Monday, September 16, 2013


Mon, Sept 2ndTired and lazy – day off!
Tues, Sept 3rd1.64mile walk with Molly and G before work.
Wed, Sept 4th1.7mile walk with Molly and G before work.
Thurs, Sept 5thI borrowed my friend’s gym pass and went swimming.  I was feeling pretty stuffed from the cold I caught, so it was a little tough.  I just did 1000yds – 100 swim, 100 kick.
Fri, Sept 6th39 week Dr appointment early in the morning.  I napped after work, since this cold has been kicking my butt.
Sat, Sept 7thSlept in since I was tired and we had a busy day with G’s family watching the nephews play football and soccer.
Sun, Sept 8thWhen I woke up this morning, I realized I had lost my mucus plug… not a big deal but usually means that labor could be in the next few days or weeks.  I did mean that swimming is not allowed and probably need to make our walks more casual.  We did take Molly out for a short walk (0.77miles) in the morning before going to brunch and running errands.

Weekly Workout Wrap-up is taking a break….
As is turns out, passing my mucus plug did mean labor was starting.  We went to the hospital at 5:30pm on Sunday, and our son was born at 2:50am Monday, September 9th!! 
We will be doing some walking, but nothing too strenuous for a few weeks and definitely not anything resembling a workout for 6 weeks.

Baby P is doing great as a 1week old.  We are all figuring out our new life and loving it.

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