Sunday, February 23, 2014


Mon, Feb 17thLazy day!  Busy day at work also!
Tues, Feb 18thRun with Molly – 2.10miles in 20:16 (Mile 1 @ 9:12, Mile 2 @ 10:03) and then the “Short” Morning workout – 80 jumping jacks, 20 push-ups, 40 sit-ups, 50 squats, 20 lunges (per leg), and 60sec wall sit. 
Wed, Feb 19thMorning workout –
3x {25 push-ups (on my knees)
       30 crunches
       50sec wall sit
       10 dips
       45sec plank
       30 lunges on each leg
       15 squats}
Thurs, Feb 20th“Short” morning workout, 5 and 10lb arm weights and 200 abs.
Fri, Feb 21st5 and 10lb arm weights and lots of stretching in the evening.
Sat, Feb 22nd3mile run with Molly in 29:45 (Mile 1 @ 9:36, 0.71miles @ 9:47, 90sec walk break, 0.21miles @9:25, 1mile @ 9:36) and then 10lb arm weights while laying on the ground and 200abs.
Sun, Feb 23rd2.42mile family walk.  And it seems like I am sick again – blah!  More congestion and coughing.   Hopefully this will past quickly.


Monday, February 17, 2014


Mon, Feb 10thLazy!!  Pretty busy day at work and preparing for the next snow storm (not really -  we didn’t do any extra preparation)!!
Tues, Feb 11th2.03 mile walk with baby P during a let up in the sleet.  I did also do 200abs and 25 push-ups.
Wed, Feb 12th  Snowed in!!  The weather was awful, so we were actually stuck in the house all day.  I did do 200abs and arms with 5 and 10lb weights.
Thurs, Feb 13th2mile walk in the melting snow and ice!  And I did arms with 5 and 10lb weights, 200 abs, and 25 push-ups – got to get bathing suit ready!
Fri, Feb 14th – Happy Valentine’s Day!!
Sat, Feb 15thTurns out I have a sinus infection and am on amoxicillin, so taking a running break and instead walked 2.10miles with the family.
Sun, Feb 16thStill feeling a little under the weather and lots of mucus, so baby P and I walked 3miles, did 200 abs, 25 push-ups, and arms with 5 and 10lb weights. Hoping to feel better tomorrow and get back into running.


Saturday, February 15, 2014

My life hacks!

This week YHL posted about their pantry and mentioned their "artfully jumbled pile of bags!"  My suggestion (I think I read it in Real Simple magazine 5+ years ago) put plastic bags in an empty kleenex box - one at a time so you can pull them out individually!

This works great for us!  We use the bags for litter cleanup and on walks with Molly.

The next life hack is essential oil - peppermint oil.  We use this in the shower.  Just a few drops on the shower floor at the beginning of the shower and you will perk right up!  This is the best when you have a cold or are just not feeling great.  The label says you can add it to a bath - a few drops in a cup of cold water, then add it to the bath.  I have tried it a few times and it sucks!!  The peppermint burns and you feel cold no matter the water temperature.  Definitely want to skip this!

Fun with my new lens - 85mm, f1.8

What life hacks to you have??

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Baby P's art wall

This wall has formed organically - a piece here, a piece there.  The placement isn't perfect and there are numerous tutorials on pinterest on how to layout a collage of pictures.  I'll try that in the next house since I think we are done!  I say that until we go to another craft show....  Regardless I like it!

The pillow is from Crate and Barrel after Christmas sale.  Not a perfect fit, but I like the colors for the room.  It actually looks better on the grey chair in the opposite corner.

The clock is set to the time P was born.  2:50.

My 2 favorite latest additions.  The turtle was a birthday card I received this past year!

I got this during the summer.  We had a boys name picked out since February!  The girls name was still under debate.  Good thing baby was a boy!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fall 2013 book review

I've been a little late with this....
And having a baby doesn't make reading lots of books possible.  Half a dozen seems reasonable!

Inferno by Dan Brown, 3 stars
A very nice Dan Brown book with wonderful descriptions of Florence, Italy. I enjoyed this book and think it is a nice escape read.  It did talk a lot about biology and biomedical topics, so it would be great for anyone interested in those topics.

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, 4 stars
I was hesitant to read this because I didn't want to have to read the complete series (yes, I'm a little OCD.) This was a great book. It had a nice ending that didn't make me feel like I had to read the other books. But, because I liked the book, I am planning on reading the rest of quintet. I would recommend this book to any one interested in science fiction or enjoy YA books like Hunger Games and Divergent.

Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand, 3 stars
Not her best book, but it was a nice easy read while nursing my newborn!

Dust #9 by Hugh Howey, 3 stars
This was a nice way to wrap up the series. Lots of things were answered, especially how tall/high each level is! I wondered why it would take days to go up and down the silo. The author also left some things for you to ponder and imagine on your own.

Allegiant by Veronica Roth, 2 stars
Not a great book. You need to read it to finish the series, but if this was the first book, I would have skipped it. Again, I felt like the author was rushed to write this and the story was not developed. It was repetitive. On the positive side the epilogue was fantastic. Wonderful character building and brought the series to a nice ending.  Recommendation - speed read the first ~450 pages, then enjoy the last ~100pgs.

Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger, 3 stars
I took this book with me to the hospital.  It was a nice easy read and relatable since Andy has a baby in the book.  It was fun to reconnect with the characters 10years later, especially since we are the same age and going through similar life events. Not a must read sequel book, but an easy, fun read for a vacation.

I am reading We Are Water by Wally Lamb, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, and Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple.  This last book is hilarious!

What are you reading?  Any recommendations?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A lot of WWW

Life has been crazy!  Pardon my lack of posts.  I am hoping to do better!

Wed, Jan 1stWe went for a family walk – 1.67miles, Squat Challenge Day 24 – rest
Thurs, Jan 2ndNo clue what I did this day!  That’s what I get for not keeping up-to-date! I did do my squats - Day 25 – 7reps of each x5
Fri, Jan 3rdRun with Molly – 2.03miles in 19:18 (Mile 1 @ 9:24, Mile 2 @ 9:36), Day 26 – 6reps of each x3
Sat, Jan 4thRunning with Molly – 3.07miles in 33:48 (Mile 1 @ 9:21, 0.41miles @ 9:13, 90sec walk break, 0.53miles @9:19, 0.59miles @9:32, and then 0.48mile walk home – had some new mommy issues), Day 27 – 9reps of each x4
Sun, Jan 5thFamily walk – 1.88miles, Day 28 – rest
Mon, Jan 6thDay 29 – 12reps of each x3
Tues, Jan 7thDay 30 – 10reps of each x4
Wed, Jan 8thI did arms with 5 and 10lb weights and 200 abs.
Thurs, Jan 9thI did arms with 5 and 10lb weights and squats – 10reps of each x3
Fri, Jan 10thI did arms with 5 and 10lb weights, 200 abs, and squats – 10reps of each x3.
Sat, Jan 11thI did arms with 5 and 10lb weights, 200 abs, and squats – 10reps of each x3.
Sun, Jan 12thFamily walk – 1.79miles, arms with 5 and 10lb weights, and squats – 10reps of each x3.
Mon, Jan 13thI did arms with 5 and 10lb weights and 200 abs.
Tues, Jan 14thI did arms with 5 and 10lb weights and 200 abs.
Wed, Jan 15thOff day
Thurs, Jan 16thFamily walk – 2.07miles and arms with 5 and 10lb weights.
Fri, Jan 17thA different “Short” Morning workout – 80 jumping jacks, 20 push-ups, 40 sit-ups, 50 squats, 20 lunges (per leg), and 60sec wall sit.  And then 200 more abs.
Sat, Jan 18thRunning with Molly – 3.07miles in 28:22 (Mile 1 @ 9:27, Mile 2 @ 8:52, and Mile 3 @ 9:21) and then the Short Morning workout.
Sun, Jan 19thFamily walk – 2.08miles and the Short Morning workout.
Mon, Jan 20thFamily walk – 4.03miles (1.8miles with just Baby P and then 2.4miles with G and Molly) and arms with 5 and 10lb weights.
Tues, Jan 21stMorning run with Molly – 2.01miles in 19:39 (Mile 1 @ 9:41, Mile 2 @ 9:53), I did arms with 5 and 10lb weights and 200 abs in the evening.
Wed, Jan 22ndOff day
Thurs, Jan 23rdIn the morning I did the Full Body Circuit from Pinterest and 200 abs.  I did try to take baby P for a walk, but we only made it 0.65miles – he was not having it.
Fri, Jan 24thForgot to turn my alarm on, so we over slept!  Opps
Sat, Jan 25thRunning with Molly – 3miles in 30:05 (Mile 1 @ 9:55, 0.67miles @ 9:56, 90sec walk break, 0.25miles @9:24, 1mile @ 9:33)
Sun, Jan 26thFamily walk – 2.10miles
Mon, Jan 27thMorning run with Molly – 2.14 in 20:57 (Mile 1 @ 9:46, Mile 2 @ 9:52, and 0.14miles @ 9:32) and 200 abs.
Tues, Jan 28thSnow Jam 2014!!  I was one of the crazy people stuck in their car for 10+ hrs.  This deserves it’s own post!
Wed, Jan 29thWalk with Mom, baby P, and Molly in the snow – 1.41miles
Thurs, Jan 30thWork was closed, so we went to an outdoor mall area in the afternoon and walked around.  Needed to shake out that cabin fever.
Fri, Jan 31stBack to work!  My mom and baby P shared germs and both ended up getting sick.  P had a fever when I got home, so we didn’t walk.  I cuddled with him and napped.  Probably not the best idea, since I ended getting sick.
Sat, Feb 1stThe flu hit!  I was cold and extremely achy.  I ended up sleeping much of the day.
Sun, Feb 2ndThe aches are gone, but still sick – heading towards a cold.
Mon, Feb 3rdCough and running nose.  I ended up using a whole box of Kleenex!  And spent the day in bed.  Gross.
Tues, Feb 4thI did arms with 5 and 10lb weights and 200 abs.
Wed, Feb 5thI did 200 abs, 25 push-ups, and 25 dips
Thurs, Feb 6thI did arms with 5 and 10lb weights, 200 abs, and 25 push-ups.
Fri, Feb 7thMorning workout –
3x {25 push-ups (on my knees)
       30 crunches
       50sec wall sit
       10 dips
       45sec plank
       30 lunges on each leg
       15 squats}

Sat, Feb 8thRan 3miles in 29:56 with Molly (Mile 1 @ 9:29, 0.47miles @ 9:29, 2min walk break, 0.42miles @ 9:14, 0.17miles @ 10:04, 1min walk break, 0.78miles @ 9:28) and then did a cool down walk with the family – 1.76miles.  Still recovering from the flu/cold and lack of working out, so I took more walking breaks than I would have liked.  But I am feeling better and am on the up and up!

Sun, Feb 9thFamily walk in the morning – 2.9miles and arms with 5 and 10lb weights and 200 abs in the evening.


Saturday, February 8, 2014

January 2014 Mileage

January was a slow workout month.
It was busy with work, travel, Snow Jam, and illness.

Sick Mommy and baby.

Running - 15.32miles

Walking - 17.97miles

Yearly totals - 
15.32miles running
17.97miles walking