Thursday, November 3, 2011

Still alive!

My computer is in the shop.... AppleCare was about to expire and I was having some small issues that made using the MacBook difficult - dead spots on the track pad and difficulty getting the power plug to engage. They said it would be 7-10 days. Today is day 9....
I miss my computer!

Blogging with my iPhone isn't fun, so you will just have to wait for a workout update, finished living room pictures, Halloween pictures, and of course a marathon update!!

I survived the marathon and met my goal - finish under 4hrs. I was training for 3:45. Finish time was 3:53!! The first half was great, second not so good, and after the race....too much liquids on an empty stomach makes ELH a sick girl! Thankfully I have practice in the "art" of getting sick after races so I know when to find a bush/alley/trash can and try not to embarrass myself too much!

Thanks everyone for your support before, during, and after the race! Especially GAH :) It was wonderful!

Hopefully Mac will be back this weekend....

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