Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last WWW of 2013!!

Mon, Dec 16th2mile run with Molly (Mile 1 @ 10:11, Mile 2 @ 9:57) and continued with the 30day squat challenge - Day 8 – rest
Tues, Dec 17thJust did Day 9 – 9reps of each x2
Wed, Dec 18th1.62mile walk with Molly, P, and G after work, followed by Day 10 – 6reps of each x2
Thurs, Dec 19th2.11mile run with Molly (Mile 1 @ 9:34, Mile 2 @ 9:53, and 0.11miles @ 9:55) in the morning, 1.65mile walk with the family after work, and Day 11 – 5reps of each x4
Fri, Dec 20th3mile run alone (Mile 1 @ 9:40, 0.47miles @ 9:27, 1:30min walk break, 0.46miles @ 9;05, 1mile @9:17) Day 12 - rest
Sat, Dec 21stH-family Christmas morning and then G’s work Christmas party, so no running or walking.  I did do Day 13 – 7reps of each x3
Sun, Dec 22ndSuper rainy soaking day spent inside and then the evening at a baptism and Christmas party.  I did do Day 14 – 6reps of each x2
Mon, Dec 23rdTravel day!  Headed to my home for Christmas!! Day 15 – 5reps of each x5
Tues, Dec 24th1.97mile walk with my mom, P, and G to Starbucks for morning coffee!  Day 16 - rest
Wed, Dec 25thMerry Christmas!! 2mile walk around the neighborhood before going to Grandma’s house for dinner.  Day 17 – 9reps of each x3
Thurs, Dec 26th1.94mile walk to Starbucks! Day 18 – 5reps of each x3
Fri, Dec 27th Another 1.9mile walk to Starbucks! Walking to Starbucks is a fun family tradition when we are home.  Day 19 – 7reps of each x4
Sat, Dec 28thTravel day home. Day 20 - rest
Sun, Dec 29thMore wet and then we went to a football game.  P’s first NFL game!  Day 21 – 10reps of each x3
Mon, Dec 30th2.20mile run (this puts me at 200.17 miles running this year!!!) with Molly (Mile 1 @ 9:54, Mile 2 @ 9:46, and 0.2miles at 9:29) in the morning and Day 22 – 8reps of each x2
Tues, Dec 31st Happy New Year!! Day 23 – 8reps of each x4

Hope you had a great 2013.  It was wonderful in our house and we look forward to may more adventures with baby P!!

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