Monday, July 30, 2012

Over due WWW

This is mainly for my own records, so feel free to skip!

Mon, July 9thTravel day back from Boston.  I had an early flight and didn’t sleep well the night before, so I didn’t have any energy to workout.  I took a 2+ hour afternoon nap!

Tues, July 10thBoot camp!

Wed, July 11thBoot camp!

Thurs, July 12thTravel to Calgary for the 100th annual Stampede.  I walked the airports and we walked around town checking out the Stampede.

Fri, July 13thI went for an easy run in Calgary.  The temp was ~60F, which felt chilly, but felt great.  3.14miles in 27:59.

Splits –
Mile 1 – 9:01
Mile 2 – 8:51
Mile 3 – 8:32
0.14miles @ 11:23 (forgot to stop my watch at a light)

I did do a lot of abs, a plank/push-up combo, and stretching after the run.

Sat, July 14thMore abs, plank/push-up combo, stretching, and walking around Calgary checking out the Stampede.

Sun, July 15thAnother cool easy run in Calgary, followed by abs, plank/push-ups, and stretchin.  3.1miles in 26:54.
Splits –
Mile 1 – 8:53
Mile 2 – 8:34
Mile 3 – 8:37
0.1miles @7:57.

We walked to breakfast, which was another 5k!

Mon, July 16thTravel home.  I did do abs, plank/push-up combo, and walked the airports. 

Tues, July 17thBoot camp!

Wed, July 18thBoot camp!

July 19th – 23rd - Vacation to Florida with G’s extended family!  We did do a lot of playing in the ocean and pool and one morning walked to breakfast, which turned into a 4mile adventure!

Tues, July 24thEasy run in the AM.  Last run with my Morton’s Neuroma!  3.26miles in 28:55.  The run was hard and my foot hurt, making me happy with my decision to have surgery!

Splits –
Mile 1 – 8:47
Mile 2 – 8:41
Mile 3 – 9:07
0.11miles @ 9:23
0.15miles @ 8:46

That evening, I went to boot camp!

Wed, July 25thBoot camp in the morning and date night in the evening!  I do really like my boot camp classes and plan on getting back into them after my recovery.

Thurs, July 26thSurgery Day!!  We had to be at the Drs. Office by 6am, so no time for any workouts. 

The rest of July -  August 9th - Off/rest and recovery!  I will try and do some ab work and stretching, but am going to focus on healing.


Friday, July 27, 2012


My foot surgery was yesterday and it went well. 
We left for the clinic ~5:30am and I was out of there by 9am.  The Dr said it went well and he expects a full recovery.

Sort of on the bad side - I am on "bed rest" until my first follow up appointment August 9th.  I was hoping to be back at work on the 6th.  Oh well.  At that appointment, my stitches will be removed and we will talk about my recovery plan.  After that appointment, I am heading straight home for a stand-up, long, hot shower!  The bath things leaves me feeling less than clean!
Haven't seen what is under there yet...

Bruise on my leg from the tourniquet.

I do have to say thank-you to my wonderful husband!  He has been a great help and didn't complain at all yesterday when we went to get my Rx filled and the pharmacy wouldn't fill them because the Dr forgot to sign the form! 
Since one was for Percocet (a heavily regulated narcotic), the Dr can't call it in, so G had to drive back to the Drs. office and get the forms signed.  He said it was fast and everyone was super apologetic, but I feel bad that he had to make the extra trip.  The Drs. office called later to apologize, which is nice, but one would think they would have their stuff together!  Thanks G!  Appreciate ya!

Things have been crazy busy at home, so some time to relax will be nice.  I can catch-up on a few things - knitting my pillows for the office, painting the wooden letter, studying for the PMP, catching up on the blog, posting family photos on facebook, you know things you want to do, but then life gets in the way.

Hope all is well in your lives!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday! one of my besties, one of my besties husband who also happens to be my grad school bestie, and another grad school friend.  We spent long hours in the lab and at our cubes and those guys made me laugh!

And one more shout out to one of my besties new baby!  Born July 18th.  Anna is beautiful and I love her already!

And one more shout out - we have another Pig in the Blanket to send!  G's cousin and his wife are expecting their first baby in February!  Very excited for them.

Love all around!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More rugs

So my dream rug listed in this post is on backorder :(  I contacted the company and they might have it in stock this month.  So far, no luck.

I saw this rug in the Pottery Barn catalog and think it looks like a pretty substitute -

But it also is on backorder until October!  Boo
On the plus side, they can send me a rug swatch, for $25, at 18" x 18" I think it will be a good investment and help me really figure out what I want in the room. 

The painting is on hold and will be until ~September, so a backordered rug isn't that big of a deal....

We did get the chair back!  And I love it!  Gus loves it too and you can usually find her sleeping on it.  Well on the protective cover.  I am not letting them near the real thing until the room is finished and I have taught them it isn't a scratching post!
Sorry for the iphone picture.  I will take some better ones soon.

I am also knitting a lumbar pillow for the chair.  Originally, I wanted to make a monogram pillow, but the yarn selection wasn't inspiring for that project.  Maybe later.  We found this yarn and thought the colors would all look good together. 
About half way done with one side of the pillow!

My knitting teacher/co-worker wants me to make garmets!  Right now, I'll stick to scarfs, pillows, and baby toys!

What home improvements/craft projects have you been up to?


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's a girl!

One of my life long besties (we met in 3rd grade!) had her baby girl this past Sunday! and I love her already!
Ryan Irene C.
Another of my besties is expecting a girl later this month.  I hope they become life long best friends!

Aunt ELH

Monday, July 9, 2012

My left foot

This is what I have been doing daily for the last few months!

My left foot has Morton's Neuroma between my 2nd and 3rd toes and 3rd and 4th toes.  From all the stuff I have read and talked to my Drs about, this was something that developed over time and not fully blamed on my marathon training! 
It is also something will not heal itself or go away without treatment. 

I tried the cortisone shot and it sort of helped and I scheduled another fluid injection, but talking with my Dr, the fluid injection would not be helpful and the best course of action would be surgery. 

I am not terrified of surgery, I am/was scared of the downtime and disappointing loved ones.  2012 has been rough/challenging on my body and emotionally draining.  I am tired of the battle.  The news of the surgery was difficult to hear and I did shed some tears at home, at work, and even in the Drs. office.  Rationally, I know it is silly to get so upset, but I couldn't help it. 

In March I convinced my sister-in-law to run her first half marathon with me in October.  It is also the 2nd race in the 26.2 challenge for me = extra medal and shirt!
I also signed up for the Detroit International half marathon where you run to and from Windsor Canada along the bridge and the tunnel above and under the Detroit River.  Awesome!  I was also hoping to see a Red Wings game at The Joe! 
Lastly, the week of the surgery diagnosis I signed up to run the Annapolis 10miler with one of my besties.

I know they won't be mad at me because I can't run, but I was still worried about hurting their feelings and just felt awful. I have fallen in love with running and really can't imagine not being able to run.
My sister-in-law and bestie have been super supportive.  I am going to be the best cheerleader for them!!

My foot now hurts ALL the time.  I have even noticed that when standing I shift my weight from the left to the right to take the pressure off of it.  Not good.

The surgery is July 26th.  It is an outpatient procedure, so I will be home that day.  One of the neuromas will be "excised" and the other will be "released."  The Dr. wants me walking the same day and he says the recovery is 4-6weeks!  I guess it is time to dust the cob webs off my bike!

My mom is coming a few days after to help take care of me.  Both of our cars are manual transmission, so I am going to be housebound.  It will be nice to be driven around!  Call me "Driving Miss E."  And my in-laws, nephews, and niece said they would bring me food and play our Xbox! 

Another plus side is that we got Apple TV for the bedroom, so I won't be stuck on couch.

Fun times!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Mon, July 2ndEvening boot camp!

Tues, July 3rdEasy 2mile run (1mile @ 9:22, 1mile @9:16 – 2.01miles in 18:42) , 200 sit-ups, and plank/push-ups
15sec plank
5 push-ups
30sec plank
5 push-ups
45sec plank
5 push-ups
30sec plank
5 push-ups
15sec plank

Wed, July 4thHappy 4th of July!
10k Road Race with 58,000 of my closest friends!
Official time of 53:50
6253rd overall (out of 57757)
1377th women (out of 28656)
266th in my age group (out of 3757)

Splits –
Mile 1 – 8:48
Mile 2 – 8:27
Mile 3 – 8:42
Mile 4 – 8:49
Mile 5 – 8:45
Mile 6 – 8:12
0.28miles @ 7:36 (love down hill finishes!)

Total - 6.28miles in 53:47

My time was 4min slower than last year, but I am okay with this.  My foot hurt and it was hot!  My goal was to finish under an hour and have fun.  Check!  I did get a little swept up with the crowd and ran faster than I thought.  Once I am back running, I definitely need to find a group to run with!

Thurs, July 5thBoot camp morning!!  Date Night in the evening!  Yeah!  Got to love Date Night
Fri, July 6thAnother easy day.  I did do 200 sit-ups and the plank/push-up routine from Tuesday.
Sat, July 7thTaking the weekend off – rest and relaxation
Sun, July 8thRepeat of Saturday!

Hope you had a great week and week-end!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday to.....

.....THE best niece in the H Family!

Love ya Charby!

Aunt E

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mixed Nuts

Just some pictures from my phone -

Molly wearing our nieces headband.

Lab mascot Charlotte - black widow in PDMS

Canadian gum pride!

My fur-babies drinking tasty cold water!

Awesomely tacky picture frame.  I kind-of like it!  Right now it is on our mantel!

Letters!  Thinking of painting the E and G in dark grey and the As and M in white or black.

What is on your phone?

Monday, July 2, 2012

June Mileage

Arti and kitten KitKat.  We are kitty sitting for G's sister's cat while they are at the beach@
Running - 63.53 miles
Walking with Molly - 23.64 miles

Up ~20miles running! but down 2 walking miles.
Yearly totals - 
Running = 318.74 miles
Walking = 131.31 miles
What is your yearly mileage?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

another WWW

Mon, June 25thInterval workout -
10min warm-up – mile 1 @9:08 and 0.10miles at 9:15
3x {5min “fast” – 0.62miles @8:07, 0.61miles @8:11, and 0.61miles @8:14
       2min walk recovery}
10min warm-down – mile 1 @8:57, 0.12miles @8:34

Total – 4.37miles in 41:02

And JABS – 240 sit-ups and 52 push-ups.

Tues, June 26thAM appointment with surgeon about my foot…. My foot hurts all the time and after talking with the Drs. I have decided surgery is the best option.  More on that later…
I did go to boot camp in the evening.  Fun!

Wed, June 27thMy bag was packed for morning boot camp, but I didn’t turn my alarm on.  It was also a rough night waking up at 12:45, 3, and 5am.  I woke up at 6:53 thinking that is was pretty bright in our room.  Opps!  I did do JABS – 240 sit-ups and 52 push-ups

Thurs, June 28thRun day;) 
My foot hurt, so we took Molly for a 2mile walk instead and I did JABS – 240 sit-ups and 52 push-ups.

Fri, June 29thAM boot camp (make-up for missing Wednesday!)  We did sprint running on the treadmill!  I sort of like the fast sprints on the treadmill.  It is a great way to push myself!

Sat, June 30thLong run day!  This will be my last long run until I am healed.  I am running a 10k on 4th of July and then after that I have decided to not focus on running.  I am going to focus on my overall fitness getting into the best shape possible.

6.2 miles in 55:43
Splits –
Mile 1 – 8:55
Mile 2 – 8:30
Mile 3 – 8:45
Mile 4 – 8:51
0.27miles @ 8:42
1:39min walk break
0.64miles @8:58
1mile @ 9:07
0.2miles @ 9:08

It was okay.  Last 4th of July, I did the 10k in 49min.  My goal was to finish under 50 min.  My goal for this year is to finish under an hour!
And don’t forget JABS – 240 sit-ups and 52 push-ups.

Sun, July 1stMorning AM walk with Molly and G – 2miles.  July is a super busy month, so I am not doing any official AB Madness.  I will continue to do abs and push-ups on non-boot camp days.