Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is my sister's 25th birthday!! And a dear family friend just had their second child today at 11am - its a girl!!

Like all siblings, we have had our ups and downs and as we get older our friendship grows. One of my earlest childhood memories is of the birth of my sister.

It was dark out and my dad packed me and my yellow Triaminic couch syrup in the car, heading to a family friend's house to spend the night. They would take me to day care the next day. The next morning, while at day care, I was told I had a phone call in the lobby. How exciting!! A Phone Call!! It was my dad calling to say I had a baby sister. It was all very exciting! I don't remember going to the hospital or seeing her for the first time, but I remember the phone call. Strange what we remember.
Since my mom knew my sister would be born shortly after Christmas, she decided to keep up all the decorations until she was born. We maintain that tradition still. And I even keep all my Christmas stuff up. (I will be taking it down this weekend.)

I love family traditions!
Happy Birthday Sister!!

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