the end of the day!
Sat, Oct 27thBikram yoga in the morning!  More conference in the afternoon L
Sun, Oct 28th1.6mile walk in the wind with Molly and G.  The rest of the day was errands and being lazy!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

WWW - 2weeks worth

Mon, Oct 8th2mile walk with Molly and some abs!
Tues, Oct 9th1.94mile walk with Molly and more abs!
Wed, Oct 10th2.02mile walk with Molly – do you see a pattern?!
Thurs, Oct 11th1.93mile walk with Molly and more abs!
Fri, Oct 12thWalked the airport since I was heading home for the weekend to meet my besties new daughters!
Sat, Oct 13th3.21mile walk with my mom around my parents neighborhood and to Starbucks for coffee!
Sun, Oct 14thWalked with my bestie, her baby, and The Bob around a local festival.
Mon, Oct 15thHeaded home, so more airport walking.  I like walking instead of taking the train around the airport!
Tues, Oct 16th2.0mile walk with Molly.

Wed, Oct 17thLace up the running shoes! Molly and I walked 0.35miles to get the poo out!  1mile RUN in 10:05!  1.12mile walk home.  My foot felt good and I felt in control!  Looking forward to more running!

Thurs, Oct 18thUnscheduled off day.  It was raining in the morning and I didn’t get home until after 7pm, so no walking.

Fri, Oct 19thRepeat of Wednesday… 0.35mile warm-up walk, 1mile RUN in 9:22, 1.65mile walk home.  Again my foot felt good, but was tired later in the evening and needed ice.  I think I’ll stick with this workout routine for another week before adding more mileage and running without Molly.

Sat, Oct 20thBack in the spring I bought a 20class Bikram yoga pass on Groupon.  My foot is still healing, but it is time I get back into a regular workout routine, so started Bikram!  It was hot, hard, and the standing posses did bother my foot.  My ankles are weak, but hopefully after a few classes the standing posses won’t be so hard!
Sun, Oct 21st2nd Bikram yoga class!  And painting the office bookshelf….
After 2 coats...
Rainforest by Martha Stewart
I think the paint will need three coats, which isn't too bad since the 2nd coat only took me 30min.  Hopefully, by the end of next weekend I can start putting the office completely back together!
What workouts or home improvements have you been up to?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Short office update

Before I take apart the bookshelf in the office, I decided to clean out the closet, since I will be moving most of the books in there.  Sorry for the iPhone pics, I accidentally left my camera on for a few days! 

To say it was bad, is an understatement!

Everything moved into the office!
Sort of empty!
Added the empty filling cabinet from another closet!

 After about 3hrs of work, a garbage bag of crap to toss, a decent sized Goodwill pile, labeled boxes, and paper shredding, the progress is acceptable! 
The light now works had has a pull string!

I still have a lot to do in the next few weeks, but it is the small victories!
Looking forward to a fun weekend working on the office!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Office update!

The grey paint is up, but it is still a work in progress!
I need to get the rug and paint the bookshelves.  Slowly and steady work!

Arti loves the sample.

I do love it much better than the yellow paint.
I am not sure about the rug....I am thinking the grey rug with grey walls might be too much.  Right now I am leaning back towards the teal rug.
I think the best thing is to wait on the rug until I paint and organize the bookshelves, then play with photoshop!

My parents are coming for Thanksgiving, so my goal is to finish it before then!
November is going to be busy!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stained glass

I have a soft spot for stained glass.  Geometrical patterns and stars are my favorite.
Office building in Calgary
Made by my Aunt last October.

Obtained from my hometown last Christmas.

From Banff, AB.

Turtle I have had forever from SoCali and a sneak peak at the grey office paint.
This past week, I have added 3 new pieces!
Anniversary gift from my sister!

Gift to myself for passing the PMP

I love her Etsy shop!
A friend and I took a beginner stained glass making class over the weekend and I made my own heart.  We cut and grinded the half circles and foiled and soddered it all together!

Like becoming a crazy cat lady, there is a fine line of having too much stained glass and being "that house."  I think I might have reached the stained glass border!

Do you like stained glass? Do you have any?  Do you have any particular art fascination?

Monday, October 8, 2012

overdue WWW

Mon, Sept 24th 1.64 mile walk with Molly
Tues, Sept 25thbusy day at work, so no walking
Wed, Sept 26th1.61 mile walk with Molly
Thurs, Sept 27th1.64 mile walk with Molly
Sept 28th – 30th -  We heading to Asheville, NC for the weekend and did lots of walking in Asheville and at the Biltmore House.
Mon, Oct 1stbusy day at work – I had to give an hour long lecture on medical cell phone apps!   Needless to say, I was nervous. 
Tues, Oct 2nd1.65 mile walk with Molly
Wed, Oct 3rd1.90 mile walk with Molly (used the Nike Run app on my phone, which might be a little off!  Our path with the Garmin is 1.6ish miles, Nike said 1.9 - strange)
Thurs, Oct 4th1.78 mile walk with Molly
Fri, Oct 5thearly work day, so no walking
Sat, Oct 6th2.83 mile walk/JOG with Molly.  I decided it was time.  My foot still bothers me, but I think that is going to be the case for a little while longer.  We walked ~0.4miles, jogged ~0.75miles, then walked the rest.  I actually was surprised how good I felt and my foot didn’t hurt during or after.  I am going to try to add more jogging this week!
Sun, Oct 7th Today was my second missed race because of the surgery.  G and I did go to the race with his sister who ran her first ½ marathon.  She finished in 1:55!!  Awesome!  We did a lot of walking to different parts of the race, which counts for my mileage?!?  I didn’t track it. 
This was my first time being a spectator and I was surprised how fast and how much fun it is to cheer.  Hopefully, it won’t be doing much spectating in the future.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

September mileage

 Lots of walking with Molly -
27.88 miles! 
Halloween at our house!
I named the blow-up cat Mr. Mistoloffees

Yearly totals - 
Running = 336.52 miles
Walking = 161.46 miles


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 years!

You know that tradition where you save the top of your wedding cake and eat it on your first anniversary?  We sort of skipped it and failed last year!

I am not a big fan of wedding cake.  It is usually over priced, there is too much, and I don't think it is that tasty.  I do love cupcakes!!  (The whole reason I wanted to have an 18th birthday party in high school was to have this great cupcakes from a local baker.  Unfortunately, the bakery closed before the party, so no cupcakes :( )

So, for the wedding I wanted cupcakes!
We ordered 200 cupcakes for ~100 guests and I had recycled to-go boxes for the guests to take cupcakes home with them!  No leftovers for us to worry about! And then for our anniversary, I would get fresh ones from the bakery.

Here comes the fail - the morning of our 1st anniversary, on our way to my half marathon race, I realized I forgot to get cupcakes!  The bakery isn't open on the weekends:(  Training for a marathon, just getting back from Europe, starting a new job, and moving combined to distract me from ordering cupcakes!  Bad wife!

To redeem myself, we went to Whole Foods and bought what looked like 2 tasty cupcakes.  They were not:(
We used our China for the first time last year!
 1st anniversary cupcake - Failure!!

One year later and I wasn't going to fail!  Yesterday, I went to the bakery and got 2 beautiful cupcakes in flavors we had at the wedding! 

What anniversary traditions you follow?  I like the traditional anniversary wedding gift guide.  Last year G, got me personalized stationary (1st = paper) and this year I got G cotton t-shirts with the #2 of them (2nd = cotton)!