Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gobble Jog

The last two Thanksgiving mornings, I have participated in the MUST Gobble Jog. I run the 10k (6.2miles) and then walk the 5k (3.1miles) with various family members.
Last year, my time was ~56min. My goal was somewhere around 50min (~8:10min/mile) and try to be consistent with my splits.

My official finish time was 50:58.80 (average of 8:13min/mile)
67th woman out of 660
14th in my age group, out of 104
Pretty good!

Splits by mile from my watch-
1 - 8:02.89
2 - 8:17.33
3 - 8:20.72
4 - 8:27.94 - slowed down to pace myself, probably too slow
5 - 8:09.85
6 - 8:10.92
6.2 - 50:59.54

The was the first race that my splits were not all over the place, so I am happy about that!

The 5k walk took us ~56min!
It was a fun morning. The rest of the day.....not so much fun:( Ended up getting a pretty bad migraine that resulted in vomiting. Fun!
My new family took care of me and the day ended on a happy note!

Happy Holidays!

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