Tuesday, March 30, 2010

April Food Day!

The issue of hunger in America is still as desperate as ever. People you know - your neighbours, your relatives and your friends – are visiting food banks to help make ends meet. People who never in a million years thought they’d have to get food are visiting food banks. And the food banks are more stretched than they’ve ever been.

Donate to Feeding America - April Food Day

Thank-you for your support for this project.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday

March = birthdays!

Today (3-23) is GAH's birthday!! He got some coffee equipment and beans from Baby's coffee and from what I hear it is fantastic! Highly recommended.

Saturday is my Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Dad! My mom is paying the buy-in for a Poker tournament. Win Big!!

Gussy and Germy also have their unoffical birthdays on Saturday. Gussy will be 9 (old lady cat) and I am growing her some new cat grass! Germy will be 6 and I am sure my mom will give him extra tuna!

Happy Birthday!Happy Birthday!Happy Birthday!Happy Birthday!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

DC National Half Marathon

Yesterday, I finished my second 1/2 marathon.
It was a great morning, a little cold at the start (~45F) and a sunny finish.
With all the snow in MD this winter, I have been running on the treadmill, doing faster paces and I started boot camp (Love it!! www.thebootcampgirl.com ), different training than my first 1/2.
Since January, I have lost ~10lbs going to boot camp and running on my own.
My goals for this race were to run as long/far as possible before switching to 3min run/1min walk and beat my Baltimore time (2hr 16min).
The reward - Chick-a-fil!!!

I made my goals and smashed my time. 13.1miles in 1hr 56min!! 8:51/mile! All running, no walking.
I am pretty impressed with myself.
At the 10mile mark, my time was ~1hr 30min, so I updated my goal to try and finish under 2 hrs.
I guess I am an official runner now :)

Mile splits (some missing - mile markers were hard to see):
1 - na
2 - 18:32
3 - 8:59
4 - 8:45
5 - 9:06
6.2 - 11:02 (10k = 56min 26sec)
7 - na
8 - 15:59
9 - 8:47
10 - 8:36 - 1hr 29 min
11 - 8:31
12 - 8:33
13.1 - 9:04, 1hr 56 min