Friday, December 31, 2010

3 days in a row

So I sort of fell off the workout train the last few days. We were in ABQ visiting family and friends and eating tasty food!

The past three days have been full of workouts!
Wednesday - 5ish mile run - 1st half = 23:24. 2nd half = 23:04. Total time - 46:28.

Thursday - ~45min run/walk with Molly (5 year old lab mutt) and GH - both are trying get in shape! When we got back I did the compact chain (From Stephaine's Boot Camp) with 10lb weights. 10 reps -> 1 rep.
Compact chain is a long series of exercise performed back to back in just one seamless movement.

-leaning forward row
-bicep curl
-alternating lunges
-triceps extension
-squat with shoulder press

Friday - repeated Wednesday's run - 1st half = 23:00. 2nd half = 22:30. Total time = 45:30! I finished the workout with a walk/run with Molly and GH in the neighborhood. The loop is probably 2.5miles and we did it in 51min.

Now it is time to rest up for New Years Eve!
I made chocolate pots and sea salt olive oil ice cream! Pics coming...
Have a great time tonight!

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