Friday, July 9, 2010


I get migraines. I was a freshmen in high school when I got my first one.

Probably on the scale of migraine sufferers, I would be in the low risk category since they are not daily, I get one every few months.

But I do get them with an aura which on the Dr. worrisome scale, takes me to the top of the list. Lovely!

My aura usually manifests itself in blindspots in my vision. I can be looking directly at you and not see a thing. It sucks. I have also been known to get nauseous - fun story of getting one of those migraines on an airplane and using multiple of the throw-up bags! I had eaten ice cream at the airport. Never again! Yes, I am superstitious:)

I have tried lots of drugs, but basically feel awful from the meds after the headache is done. You basically have to take a ton of the stuff to have any effect. I hated it, so I didn't refill my Rx and stick with the over-the-counter Excedrin Mirgraine, caffeine, and a nap with ice on my head! It works most of the time and I can function the next day.

In grad school, I was dealing with dull pain almost everyday. Sort of a stress related migraine. The Dr I went to see noticed that I am a fan of homeopathic medicine and suggested I try Migravent - a natural supplement that contains butterbur.

I started taking 3 a day as recommended for a few months and then stepped down to 2 a day, then 1 a day, then none. The daily pain disappeared after a few months of treatment!

It definitely is a wonder drug and I highly recommend it to all migraine sufferers as a way to eliminate migraines from your life!



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