Friday, December 31, 2010

3 days in a row

So I sort of fell off the workout train the last few days. We were in ABQ visiting family and friends and eating tasty food!

The past three days have been full of workouts!
Wednesday - 5ish mile run - 1st half = 23:24. 2nd half = 23:04. Total time - 46:28.

Thursday - ~45min run/walk with Molly (5 year old lab mutt) and GH - both are trying get in shape! When we got back I did the compact chain (From Stephaine's Boot Camp) with 10lb weights. 10 reps -> 1 rep.
Compact chain is a long series of exercise performed back to back in just one seamless movement.

-leaning forward row
-bicep curl
-alternating lunges
-triceps extension
-squat with shoulder press

Friday - repeated Wednesday's run - 1st half = 23:00. 2nd half = 22:30. Total time = 45:30! I finished the workout with a walk/run with Molly and GH in the neighborhood. The loop is probably 2.5miles and we did it in 51min.

Now it is time to rest up for New Years Eve!
I made chocolate pots and sea salt olive oil ice cream! Pics coming...
Have a great time tonight!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Tuesday - ~5.5mile run in 48min. It was 24degs but with the wind chill it felt like 8! We did a different loop that was more protected by trees - running over 32 sucks!

Wednesday - Boot Camp!
2min of pushups - 35
5min of plank

2 times....each exercise was done for 4min (definitely a good workout!)
-superman (face down), hop up fast like you are a surfer, squat surfer jump
-3 mountain climbers, on the 3rd one, keep your foot up near your arm and do a pushup.
-table top (2 min on each leg) - feet flat on the gnd, butt down, arms behind you with your hands faced towards your feet, stretch up, keeping one foot flat on the ground the other foot points straight out, hips up, and head back. Probably a bad description :)
- squat jumps into a pencil - fast
-abs - pike position with your arms crossed over your chest, feet off the ground ~6inches and criss-cross your legs back and forth.

Next we did some arms work with bands.
Supermans keeping your arms at 90deg.
It was a great workout!!

Thursday - travel day... I did walk from the C terminal to baggage claim instead of taking the train.

Friday - off. Errands and baking to do... pics tomorrow.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Workout update -

Saturday - 5mile run in 24deg weather! I did this in 41 minutes! This was the third time I have done this loop the last few weeks and I have progressively gotten faster at it - 45:30, 42:30, and now 41. Going to do it again tonight...

Sunday - Pilates and some weights. I really like the Ana Caban videos. She is a great instructor.

Monday - Boot camp with The Boot Camp Girl - Stephanie Dignan. I have been doing boot camp with Stephanie for almost a year and I love it. It is challenging every time I go. The work included:
Active stretching
2min of pushups (nose to the ground) - did 39 (my new record)!
5min of plank - my record is 20min...
Plyometrics - 3 min of mountain climber, 3 min of frogs, and 3 min of shoulder press with a squat jump.
Resistance bands mixed in between the plyometrics working on shoulders, arms, and back muscles.
Side raises to work on your obliques - I am terrible at this. It works my arms more than my sides. Maybe I already have great obliques!
Usually we do a mile run, but it is too cold and dark. My best mile is 6:57!

On another note, my wedding dress came back from the cleaners/preserving place. I have decided to sell it. We don't really have the space to store it and I know if we have daughters, they won't want to wear it. I am going to keep my veil. It is preserved in a separate box!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Random stuff

I am going to try and be better about blogging....

So let's start with some random things....

I have been caffeine and soda free for 11 days! I did have sweet tea vodka with soda water last Friday with girlfriends. I have also curbed my drinking for the last week. I guess it is sort of an impromptu cleanse and realizing that the last two months have been full of lots of drinking and eating. I wonder why?!:) I do feel better, but get tired ~1pm. I think I will continue this until Christmas week. My mom loves Starbucks and we like walking ~1mile to the coffee shop.

I still haven't changed my name. It sort of seems like a daunting task.

We are in the middle of job/career changes - needless to stay, I am feeling the stress. More on that once stuff is settled.
Christmas shopping is done! And has been done for a while. For GAH's family we do gift baskets with an adult beverage and personal ornaments for the children. This year the baskets are full of small things from Maui! I got a few things in Maui for my family as well.

We did decorate our tree with all the ornaments we got from our rehearsal dinner. It looks beautiful! (I'll post pictures later...)

I am signed up for the Publix Georgia Half Marathon in March! 2011's goal is to do a marathon. A friend of mine started posting her workouts on her blog - I might take this up to keep you posted on my marathon training.

It is freezing here a few miles below the Mason-Dixon Line. I need to get a better winter coat. I have a wool pea coat that goes down to my knees, but in 20deg weather, I am still cold.

I will leave you with pictures from the Gobble Jog 2010...
-Not quite ELH!