Monday, August 30, 2010

Annapolis 10miler 2010

So, it has been awhile since I posted...

Wedding planning has been coming along. We are pretty much done, besides paying the vendors :(
We did get some press on another blog. Yes, we are totally nerdy!

Yesterday was my "last" race of the year. With all the wedding stuff, mini-moon, GAH's famous cousin's wedding, and our honeymoon, my running will be sporadic at best. So I haven't signed up for anything offical. I might do a Turkey Trot 10k....

I am seriouly considering a full marathon in San Diego with my friend Amanda, next June! Scary!!

On to the results....
Mile splits:
1 - 8:08
2 - 7:54
3 - 7:21 - I believe this, since my best 1 mile sprint is 7:17 and this part was downhill.
4 - 8:16
5 - 8:21
6 - 8:34 - 48:36
7 - missed this marker
8 - 1:05:45
9 - 8:45
10 - 9:11
Unofficial time - 1:23:47!!

The last 2 miles were difficult mentally. Physically, I was ready, but I have been training with other runners who help push me. My splits are inconsistent - something I need to work on as I progress as a runner. I did walk for a minute or so after passing mile marker 9. I was ready to stop and had little motivation. I kept thinking about a repeat of my last after race experience and didn't want to push myself. Regardless, it was a best time. I did have an overall good time - going to sign up again. And I have decided that I need to get a GPS, mile split running watch to help me train alone.


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