Thursday, September 1, 2011

More workout updates

Monday, August 29th - So my training plan has sort of gone off track. This past weekend was scheduled to have run 22miles, but then I had the 10mile race.... The race got cancelled because of weather, so I didn't do the 22miles either. So I decided to do a long run on Monday - 18miles.
Again, it was rough - stopping twice at the bathroom and at CVS to buy gatorade and water. My shorts also chaffed the inside of both legs (first time this has ever happened) so the last few miles were painful in many ways.
I am thinking that I can race a 5k up to a half-marathon and run the marathon. Finishing under 4hrs would be awesome!
On to the splits -
Mile 1 - 8:56
Mile 2 - 8:23
Mile 3 - 8:36
Mile 4 - 8:29
Mile 5 - 8:43
Mile 6 - 8:27
Mile 7 - 8:30
Mile 8 - 8:34
Mile 9 - 8:43
Mile 10 - 8:39
Mile 11 - 8:34
Mile 12 - 8:46
Mile 13 - 8:46
Mile 14 - 8:32
Mile 15 - 8:47
Mile 16 - 8:58
Mile 17 - 9:17
Mile 18 - 9:08

Total time 2:37 with and elapse time of 2:59. Not too shabby.
I did reward myself with an Epsom salt bath and nap!
We did take Molly for a 1.85mile walk in 36min before dinner. It was nice to get my legs moving.

Tuesday, August 30th - Sore legs! I did take Molly for a 1.2mile walk in 25min to get my body warmed up before pilates. I love the stretching aspect of the pilates to help with the soreness. Before dinner, we took Molly on another hot 2mile walk around the neighborhood and to the dry cleaners. Nice active/cross training day!

Wednesday, August 31st - Warm-up walk with Molly - 1.2miles in 24min. Then compact chain with 10lb weights. I started at 10reps and stopped at 7reps - I felt a twinge in my lower right back. Crap!! It hurts :( I did finish the workout with some abs and stretching and more stretching through out the day. It felt better at night, but still a little sore. Thursday is supposed to be a run day.....

Thursday, September 1st - Welcome Fall!! My back still hurts :(
It hurt to bend down to put my running shorts on, so I decided to go for a past pace walk - 3.08 miles in 50min - 16:20min pace. More abs and stretching when I got home. I am going to take it easy and hope that it heals soon.


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