Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baltimore 10miler

Yesterday, I completed my 2nd 10 mile race - The Baltimore 10 Miler. The course was hilly which is why the last 2 miles were slow!
It was hot and I was tired after the race. I drank a bottle of water, 3 glasses of gatorade, and ate an apple. ~15min after the race I started not feeling well, very nauseous. My friend and I were meeting more friends for brunch at Golden West Cafe, so we headed over to put our name on the list. The nausea wasn't getting any better. My friends ordered breakfast and I ordered a Sprite and a plain biscuit. Before the food came the nausea peaked and I tossed up the apple and gatorade in a bush around the corner from the restaurant! Ahh I felt so much better :) I guess an apple on an empty stomach wasn't the best idea. The food at Golden West Cafe looked great and my friends gave it great reviews. I guess GAH and I will have to check it out...

Mile splits:
1 - 8:52 - thick crowds, weaving in and out of people
2 - 7:57 - downhill
3 - 8:12
4 - 8:21
5 - 8:33
6 - 8:33
7 - 8:32
8 - 7:20 - I think the mile marker was off, my best straight out sprint mile is 7:27!
9 - 9:07
10 - 9:28 - 1:24:59!!

~12min faster than the Annapolis 10miler in August 2009.
133rd woman out of 1795 women
38th out of 397 in the 30-34 age group!


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