Sunday, October 23, 2011

Workout review

So last Sunday, we didn't end up taking Molly for a walk. It was pretty much a lazy day!

Monday, Oct 17th - Marathon training - t-minus 2 weeks!!
1mile easy - 8:59
4miles @8:15 - 7:59, 8:07, 8:04, 8:05
1mile easy - 8:38

This felt really good. I love taper!

Tuesday, Oct 18th - Rest day/paint the hall bathroom! Lots of work is such a small space!

Wednesday, Oct 19th - My version of bootcamp!
Warm-up walk with Molly - 1.77miles.
2min of push-ups on my knees - 40!
5min of plank
20min of 30sec of arms and abs with 10lb weights, followed by 35sec of cardio. I am trying to rest my legs, so no leg exercises.

Thursday, Oct 20th - More marathon training.
20min easy - 1mile @8:58, 1mile @8:42, 0.28miles @8:22
25min @ 8:15 - 1mile @8:16, 1mile @8:07, 1mile @8:11, 0.05miles @8:05
15min easy - 1mile @8:29, 0.75miles @8:47

Feeling good!

Friday, Oct 21st - The training plan had pilates listed, but I was tired and it was a long day, so I didn't do anything that resembled a workout. Fun!

Saturday, Oct 22nd - Long run day!
6mile easy
3miles @ 8:15

It was ~40deg when I started. I was in pants, long sleeve shirt, and gloves. I felt awful. It was hard to breath, my leg never felt like they warmed up - they were numb most of the run. Not a good experience to help with my confidence....
I did push through and I am going to just going to ignore how I felt!
The next long run is the marathon!!

Splits -
1 mile - 8:57
2 - 8:22
3 - 8:38
4 - 8:30
5 - 8:32
6 - 8:42
7 - 8:08
8 - 8:14
9 - 8:07

Total time was 1:16.17.

Sunday, Oct 23rd - Lazy day full of chores around the house! Marathon is in one week!! I am starting to get nervous. I am in shape and should be fine, but I can't help but worry!

This coming week, I am going to skip the cross training days.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kitchen lighting

When you walk into our house you are assaulted with this awful faux-Tiffany hanging light. One might think they just walked into a Chile's or Applebee's!

We have talked about replacing it, but with what?

During or latest trip to Home Depot we stumbled into the lighting department and saw this fixture.

What do you think?
The colors fit. I love glass mosaic tiles, but I wonder if $159 is too much. I did some google searching and couldn't find it cheaper (I can order it online through and get 3% cash back and free shipping, but that really isn't much of a discount.) I was going to search for other options.

Suggestions please!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Workout week in review

Some more workout updates!
I have been working on some little art projects - another postcard face plate and framing artwork. New posts soon!!

Monday, Oct 10th - Marathon training...
50 min easy run - 1mile @9:20, 1mile @8:47, 1mile @8:28, 1mile @8:37, 1mile @8:34, 1mile@8:25
8x pickups (30sec sprint, 30sec easy)
1st - 0.08 miles @ 7:06pace
2nd - 0.07miles @7:08pace
3rd - 0.08miles @6:47
4th - 0.08miles @6:40
5th - 0.08miles @6:57
6th - 0.07miles @7:14
7th - 0.08miles @6:49
8th - 0.07miles @6:48

Total distance = 6.82miles

Tuesday, Oct 11th - I was going to workout in the evening, but I was really tired so no workout today.

Wednesday, Oct 12th - My version of bootcamp.
2min of push-ups - 35 total
5min plank
23min of 30sec hard exercises, 35sec of cardio recovery.
The hard exercises included arms with 10lb weights, lunges, squats, and abs. It was a great workout and I felt it the next day!
We did take Molly for a 1.77mile walk before dinner.

Thursday, Oct 13th - Marathon training!
20min easy warm-up - 1mile @8:51, 1mile @8:42, 0.28miles @8:42
3 x{10min @8:00 pace, 3min easy}
1st - 1mile @8:01, 0.24miles @8:10
2nd - 1mile @7:59, 0.25miles @7:56
3rd - 1mile @7:58, 0.27miles @7:41 - I guess I still had something left!
10min easy warm-down - Had some watch issues... 0.69miles @8:30 and 0.48mile @8:37.

Total distance = 7.66miles

Friday, Oct 14th - off/rest day - worked on framing our new artwork!!

Saturday, Oct 15th - Long run...
So the training plan I am following had a 17mile (10 easy and 7 @8:15) run scheduled for today. I am tired. I referred to my Run Less, Run Faster book, and all their two week till race day runs were 13 miles. I decided to do 14. 7 easy and 7 @8:15. It was an okay run. I can tell that I am tired, so the cross training days are going to focus more on arms and abs. I know I will be tired on race day, but I want to be rested.

Splits -
1 mile - 8:59
2 - 8:44
3 - 8:53
4 - 8:33
5 - 8:36
6 - 8:37
7 - 8:40
8 - 8:15
9 - 8:14
10 - 8:19
11 - 8:15
12 - 8:12 - quick walk break before starting the last 2 miles.
13 - 8:10
14 - 8:10 - this mile was uphill, so I pushed myself.

Legs were tired, but I am happy with it.
Total - 14miles in 1:58.44
Looks like I can break 4 hrs for my marathon!

Sunday, Oct 16th - off/rest/recovery day. We will probably take Molly for a walk....


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Food tour - Grenoble, France

After landing at 6am and catching a train to Grenoble, we stopped at the first place that served alcohol! and crepes! I love French food!

We didn't eat here, but I couldn't resist a picture!

We were in Grenoble for my BFF's wedding celebration. The night we arrived was the "rehearsal" dinner. GAH ordered the meat...
and I had the fish! Both were very tasty!
We also partook in some local Airborne to ward off any illnesses! We actually had one each morning with a glass of OJ.

That night, the boys did some heavy drinking which included a glass of Chartreuse with a few ice cubes. GAH doesn't remember anything about the night after this! So the next morning called for gatorade, carbs, and grease!

We spent the day walking around the city and stopped for gelato. The store had these huge meringue cookies!

That night was the wedding. I forgot to take pictures of the meal which included an avocado, tomato, shrimp aspic (weird!) and ended with a cheese plate - did I mention I love cheese!
Appetizers at the wedding!

Wedding cake extravagance!
And if we haven't had enough desserts....they came out with a dessert tray!

The day after the wedding, we stopped for a pizza lunch.

And the last morning of our Grenoble adventure we had breakfast at local cafe. I had a bagette and cafe au lait. They brought out a sampling a jams and spreads. It was so tasty.

We had a great time in Grenoble and I would definitely recommend it as a great place off of the beaten path.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

More workout updates

My life is a little more interesting than just working out....but right now it is the main focus. I promise to spice up the blog with other posts!

Wednesday, Oct 5th -
Cross training - pilates core challenge and walking Molly 1.73 miles after work.

Thursday, Oct 6th - Marathon training in the dark! Had to be at work early and after work we were meeting friends downtown to see our scarecrow. We made a scarecrow for our local botanical garden Scarecrows in the Garden. Boo Marley was featured on the front page of the living section of our local paper and is the first and last one you see at the garden!

Running in the dark was interesting.
I was a little bit slower because I had to pay attention more to the uneven pavement. Not really recommended, but skipping workouts now isn't really an option!

15min warm-up - 1mile @9:13, 0.67miles @8:46
3 x {10min @8min, 3min easy}
1st - 1mile @8:02, 0.23miles @7:55
2nd - 1mile @8:06, 0.24miles @7:52
3rd - 1mile @8:04, 0.24miles @8:13 (that seems weird, but I can't do anything about the data?!)
10min warm-down - 1mile @8:38, 0.16miles @8:50

Total distance was 7.05

Friday, Oct 7th - Back to my old ways - Friday afternoon nap! Love it. This was an off/rest day.

Saturday, Oct 8th - 20mile group run! It was a good group and I had a great time until ~mile 16.5 when we hit the vertical 0.5mile hill followed by 3miles of roller coaster hills. I did some walk running the last few miles. I am not in shape for these kinds of hills, especially at the end of the run.

Splits -
Mile 1 - 9:02.0
2 - 9:04.8
3 - 8:42.6
4 - 8:43.0
5 - 8:16.0
6 - 8:40.4
7 - 8:20.1
8 - 8:41.1
9 - 8:31.0
10 - 9:02.7
11 - 8:38.3
12 - 8:47.1
13 - 8:31.3
14 - 8:47.1
15 - 8:35.1
16 - 8:51.1
17 - 8:41.1 - walked up the vertical hill here and stopped my watch.
18 - 10:25.2 - beginning walking!
19 - 9:17.2 - took one walk break from 0.4 to 0.5
20 - 9:31.2 - same walk break as above.

Total time - 2:57.17.
Finishing under 4 hours at Marine Corps should be attainable!

Sunday, Oct 9th - Rest/recovery day. My quad are a little sore, but not too bad. The Epsom salt bath, icey-hot, and Advil definitely helped!

The Marine Corps Marathon keeps sending me count down makes me nervous.
T-minus 20days on Monday!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Some October updates....

Saturday, October 1st - off/rest day with a 1.77mile walk with Molly!

Sunday, October 2nd - Half Marathon Day!
I signed up for this as a training run, but because the 10mile race was cancelled, this turned into a great practice to see where I am for the marathon at the end of the month.
Official results -
1:48.36 - PR by 1min 17sec!!
451st out of 2488 runners
118th women out of 1335
21st in my division out of 250
Average pace of 8:17
10k split was 51:35.

From my watch -
Mile 1 - 8:11.1
Mile 2 - 8:19.0
Mile 3 - 8:02.4
Mile 4 - 8:02.4
Mile 5 - 8:09.6
Mile 6 - 8:13.8
Mile 7 - 8:13.9
Mile 8 - 8:18.8 - Started up and down hills for the next ~3 miles. Not fun!
Mile 9 - 8:23.5
Mile 10 - 8:24.8
Mile 11 - 8:32.8
Mile 12 - 8:23.2
Mile 13 - 8:03.7
0.1miles @ 7:06.5

This would put my time at 1:48.03, but my watch was off my 0.08miles (pace of 6:56.6)
I am very happy with this. The hills really killed me towards the end. Thankfully, the second half of the marathon is flat!

Monday, October 3rd - off/rest/recovery day. We did take Molly for a 0.68mile walk.

Tuesday, October 4th - Back at it!
1mile @ 8:45 - 8:53.0
4miles @ 8:15 - 8:17.3, 8:18.0, 8:09.0, 8:08.5 - legs were really tired.
1mile @ 8:45 - 8:36.1

Not too shabby!

Wednesday is a cross training day. Thursday more running. Friday rest day. Saturday - 20miles!!
Fun times!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

September mileage!

September was a slow month, only 68.10 miles.
Yearly total - 715.03!

That is a lot of miles!


Monday, October 3, 2011

September workout update!

September 1st - 14th - France and Spain! I did track our walking mileage as we toured around. We averaged 5miles a day and our first day in Barcelona we walked 7miles! Unfortunately, when I went to upload all the data, my watch crashed and I lost everything. Very sad:(

Thursday the 15th - Marathon training - this workout was on the watch before it crashed, so I don't have the splits. I do remember the mileage was 7 miles.
20min easy
8x {2min @7:30 pace, 2min easy}
10min easy
0.67 mile cool down walk with Molly.

This was my first run since before our trip. I felt pretty good and was happy with the run.
We walked Molly for another 0.75miles that evening.

Friday the 16th - Pilates Core Challenge and two walks with Molly for a distance of 3.75miles.

Saturday the 17th - 14mile group run! When the run started I started with a group that was going to do 9 - 9:20pace. Seemed reasonable since it was my first long run is awhile. The first half mile, they were going 10min pace - way too slow. So I started picking up the pace and tried to catch the group a head of me. So the first two mile splits are a little weird.
Mile 1 - 8:34.1
Mile 2 - 8:07.9
Mile 3 - 8:46.1 - caught up to the group
Mile 4 - 9:37.1 - we stopped at a hotel to us the bathroom and my watch went crazy!
Mile 5 - 8:14.8
Mile 6 - 8:26.0
Mile 7 - 8:47.8
Mile 8 - 9:07.5
Mile 9 - 8:47.2
Mile 10 - 9:06.7
Mile 11 - 8:56.2
Mile 12 - 8:51.6
Mile 13 - 8:56.4
Mile 14 - 8:50.9
0.05 mile at 7:39pace

Total - 14.05 in 2:03.35
It was tiring, but I felt good. Pretty happy with this run and had fun with the group. They have another group run in October. I will definitely be there!

Sunday the 18th - Off rest day with an easy walk with Molly - 0.66miles.

Monday the 19th - Marathon training - 60min - negative split
1st half -
Mile 1 - 9:12
Mile 2 - 8:33
Mile 3 - 8:32.6
0.43miles at 8:35.8pace

2nd half -
Mile 1 - 8:22.1
Mile 2 - 8:29.1
Mile 3 - 8:29.1
0.57miles at 8:21.1pace

Easy 0.29mile walk home.
Total - 7.30 in 1:06.12

Tuesday the 20th - Cross training day, which turned in to 8+ hours of painting the living room! and a 1.58mile walk with Molly.

Wednesday the 21st - Repeat of the workout on the 15th. This time the watch didn't crap out!
20min easy - 1mile @9:22.1, 1mile @8:29.2, and 0.25miles @8:29.2
8x {2min @7:30 pace, 2min easy}
1st - 0.26miles @7:39.2
2nd - 0.26miles @7:41.9
3rd - 0.26miles @7:37.7
4th - 0.28miles @7:18.1
5th - 0.27miles @7:37.2
6th - 0.29miles @7:33.3
7th - 0.27miles @7:34.8
8th - 0.26miles @7:35.9
10min easy - 1mile @8:14.1 and 0.21miles @8:18.4

Total - 6.44miles in 1:02.01

Thursday the 22nd - Cross training/my own bootcamp.
2min of pushups - 35
5min of planks
10min of a speed routine with 10pound weights. 30secs on, 30sec active rest.
1.5mile run with Molly - 1mile @9:46.0 and 0.5mile @8:54.1
0.53mile cool down walk with Molly

Friday the 23rd - Cardio Pilates and 0.66mile walk with Molly

Saturday the 24th - off/rest day and college game day!

Sunday the 25th - This was supposed to be a 20mile long run, but I was having a lot of lower back pain. It started Saturday night and I had a hard time sleeping. I did try to run and made it ~a quarter of a mile. It was too painful. I did get GAH up and we took Molly for a 2.33mile walk - with the icey hot! After I took a 3hour nap with the heating pad. I must have needed that. The rest of the day, I took it easy, took an Epson salt bath, and put lots of icey hot on. Hopefully, it will be better later in the week.

Monday the 26th - Off/rest day. The heating pad is my friend!

Tuesday the 27th - Back to marathon training!
60min easy run
8 x 30sec pick-ups.
1mile @ 9:09
2mile @ 8:39.1
3mile @ 8:38.3
4mile @ 8:37.1
5mile @ 8:27.0
6mile @ 8:40.1
7mile @ 8:29.1

Pick-ups -
0.07miles @7:17.9
0.07 @7:16
0.06 @7:49.6 - tired legs
0.08 @6:36.6
0.07 @6:39.5
0.07 @6:53.9
0.08 @6:50.4
0.07 @6:56.0

Total - 8miles in 1:13.42

Wednesday the 28th - Cross training day!
2mile walk with Molly
2min push-ups - 35
5min of plank
5min of 5push-ups - 10 sits-ups - 15 fast squats
20min of 30sec on/35sec active rest - used 10lb weights for the arms, lunges, squats, and lots of abs.

Fun times!

Thursday the 29th - Tired day. Decided to sleep in and take the day off.

Friday the 30th - Marathon training
15min easy - 1mile @8:28.1 and 0.77miles @8:29.4
5 x {5min @8min pace, 2min easy}
1st - 0.63miles @7:58.8
2nd - 0.64miles @7:52.7
3rd - 0.63miles @7:54.7
4th - 0.64miles @7:51.2
5th - 0.63miles @7:56.5
10min easy - 1mile @8:21.0 and 0.2miles @8:22.1

Total - 6.68miles in 1:00.02
Easy cool down walk with Molly - 0.55miles.

Thanks for reading! I promise not to sum up a months worth of workouts in one post!