Sunday, October 23, 2011

Workout review

So last Sunday, we didn't end up taking Molly for a walk. It was pretty much a lazy day!

Monday, Oct 17th - Marathon training - t-minus 2 weeks!!
1mile easy - 8:59
4miles @8:15 - 7:59, 8:07, 8:04, 8:05
1mile easy - 8:38

This felt really good. I love taper!

Tuesday, Oct 18th - Rest day/paint the hall bathroom! Lots of work is such a small space!

Wednesday, Oct 19th - My version of bootcamp!
Warm-up walk with Molly - 1.77miles.
2min of push-ups on my knees - 40!
5min of plank
20min of 30sec of arms and abs with 10lb weights, followed by 35sec of cardio. I am trying to rest my legs, so no leg exercises.

Thursday, Oct 20th - More marathon training.
20min easy - 1mile @8:58, 1mile @8:42, 0.28miles @8:22
25min @ 8:15 - 1mile @8:16, 1mile @8:07, 1mile @8:11, 0.05miles @8:05
15min easy - 1mile @8:29, 0.75miles @8:47

Feeling good!

Friday, Oct 21st - The training plan had pilates listed, but I was tired and it was a long day, so I didn't do anything that resembled a workout. Fun!

Saturday, Oct 22nd - Long run day!
6mile easy
3miles @ 8:15

It was ~40deg when I started. I was in pants, long sleeve shirt, and gloves. I felt awful. It was hard to breath, my leg never felt like they warmed up - they were numb most of the run. Not a good experience to help with my confidence....
I did push through and I am going to just going to ignore how I felt!
The next long run is the marathon!!

Splits -
1 mile - 8:57
2 - 8:22
3 - 8:38
4 - 8:30
5 - 8:32
6 - 8:42
7 - 8:08
8 - 8:14
9 - 8:07

Total time was 1:16.17.

Sunday, Oct 23rd - Lazy day full of chores around the house! Marathon is in one week!! I am starting to get nervous. I am in shape and should be fine, but I can't help but worry!

This coming week, I am going to skip the cross training days.

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