Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Workout update -

Saturday - 5mile run in 24deg weather! I did this in 41 minutes! This was the third time I have done this loop the last few weeks and I have progressively gotten faster at it - 45:30, 42:30, and now 41. Going to do it again tonight...

Sunday - Pilates and some weights. I really like the Ana Caban videos. She is a great instructor.

Monday - Boot camp with The Boot Camp Girl - Stephanie Dignan. I have been doing boot camp with Stephanie for almost a year and I love it. It is challenging every time I go. The work included:
Active stretching
2min of pushups (nose to the ground) - did 39 (my new record)!
5min of plank - my record is 20min...
Plyometrics - 3 min of mountain climber, 3 min of frogs, and 3 min of shoulder press with a squat jump.
Resistance bands mixed in between the plyometrics working on shoulders, arms, and back muscles.
Side raises to work on your obliques - I am terrible at this. It works my arms more than my sides. Maybe I already have great obliques!
Usually we do a mile run, but it is too cold and dark. My best mile is 6:57!

On another note, my wedding dress came back from the cleaners/preserving place. I have decided to sell it. We don't really have the space to store it and I know if we have daughters, they won't want to wear it. I am going to keep my veil. It is preserved in a separate box!


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