Sunday, July 31, 2011

Master bedroom - before and during

I am painting the master bedroom.....remember some of the before pics? I have more before and in progress pics.

I call these our "prison" windows! I would like to get some
stained glass artwork to hang in each window.
Any other ideas??

GAH did some mud work....

Since the color we picked is lighter, I had to prime the room....

After pics coming soon....

Friday, July 29, 2011

Workout update

So the past week has been full of painting, working out, and feeling very tired. I'll post some before and during pics soon!

Sunday, July 24th - off/rest day!! We did make Chicken Tikka Masala (with homemade Garam Masala) for dinner - very tasty, but a lot of work.

Monday, July 25th - run day - repeat workout of 20min warm-up, 6x {2min @ 7min pace), 2min easy}, 10min warm-down.
20 min - 1mile @8:41, 1miles @8:29, 0.34miles @8:19
6x {0.28mile @7:07
0.28mile @7:08
0.29mile @7:00
0.28mile @7:06
0.29mile @6:52
0.29mile @6:56}
11min - 1mile @8:08, 0.34mile @8:33
Total distance - 6.03miles.

Finished the workout with a cool down walk with Molly - 0.54miles in 11:40.
The rest of the day was spent prepping the master bedroom - sanding, washing walls, taping the room, etc. Lot of work.

Tuesday, July 26th - accidental day off. I was going to do pilates and walk Molly, but ending up getting in the shower first thing in the morning and then the day got away from me. Opps.

Wednesday, July 27th - run day - 20min warm-up, 20min @8min pace, 10min warm-down.
I ended up doing 6.01 miles in 50:43. I was surprised at how the 20min @8min pace felt good. I thought it would be more challenging.

Splits -
20min warm-up - 1mile @8:44, 1mile @8:46, 0.29mile @8:32
20min @8min pace - 1mile @8:01, 1mile @7:59, 0.51mile @7:54
10min warm-down - 1mile @8:54, 0.2mile@8:35

Again, cool-down walk with Molly - 0.53miles in 11:12. Got to get that dog in shape!

I spent the rest of the day, priming the walls and painting the first coat of gray paint! I really like the paint.

Thursday, July 28th - more painting! and I did do pilates core challenge and then walked Molly - 1.77miles in 33min.

Friday, July 29th - Long run day! The plan was 16miles, real life was 12 miles with a 1.78mile walk home.
I started out the run feeling tired. It was also hot, hilly, and I was drinking lots of water. Around 8miles, I was near a baseball/soccer field, so I stopped at the bathroom and refilled my water. By the end of the 12miles all the water was gone and my knees really started hurting. I have had IT band issues and pain in my knees in college, so when the pain got unbearable and I still had 4 more miles, I decided to listen to my body and walk home (shorter route.) I am a little disappointed with myself, but this was a long week full of physical labor. Probably not the best conditions for long runs.

Splits -
Mile 1 - 8:34
Mile 2 - 8:27
Mile 3 - 8:44
Mile 4 - 8:24 (stopped to eat sport beans)
Mile 5 - 8:33
Mile 6 - 8:52
Mile 7 - 8:31
Mile 8 - 8:24
Mile 9 - 8:45
Mile 10 - 8:51
Mile 11 - 8:49
Mile 12 - 8:39
This puts me ~1hr 44.

On another note, I started a new audiobook - A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness - Great book!

Next week is supposed to be 18miles......

Tomorrow - pilates core challenge, walking Molly, and work on stretching my hamstrings. They were very sore after the long run.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

More workout updates

Sunday, July 17th - off/rest day! I did see the last Harry Potter movie and watched the World Cup Finals. It was a wonderful rest day!

Monday, July 18th - I did regular boot camp and the advanced class after. It was really hot, so we skipped the mile run. I did 33 push-ups in 2 min and then we all did 5min of changing-plank. 1min in regular position, 30sec with your left arm up, 30sec with right arm up, 30sec with left foot off the ground, 30sec with right foot off the ground, 30sec with left arm and right foot off the ground, 30sec with right arm and left foot off the ground, 1min in regular position. Fun!
Next we did cardio with weights (10lbs) and did some new exercises. including a lot of hamstring work! Advanced class was 3 x 5{50sec on, 10sec off} using five of the new moves we did in the previous class -
Alligator push-ups (hand off-set - one near your shoulder, one near your stomach.)
Sit and reach (siting with your but on the floor, feet flat on the ground, and hand behind you flat on the ground. Raise your hips up and with one hand reach for the ceiling, go down, and then switch hands. Repeat as fast as you can.)
Skiers - with weights in your hand swing your arms like a cross country skier.
Ballet squats with bicep curls.
Prisoner gets-ups - I love these! Lay flat on the ground, with your hand behind your head. With out moving your arms and using momentum, get up into a standing position. I curl up like in Pilates (one vertebra at a time!) then put my feet near by butt and standup.
Overall it was a great workout and I was sore the next few days!

Tuesday, July 19th - Run day!
15min warm up
6x {2min fast, 2min easy}
10min warm down

Results - 5.47miles in 50:28
15min warm up - 1st mile @ 8:23, 0.79miles @ 8:21 pace
6x{0.27miles @ 7:25
0.28miles @ 7:06
0.27miles @ 7:23
0.27miles @ 7:16
0.29miles @ 7:05
0.28miles @ 7:07}
10:28min warm down - 1st mile @ 8:22, 0.37miles @ 8:15

I like that my pace gets faster as I go. That will be useful for the marathon!

Wednesday, July 20th - Boot camp! My left elbow that was bothering me on Monday really hurt all day, so I did the workout without weights. I did all the movements and I am sure I looked silly, but oh well! We had a heat advisory, so we didn't do the mile run. I did push-ups on my knees because of the elbow. We also did a repeat of the 5min plank on Monday. The rest of the class was a mix of plyos, cardio, squats, and abs. It was a great workout and my body is really sore and tired.

Thursday, July 21st - Run day!
20min warm-up
2x {10min @ 8min pace, 3min easy}
10min warm down run

Results - 6.34miles
20min warm up- 1st mile @ 8:43, 2nd mile @ 8:35, 0.32 miles @ 8:28 pace
1st 10min - 1mile @ 8:02, 0.24miles @ 7:53
2nd 10min - 1mile @ 7:46, 0.29miles @ 7:44
10min warm down - 1mile @ 8:28, 0.18miles @ 8:26

My legs were tired and it was really hot. It was 83deg when I started at 6am! This heat wave sucks!

Friday, July 22nd - off/rest day!

Saturday, July 23rd - Long run of the week - Airport loop! This week's plan was 11 miles - 7easy and 4 @ 8:15min/mile pace.

Splits -
Mile 1 - 8:45
Mile 2 - 8:28
Mile 3 - 8:31
Mile 4 - 8:36
Mile 5 - 8:25
Mile 6 - 8:41
Mile 7 - 8:38 (stopped after this mile to eat some sports beans and do a little walking)
Mile 8 - 8:08
Mile 9 - 8:04
Mile 10 - 8:15 (this had a climb and I was really tired at this point)
Mile 11 - 8:06
Total - 1:32:47

It was hot! I started a little before 6am and the temps were in the high 80s with the heat index making is feel like the mid 90s. This was at 6am!!! I drank all of my water, something I usually don't do. I probably went out a little too fast for the first 7 miles. I need to work on maintaining my pace a little better. Overall, I am happy with this workout! And the reward, a 3 hr nap! Love it!


Argyle socks

I love argyle socks and I have a lot of them! I love wearing funky, unexpected socks.
What I wore to work today.

What I had the groomsmen wear.

What is your favorite pattern or color to wear?

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I ran 14 miles on Saturday! It was with a group of people previewing this falls marathon course. It was my first group run and I enjoyed myself. The annoying part is that my watch just crashed while trying to upload the run data, so I have no splits record:(
Very annoyed by this!!
I do remember that the first 8 miles we were averaging 8:30 - 9min/mile, the next 3miles were ~8:10min/mile - way too fast!!, which made the last 3miles awful ~8:30-8:40min/mile pace.

I am happy that I did this run and enjoyed myself for the first 8 miles. I am staying on track with my marathon training and enjoying life! Longer runs coming up in the next few weeks....

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Workout update

Monday, July 11th - Regular boot camp and the advanced boot camp class. It was super hot, so we skipped the mile run. I did 32 push-ups in 2min and 5min plank. We did the compact chain with 10lb weights starting at 1rep -> 10reps and then finished the workout with buns of steel! Outer and inner thigh work!

Tuesday, July 12th - Marathon training
15min easy warm-up run
6 x (2min fast, 2min easy) - fast pace goal was 7:30min/mile
10min easy warm-down run

I did 5.12miles in the 49min.
15min easy warm-up - 8:57 for the first mile, 0.68miles in the next 6min with pace of 8:58.
#1 fast - 0.25miles @7:40 pace
#2 - 0.27miles @7:21 pace
#3 - 0.26miles @ 7:30 pace
#4 - 0.28miles @7:16 pace
#5 - 0.29miles @6:57 pace
#6 - 0.29miles @6:52 pace
10min warm-down - 8:21 for the first mile, 0.19miles in the next 1:39 with pace of 8:41.

Splits are sort of all over the place, but I am happy with the times.

Wednesday, July 13th - More boot camp. It rained that afternoon, so the temperature dropped and we were able to do the mile run. My mile race-friend was there and we were ready to chase each other. Did I mention that are names are off by one letter?! I have an extra "a."
She won with 6:37 and I went 6:40! That is a best time by 8sec!!! I think we should try and break 6:30 next week.
32 push-ups in 2min, 5 min plank, more compact chains with 10lbs weight. We started at 1rep and I got up to 7reps. We finished the workout with a tons of abs! I was tired at the end and ready to stretch!

Thursday, July 14th - Marathon training - 5.82miles.
15min warm-up run
2 x (10min @8min/mile pace, 3 min easy)
10min warm-down run

15 min - 1st mile in 8:43, 0.76mile at 8:16 pace
#1 - 1 mile in 7:50, 0.28mile at 7:46 pace
#2 - 1 mile in 7:51, 0.27mile at 7:56 pace
10 min - 1 mile in 8:30, 0.17 at 8:19 pace

It was the 5th workout in a row and my legs were tired. I am happy with the times. Definitely tired. Looking forward to my Friday afternoon nap!

Friday, July 15th - off/rest day! I need it. I am tired.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Master bed room paint color

We picked a paint!!
Behr's Sculptor Clay.

I am going to paint the whole room this color with the chair rail in cream/white. I do have a slight problem with the color...
Can you see anything off in these pictures??

To me it looks like the paint is different when on top of the brown paint vs. on the white paint. Both squares have two coats of paint. I really like the lower paint swatch, but not the top one. Do I need to prime the brown? I think yes. GAH thinks it is just an optical illusion and priming the room would just be extra work.
What do you think??

The window in the pictures is going to have these red/cranberry linen curtains. I think it will look very nice!

Workout update

Wednesday, July 6th - Marathon training - 15min warm-up, 2 x {10min @ 8min/mile pace, 3min easy/walk}, 10min easy run. I ended up doing 5.73miles in the 51min.
Splits -
15min warm-up -> mile 1 @ 9:10, 0.69miles @8:37
1st 10min -> mile 1 @ 7:56, 0.25miles @ 7:58
2nd 10min -> mile 1 @ 7:53, 0.27miles @ 7:44
10min warm-down -> mile 1 @8:16, 0.2miles @ 8:27

Happy with this workout!
Did a cool-down walk with Molly - 0.51miles. Later that day, swim lessons and then another walk with Molly and GAH - 1.74miles. I am going to get that dog and hubby in shape!

Thursday, July 7th - off day
I did steam clean all off our rugs and finished reading Deathly Hallows. A nice lazy day.

Friday, July 8th - Long run. 12.01 miles in 1:43.25. I did two 6 mile loops, stopping at the house in the middle for a quick bathroom/food/water break.
Splits -
Mile 1 - 8:46
Mile 2 - 8:40
Mile 3 - 8:48
Mile 4 - 8:25
Mile 5 - 8:27
Mile 6 - 8:33
Mile 7 - 8:34
Mile 8 - 8:27
Mile 9 - 8:32
Mile 10 - 8:37
Mile 11 - 8:49 (soo ready to be done!)
Mile 12 - 8:35

Cool-down walk with Molly -> 0.67 miles and then a short evening walk with Molly and GAH ->0.67 miles. I did take a nice ~2hr nap!

Saturday, July 9th - off/travel day. I did walk the airport and did some neighborhood walking.

Sunday, July 10th - scheduled off day, but my next run day is Tuesday (3 day break), so I went for a short easy run. I did leave ~11:15am without water, so my planned 4 miles turned into 3.18 miles and a 1 mile walk.
Splits -
Mile 1 - 8:08
Mile 2 - 8:17
Mile 3 - 7:55
0.18 miles @ 8:27 (really really hot)
Walk mile @ 16:18


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday....

Happy Happy Birthday Charby!

It is her 5th Birthday!
The kitties helped with her present...painting with paws!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Peachtree Road Race

41st Peachtree Road Race
60,000 of my closest friends ran the annual 4th of July 10k.
I was in group B, which started 5min after the elites! Fancy me!

Splits - (according to my watch)
Mile 1 - 7:41
Mile 2 - 7:40
Mile 3 - 7:51
Mile 5 - 8:00
Mile 6 - 7:11 (not sure this split is believable - I think the watch got lost once we hit the large downtown buildings. At one point it said I had a pace of 8:45)
0.2 with a pace of 7:06

According to my watch, I did 6.38miles in 49:05 and 6.2 miles was 47:54.
According to my chip time and race info - my final time was 49:07 which put me 2941th/55090 overall, 507th/26705 in my gender, and 88th/3507 in my age group.

The best part of the race was the Air Force fly over during the National Anthem and getting a BEST TIME!! Yeah me!
No more races for a little while, just marathon training!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More workout updates

Thursday, June 30th - We took Molly on a morning and late evening walk. 1.21 miles and then 0.76miles. In the morning I did the compact chain with 10lb weights doing 10reps down to 5 reps and then repeating 10 reps. Followed by lots of abs and a stretching.

Friday, July 1st - 10 mile run in 1:27.20. Fun times!
Splits -
Mile 1 - 8:50
Mile 2 - 8:44
Mile 3 - 8:52
Mile 4 - 8:27
Mile 5 - 8:41
Mile 6 - 8:47
Mile 7 - 8:53
Mile 8 - 8:39
Mile 9 - 8:40
Mile 10 - 8:38

It felt pretty good and I was tired afterwards. Now the mileage starts to inch up week by week. My longest run is 15miles, so it should be interesting!

Saturday, July 2nd - Off/rest day with a nice walk 1.75mile walk with Molly.

Sunday, July 3rd - Pilates Core challenge and another 1.75mile walk with Molly. Got to get that dog back into shape!

Monday, July 4th - Peachtree Road Race - 10k
It gets its own post....

Tuesday, July 5th - Walked Molly 1.75miles and then did compact chain 10 reps -> 5 reps with 10lb weights. I ended with a few hundred abs. A nice and easy workout as a reward for a great race!


Friday, July 1, 2011

June Mileage

94.95 miles!!

That puts my 2011 total at 406.71!
With all the running in July, I should definitely be over 500.