Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!! and December mileage

Tired baby P on Christmas morning.  Check out those socks!!
Running - 17.46miles

Walking - 16.86miles

Yearly totals - 
200.17miles running
367.31miles walking

I met my running goal for the year!  200 miles.  This is down 202 miles from 2012, but baking a tiny human will do that.  On the plus side, walking was up 100 miles!
I am not sure what running and walking goals I will have in 2014 (full-time job and baby don't leave a lot of extra time, but I'll figure it out!) As I type, I think doing a fall 1/2 marathon seems like a good goal, but we will see.

I wish you all a great, happy, and healthy 2014!

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