Monday, September 12, 2011

Wedding dress

I sold my wedding dress!
It was a bittersweet decision and moment. The dress was in a box, in a closet, in a room that I don't go into but to feed the cats and change the litter.
I know, if we have daughters they won't want to wear it. But still.

I did have my veil preserved in a separate box, and I have every expectation of convincing any daughters that they have to wear it. It is cathedral length with simple crystals spread out on the last 3feet or so. Very classic.

And there are my shoes - Kate Spade! I would have loved to wear my mom's shoes, but they were a 5 1/2! At the time they cost $12! Originally, I wanted to get cheap shoes and toss them after the wedding, but my mom convinced me to get a great pair of shoes that I would keep and wear again and possible pass on. I did wear them to dinner a few weeks ago with a Gap t-shirt and trouser jeans. I think Stacey and Clinton would have been proud! The shoes will be passed down.

We had talked about selling my dress and using the money to buy a piece of jewelry that I could pass on. A much better legacy! In March I did list it on PreOwed Wedding Dresses and had a few inquires, but no follow-ups until July. 1719 people looked at my listing!
I know, after I bought my dress, I checked out that website to see pictures of how other girls styled the dress and did the bustle, so I imagine some of the 1719 people were doing the same thing. Also, pictures of the dress on the designers webpage make it look almost a light gold color. Not the color at all in real life!

After ~20 back-and-forth emails deciding on a price and shipping, the dress was sold! I used for the payment. Great service and piece of mind. They are the middle man and hold your money, protecting both the buyer and seller. From what I read paypal mainly protects the buyer, which for a wedding dress, you don't want to be out the dress and the money!

Now I have to decide on a piece of timeless jewelry....
I am thinking of getting a ring made. A simple band with channel set garnets (matching the wedding colors)
and edge detailing to match a ring I had made with sapphires - stack them together to make a great right-hand ring. The sapphire ring was made to honor my grandmother after her passing. Her birth stone is sapphire and I used my "inheritance" money for it. I really like symbolic jewelry.
Any other ideas or suggestions....


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