Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekly workout update

Carlsbad Flower Fields
More fun updates!
Tue, April 24th – I bought a Groupon last fall for a local boot camp.  20 classes to use in 8weeks!  I went to my first class and it was great.  Very hard, but I liked it and my arms were killing me!  Looking forward to more classes!
I was able to take Molly for a 2mile walk in the morning and did my AABS – 150 sit-ups and 32 push-ups.

Wed, April 25th – 3.1 mile run in the morning, 2.0mile walk with Molly in the afternoon, and AABS – 150 sit-ups and 32 push-ups.
During our walk, someone put out a plant with a “free” sign on it.  It was a large terra cotta pot, that in my mind was worth carrying home (~5blocks) with Molly and her poop bag.  Needless to say, it wasn’t the best idea I have had and my arms were screaming by the end, but I am able to laugh about it and joke to G what a silly wife he has! 

Running Splits –
Mile 1 – 9:20
Mile 2 – 9:21
Mile 3 – 8:59
0.1miles @9:15
Total time = 28:37

My legs and body were tired and heavy.  Definitely feeling the effects of boot camp.

Thurs, April 26th – 2.0mile walk with Molly in the morning, 1hr long boot camp, and AABS – 150 sit-ups and 32 push-ups.  I can feel the burn!

Fri, April 27th – Off/rest day.  Very much needed!

Sat, April 28th – 3.1mile run, 1.78mile cool-down walk with Molly and G, and of course my AABS – 160 sit-ups and 34 push-ups.

Running Splits –
Mile 1 – 8:37
Mile 2 – 8:38
Mile 3 – 8:44
0.1miles @8:39
Total time = 26:53

I must have needed rest day Friday!

Sun, April 29th – Sleep-in morning, a longer walk with Molly and G – 2.71miles (it was starting to get too hot for Molly, so the walk was shorter than planned), and AABS – 160 sit-ups and 34 push-ups.

Mon, April 30th – Easy run morning.  I always feel so tired on Monday mornings, like I didn’t nap enough during the weekend.  This feeling makes any kind of motivation very hard.

On the plus side my cortisone shot is on Friday!!  Very excited to see what happens to the pain in my foot.  I have been icing it daily for a few hours total and have noticed a little difference.  The large callus is starting to break apart, which is a good sign that I am not putting more pressure on the nerve. 

Today is the last day of AABS – 160 sit-ups and 34 push-ups.  I will continue with some variation for May and maybe even post a calendar!

Running Splits –
Mile 1 – 8:55
Mile 2 – 8:53
Mile 3 – 8:48
0.1miles @8:55
Total time = 27:32

What workout have you been up to??

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Night Circus

My spring book review isn't due for another month, but I had to share this book with you.  I just finished it this past weekend and loved every minute of it!  I haven't read a book in a while that I didn't want to put down and read it slowly to take in all the magical descriptions.  I kept thinking, this would make an amazing movie....they are in the process of developing the screen play!  Awesome!!

The book is set in 1880 - the beginning of 1900's in a magical, fantastical circus that is only open at night.  The characters come to life in the circus and make fall in love with them even more.
This is a must read book!!  
I was telling a co-worker about it and she ask me to make a list of my top 10 books.  I'll have to think about that, but I know The Night Circus and The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield are 1 and 2! 

Go read these books!
What books would make your Top 10?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Workout update

More workout updates….

Sun, April 15th Easy day - Morning walk with Molly – 3.11miles and AABS – 120 sit-ups and 26 push-ups.

Mon, April 16th Easy 3.1mile run in 27:45.  I felt good and my foot didn’t hurt too much.
Splits –
Mile 1 – 8:56
Mile 2 – 8:56
Mile 3 – 8:57
0.1miles @8:47
Talk about consistent!

Cool-down with AABS – 120 sit-ups and 26 push-ups.

Tues, April 17th Feeling tired, so I slept in and took Molly for a 2.0mile walk and AABS – 130 sit-ups and 28 push-ups.

Wed, April 18th Nike Training Club! (because it was raining and I don’t like running in the rain.)
Get Strong – Advanced – Endurance Master – 45min
2min light jog
1min back pedal
1min straight leg kicks
2min recover
3 x{30sec sumo squat with press
30sec side lunge
30sec wood chops
30sec mountain climbers
1min plank
1min deadlift
1min recover}
3x{30sec burpee to shoulder press
30sec squat arm curls
1min alternating forward lunge to shoulder press
30sec tuck jumps
30sec split jumps – just lunges
1min plank row – just plank
1min recover}
1min side plank
1min Russian twists
1min toe touches
1min lower back stretch
2min standing hamstring stretch
2min pretzel stretch

And AABS – 130 sit-ups and 28 push-ups.
It was nice in the afternoon, so I took Molly for a 2.0mile walk after work.

Thurs, April 19th Lazy, lazy morning.  Lacking in motivation to run on my hurt foot, so I slept in and did AABS in the evening – 130 sit-ups and 28 push-ups.

Fri, April 20th Nike Training Club!
Get Strong – Advanced – Challenger – 45min
2min light jog
1min high knee runs
1min plank
1min full extensions
30sec mountain climbers
1min V-ups
1min side plank crunches
1min 90-degree abs
4x{1min wood chops
1min frogger to shoulder press
1min plank
1min squat rotation
1min alternating step back lunge row
1min plank
1min deadlift with alternating rows
1min side plank reverse fly}
1min 90-degress abs
30sec V-ups
1min pretzel stretch
2min pigeon stretch

And some AABS – 140 sit-ups and 30 push-ups!  Really starting to like doing push-ups on a daily basis.

Sat, April 21st Run Day!  No excuses.  The plan in my head was 6miles.  I ended up doing a pretty pathetic 10k and my foot was killing me.  Felt it all weekend!  My cortisone shot appointment is May 4th!!  G offered to take me to the appointment.  I really can’t wait!

Splits –
Mile 1 – 9:00
Mile 2 – 9:02
0.3miles @8:57
1:10min walk break – picking a hilly neighborhood probably wasn’t the best idea!
0.26miles @8:49
1:11min walk break – really not a good idea!
0.86miles @9:20
1:38min walk break – voice in my head saying “head home!”  But I am stubborn (sometimes!)
1mile @9:25
0.37miles @9:12
1mile @9:34
0.2miles @8:54

Did you get all that?
Total – 6.2miles in 59:18 with an average pace of 9:34. 

Definitely not my best run….I think I am going to stick to ~3miles.  Since my next race isn’t until July, there isn’t any point in killing my foot!

Sun, April 22nd Nice long walk with Molly in the morning – 3.59miles, followed by AABS – 140 sit-ups and 30 push-ups.

Mon, April 23rd Nike Training Club!  I was going to run, but my foot has been killing me all weekend.
Get Focused – Butt Buster – 15min
3x {1min hip lifts
1min cross back lunge
30sec split jumps – just did lunges
1min side lunge with rotation
1min modified side plank leg lift
30sec recover}

Get Focused – Ab Burner – 15min
3x {1min toe touches
1min Russian twists
30sec plank
1min modified side plank
1min crazy Ivans
30sec recovery}

AABS – 140 sit-ups and 30 push-ups and a 2.0mile walk with Molly when I got home!  

I start a new bootcamp on Tuesday.  It should be fun!
What have you been up to??

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I thought I would share some pretty flowers from March at our house....and some pics of Molly!

So excited I am outside with her!

Front of the house with our kitchen window box.

Back of the house!

And I'll end with the back of our new fence.....
Molly has made not 1 but 2 new holes under the fence! This is my handy work that is keeping her inside, for now! We do have a plan that involves railroad-ties and rebar.... pics coming once we get it installed!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Birthday....

to my nephew and and FIL!

Hope you both have wonderful days!

Love ya

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Skinny Girl

Tomorrow is my nephew's birthday party. A bunch of 4 year olds doing an art project at a local art studio with cake, pizza, and presents is sure to wear a mama out!

So I bought my SIL a bottle of Skinny Girl Margaritas!

Rewind a few weeks to Easter weekend.... it was late Sunday afternoon and most of the guests had left our in-laws house. We were sitting on a swing watching the kids play in the warm tub (hot tub with temp turned down) and G brought me and his mom adult beverages. My SIL turns to us and asks for her own adult beverage!

Now I have seen her drink an adult beverage and talk about enjoying Baileys shakes, but I don't think I have ever heard her ask for a drink! G heard it too and we both looked at each other and smiled and I said, "bring this girl a drink STAT!" She wanted a margarita, so that is what she got.

I think she will want one (maybe 2) after the party,once her boys are tucked in for the night. So I will help a mama out!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pi mile 5k

Sat, April 14th

Pi mile 5k!

25:29.35! On the second mile, I thought I could break 25min. I am sort of stuck there. I guess I have a goal to work on while training for the ½ marathons in October.

Splits –

Mile 1 – 8:03 (went out too fast)

Mile 2 – 8:28 (slowing down to pace myself a little – probably too much)

Mile 3 – 8:05 (thought there was a chance to break 25min)

0.12miles @ 7:24

I actually felt pretty good. Surprising since I have only had 3 times in the last week!

I was 8th in my age-group division out of 122 and 38th woman out of 497. Pretty good! Breaking 25min would have put me 5th.... talk about motivation for next year!

My next scheduled race is July 4th. I might need to find a 5k to do before then… I am also am only going to do 2 runs a week – tempo run during the week and a longer run Saturday morning. The rest of the time will be filled with NTC workouts, pilates videos, and free outdoor yoga.

I also have a bootcamp groupon, just need to know when the next cycle of classes start!

What have you been up to?


Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Birthday....

to one of my BEST FRIENDS!!

We meet our freshman year of high school and I love her to pieces!
I hope you have an amazing birthday!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Carlsbad All Day 25k

Carlsbad All Day 25k!

One of my besties moved to La Jolla in 2010 and she did this race last year. You run 5 x 5k in one morning! Yes, just a little crazy!

“Experience the excitement of five start lines and five finish lines in one day! All Day 25K participants compete in all five open races at Carlsbad 5000, which include: Masters Men, Masters Women, Men 30-39, Women 30-39 and Men and Women 29 & Under. You can register with the goal to finish or to see how fast you can run five 5Ks in one day! The All Day 25K is a great way to get your long run in if you are training for a spring or an early summer marathon!”

My besty said it was fun and she wanted to do it again….hint, hint, hint! I thought it sounded like fun and I love Southern Cali!

The first race started at 7am, 2nd at 8am, 3rd at 8:42, 4th at 9:23, and the 5th and last race at 11:30am.

I cruised through the first three races and then pushed myself on the 4th race (my age group). I really wanted to get into the top 250 and get a medal. The 5th race was the worst. Since the break was so long, I ate and drank a lot to recover, probably too much. My whole body hurt. It was interesting to notice all the other 25kers on the last race – we all looked like we were in pain!

My besty ran in our age group and then ran/walked with me in the last race. It was wonderful having her there taking pics and crewing for me. It definitely made the morning fun!

I did get 2 shirts and 2 medals! One medal for getting in the top 250 and one for finishing the 25k. One shirt of for the 5k and a long sleeve dry-fit shirt for the 25k. I have a nice race shirt collection going on!

Results –

256 runners did the 25k and the placements are in relation to everyone who did the 25k.

Masters Men 40+ – 27:00 (8:42 pace), 180th overall, 47th in my sex and division.

Splits – 8:29, 8:48, 8:39, 0.14miles @ 7:31 – 26:58

Masters Women 40+ – 26:35 (8:34 pace), 161st overall, 56th in my sex and 30th in my division.

Splits – 8:34, 8:29, 8:28, 0.14miles @ 7:42 – 26:33

Men 30-39 – 26:21 (8:29 pace), 141st overall, 35th in my sex and division.

Splits – 8:26, 8:30, 8:20, 0.13miles @ 7:56 – 26:18

Women 30-39 – 25:14 (8:08 pace), 77th overall, 23rd in my sex and 4th in my division – This was my division and I ended up finishing 62th/275, 259th/1460 overall, and 174th/1124 in my gender.

Splits – 7:50, 8:18, 8:05, 0.15miles @ 6:34 – 25:12

29 & Under – 30:18 (9:46 pace), 191st overall, 62nd in my sex and 50th in my division.

Splits – 9:10, 10:56, 9:11, 0.13miles @ 7:37 - 30:17

Total time – 2:15:26 (8:44pace), 139th overall and 38th in my sex and division.

I had a great time and if my besty wants to do it again next year, I am game!

What fun races have you been up to??



Friday, April 13, 2012

Over due workout summary

Sun, April 1stAll Day 25K! Update coming soon.

Mon, April 2ndOff/rest day, since I ran 15.5miles the day before. I was able to get in a 2hr nap in the afternoon. Bliss!

Tues, April 3rdAnother off/rest day. I stayed in Southern California a few extra days to hang out with my family. We did go on a whale watching tour and saw 3 grey whales. It was fun, but I forget to put my hat on and my scalp got fried! Towards the end of the week, it started to peel and I look like I have a major dandruff problem.

I am starting another round of my own MABS. I guess it should be called AABS. 90 sit-ups and 20 push-ups on my knees.

Wed, April 4thTravel home day. I did walk around my Aunt’s neighborhood with her and did AABS = 90sit-ups and 20 push-ups.

Thurs, April 5thRun day! Easy run in our neighborhood. AABS = 90sit-ups and 20 push-ups.

Fri, April 6thAnd I am sick again… Probably didn’t ever really get over the first cold and then with the running and traveling, the germs came back! It does seem to just be mucus in my sinuses and some coughing. No problems with my ears! I was able to motivate myself to do AABS = 100sit-ups and 22 push-ups.

Sat, April 7thTook Nyquil D the night before and slept for 10hrs! I guess I needed it:) Still feeling very congested, so I didn’t do anything that even looked like a workout. On the plus side, my appetite has pretty much gone away, so I don’t feel too guilty for not working out.

Sun, April 8thHappy Easter! We got up early and walked to a nearby church for sunrise services. Does walking ~1/2 mile count as a workout?? I do my AABS later that night after eating some doritios for dinner! 100sit-ups and 22 push-ups.

Mon, April 9thAlarm was set to get up early and take Molly for a walk, but still feeling pretty congested and run down, so I went back to sleep for another hr. We did take her for a walk that evening while dinner was in the oven – 1.7miles and I did AABS = 100sit-ups and 22 push-ups.

Tues, April 10thI was able to get my lazy, sick butt out of bed and do some Nike Training Club – 1st one in April!

Better Butt – 15min

3 x {1min single leg clock squats

1min alternating step back lunges

1min split jumps

1min pulse jumps

1min wide leg deadlifts without weights}

Arm Definer – 15min

3 x {1min single leg arm curls

1min push-ups on knees

1min modified tricep push-ups

30sec sumo squats with press

1min plank

30sec recover}

and AABS = 110sit-ups and 24 push-ups.

Wed, April 11thEvening easy run with a guy from work – 4.33miles in 41:38 and yes my foot hurt!

Splits –

Mile 1 – 9:26

Mile 2 – 9:53

Mile 3 – 9:38

Mile 4 – 9:12

0.33miles @ 8:12 – pushed it up the final hill to our office.

And AABS when I got home! - 110sit-ups and 24 push-ups.

Thurs, April 12thMorning run with another guy from work – 3.24miles in 30:13.

Splits –

Mile 1 – 9:22

Mile 2 – 9:29

Mile 3 – 9:18

0.24miles @ 8:25

My legs felt pretty good! I did AABS later that night -110sit-ups and 24 push-ups.

Fri, April 13thoff/rest day, but still did AABS - 120sit-ups and 26 push-ups.

What workout have you been up to?


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sick girl

Since my marathon, I have been a mess. One hot mess!

Sick with a cold 3 times - yes I am sick again. Never really got over the thing in March (did feel good during my week in Southern California) and got sick again, probably due to flying and not really sleeping. Needless to say, I have been on a little workout hiatus for April....

Back to the sick thing - 1st there was the back thing, which is doing great. I love PT and it is definitely helping. I am going once a week and my PT said to finish out the month and I should be good! Yeah!

2nd - probably was 1st but I ignored it, is pain in my left foot. It started bothering me after long runs and felt like stabbing pain when I took my first steps in the morning. The pain is on the ball of my foot and hurts my 3 middle toes. I have a nice yellow-ish looking callus there! I really noticed that something was wrong after mile 16 during the marathon in October. I iced it and forgot about it, since my back pain decided it was more important!

Fast forward to February and trying to run longer runs and the pain is back. Oh the pain is back!
I knew the Dr was going to tell me not to run and to be honest, with visiting the Dr for the cold-thing and PT once a week, I wasn't in the mood for another Drs. visit and I had a spring 1/2 marathon and 25k. I was doing those races regardless.

Last week I called my Dr. and was referred to a podiatrist. Saw him this morning and I have Morton's Neuroma. Basically, it is a nerve disorder that causes pain and the loss of feeling between the toes. Lovely!

Treatment includes (max) 3 rounds of cortisone injections to reduce the inflammation of the nerve, putting a metatarsal pad in my shoe to relieve some of the pressure, and surgery to remove the inflamed nerve.
I am scheduled for a cortisone shot at the beginning of next month - hopefully it will help and surgery won't be necessary.
The Dr. did say that I can run until it hurts, which for me is usually less than 5miles. I like that plan!

I am running a 5k this Saturday and then I don't have anything until July 4th - 10k. After that, 2 half-marathons in October. I really want to run hard at those races and get back to my 8:15/mile pace. Hopefully, I can stay healthy!

Fun times!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Winter book reviews

Winter book reading in the H house = Jan 1 - March 31st.

It looks like this “season” of book reading was full of easy, beach reads! I guess that happens when your hubby is out of town 90% of the time!

The Marriage Plot – Jeffery Eugenides – I loved Middlesex (great book, check it out if you haven’t read it), so I was looking forward to this newest book by Eugenides. The story is boring and predictable and the main character keeps making the wrong choices - annoying. Skip it!

Distant Shores – Kristin Hannah – I got this book from my mom and I am sure she just picked if off of Amazon’s recommendation list. It was good, fast read. Great for the beach. The main character’s have been married for years and the wife has sacrificed her happiness for her husband's career. The book talks about how the wife feels, what needs to change, how the husband feels, and his lack of noticing her sacrifices.

The Castaways – Elin HildenbrandAnother great beach read. Set in Nantucket, it explores the dynamics of 3 married couples and their relationship with each other. I really like this author, if you are looking for an easy beach read.

Mini Shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella – Oh Becky, what have you gotten yourself into now?! This is the latest installment of the Shopaholic series, and you know me, once I have started a series I am in it for the long haul. The book is a train wreck of poor decisions, so if you haven’t read any in the series, just skip it. If you have kept up with the books, then this is pretty good, frustrating at times, and fun at others, so go ahead and enjoy it!

Twenties Girl – Sophie Kinsella – I do like this author for easy reading and there usually isn’t a wait for the kindle version of her books at my library! This is a new character, still set in London, who has some funny adventures when her great aunt ghost’s visits her to settle some unfinished business. It was light and charming, so I would recommend reading it.

Roses – Leile Meacham – If you loved Gone With the Wind and The Thorn Birds, then you will love this book. It is set in the cotton fields of Texas and has multiple layers of family devotion, love, and business that effect generations. I highly recommend that you read this book!!

The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party (#12) – Alexander McCall Smith – 12th in the series… the Shopaholic review, it is good if you are into the series, otherwise skip it.

The Charming Quirks of Others: SPC #7 – Alexander McCall Smith – see above!

Against Medical Advice – James Patterson – One of my goals for 2012 was to finally get my lazy butt to the library (there is one a few blocks from our house and the parking lot is always full) and get a library card! It was easy! Except for the part where the e-books would not download to my kindle. I have a Gen 2, so you have to connect the kindle up to the computer and drag the book to special kindle folder. Thanks internet for the info! Anyway….. this was one of the James Patterson books on my reading list and since it is a few years old there was no waiting list! It is about a child’s struggle with Tourettes. It was ok. Skip it unless you really want to learn more about Tourettes!

Beach House – James Patterson – an older book of his and I don’t know how I have missed it. It had a John Grisham lawyer feel to it and I enjoyed it. Recommended!

Private – James Patterson – did I mention how much I love the library?!? This is the start of a new character series featuring Jack Morgan and his investigation business. Typical page turning mystery book! Recommended!

Sing Me Home – Jodi Picoult – One of her latest books. I am not sure why I keep reading her…. This was a strange book about infertility, marriage, religion, sexual preference, and then returns to infertility. If you like Picoult books, then read it. It is a good story. If you haven’t read her books, then skip it and go read My Sister’s Keeper.

The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, Book 1 – Michael Scott – I’ll admit that I didn’t know who Nicholas Flamel was until the Harry Potter books came out. This is book 1 of 6 with a similar target audience as Harry Potter. I like books about magic and set in modern day. I am on the 3rd book now and enjoying the series. So if you miss Harry Potter, can’t wait for the next book in the All Souls Trilogy, and sped through the Hunger Games, you will enjoy this series! Highly recommend!!

The Magician: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, Book 2 – Michael Scott – see above!

Glass Castle – Jeannette Walls – Strange, Strange, Strange... 1st – I love a memoir. David Sedaris’ books are some of my favorite. I was hoping this book would follow in the humor of the silly things we did as kids and stuff your parents did…. not so much. 2nd – this was recommended to me by my FIL, who got it from my MIL, who got it from her nephew – a famous actor. Famous actor nephew (we went to his wedding in 2010 and were a little star struck – I meet Andy Samberg – love!) had a dad who had a second family on the side. So needless to say, he didn’t have the best relationship with his dad growing up and today they don’t speak. As I was reading the book, I kept thinking about why did my FIL give this book to me, why did famous actor nephew give it to them in the first place? The book is a very sad story about her childhood with parents that were vagabonds and don’t really care about the safety and well-being of their 4 children. It was easy to read, but the topic was difficult and full of heart break. I would recommend skipping this book, unless you really want to be depressed.

What have you been reading? Any recommendations?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Poisson d'Avril

Happy April Fool's day!
pic is from etsy

March mileage -
Running = 48.37miles
Walking = 17.24miles

Yearly totals -
Running = 163.98
Walking = 57.37

March wasn't a great month for me. The Calgary-plague pretty much put me out for 2 weeks and it was hard getting back at it. I don't know what April will bring, but I hope I am healthy!