Friday, December 17, 2010


Tuesday - ~5.5mile run in 48min. It was 24degs but with the wind chill it felt like 8! We did a different loop that was more protected by trees - running over 32 sucks!

Wednesday - Boot Camp!
2min of pushups - 35
5min of plank

2 times....each exercise was done for 4min (definitely a good workout!)
-superman (face down), hop up fast like you are a surfer, squat surfer jump
-3 mountain climbers, on the 3rd one, keep your foot up near your arm and do a pushup.
-table top (2 min on each leg) - feet flat on the gnd, butt down, arms behind you with your hands faced towards your feet, stretch up, keeping one foot flat on the ground the other foot points straight out, hips up, and head back. Probably a bad description :)
- squat jumps into a pencil - fast
-abs - pike position with your arms crossed over your chest, feet off the ground ~6inches and criss-cross your legs back and forth.

Next we did some arms work with bands.
Supermans keeping your arms at 90deg.
It was a great workout!!

Thursday - travel day... I did walk from the C terminal to baggage claim instead of taking the train.

Friday - off. Errands and baking to do... pics tomorrow.


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