Saturday, August 29, 2009


I am not sure how we angered the Karma gods - but we have.
I always say please and thank-you. I am friendly to people. I recycle everything. We are pretty good tippers (tip related to how long we wait in Restaurant Purgatory). GAH is a faithful donator to his parents church.

Last November GAH's house was broken in to - two laptops taken and a very large pickle jar with years worth of change.
Last February my apartment was broken in to - roommate's laptop taken and some of my irreplaceable jewelry.
This week GAH and a friends cars were broken in to - each person's work bags were taken with two laptops. Also, my old external hard drive was in the bag. 40GB of memories. It was the secondary backup, so not all is lost.
But still.....

How do we appease the Karma Gods?

Definition - Restaurant Purgatory - the time between finishing your meal, getting the check, and paying for the meal. We call is Purgatory because you are stuck, you can't leave. Short time here = 20% tip, long time here = less than 10% tip.

We once went to a local chain in Atlanta that is known for serving bison burgers and a meal for two people took 3+ hrs.
First the hostess forgot about us, even though we were waiting in front of the hostess stand. When the waiter came we ordered salads and our meal. The salads came and ~3min later our meals came (delivered by another waiter). The meals were set down and then our waiter swooped in and told the other waiter we were not done with our salads, so we couldn't have our meals. They took the meals away!!!! We didn't even have time to tell them to leave the meal. 20 minutes after finishing our salads, we still hadn't gotten our meals back. We had been at the restaurant for 2hrs at that point and I was feed up and ready to go. Forget the meal.
A few minutes later, the meals came. We ate and asked for the check. It took ~3omin to get the check and pay the bill. The ordeal took 3+ hrs. No tip was left and we have not returned to that particular location or any of the other ones around the Greater Atlanta area.


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