Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Food tour - Grenoble, France

After landing at 6am and catching a train to Grenoble, we stopped at the first place that served alcohol! and crepes! I love French food!

We didn't eat here, but I couldn't resist a picture!

We were in Grenoble for my BFF's wedding celebration. The night we arrived was the "rehearsal" dinner. GAH ordered the meat...
and I had the fish! Both were very tasty!
We also partook in some local Airborne to ward off any illnesses! We actually had one each morning with a glass of OJ.

That night, the boys did some heavy drinking which included a glass of Chartreuse with a few ice cubes. GAH doesn't remember anything about the night after this! So the next morning called for gatorade, carbs, and grease!

We spent the day walking around the city and stopped for gelato. The store had these huge meringue cookies!

That night was the wedding. I forgot to take pictures of the meal which included an avocado, tomato, shrimp aspic (weird!) and ended with a cheese plate - did I mention I love cheese!
Appetizers at the wedding!

Wedding cake extravagance!
And if we haven't had enough desserts....they came out with a dessert tray!

The day after the wedding, we stopped for a pizza lunch.

And the last morning of our Grenoble adventure we had breakfast at local cafe. I had a bagette and cafe au lait. They brought out a sampling a jams and spreads. It was so tasty.

We had a great time in Grenoble and I would definitely recommend it as a great place off of the beaten path.

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