Sunday, December 15, 2013


Mon, Dec 9thPinterest workout day!  I decided to start a 30daysquat challenge – various number of reps of the following 5 moves – Narrow squat, Narrow squat with back kick, Basic squat, Basic squart with side leg lift, and Sumo squat.  Day 1 – 6 reps of each. Then I did -
Tone-up tight routine (website is down so I don’t have the url, just a picture of the workout)–
25 crunches
25 squats
30 lunges
50 jumping jacks
60sec wall squat}

Tues, Dec 10thP and I walk 1.66 miles and I did Day 2 – 10reps of each.
Wed, Dec 11th –  Molly and I ran 2.01 miles in the afternoon in shorts! (Mile 1 @ 9:28, Mile 2 @ 9:20) and Day 3 – 6 reps of each x2 (actually did rest day).
Thurs, Dec 12thMolly and I ran 2.1 miles in the frigid morning! (Mile 1 @ 9:57, Mile 2 @ 9:54, 0.1miles @ 9:49) and Day 4 – rest (actually did Day 3).
Fri, Dec 13thMolly and I ran 2.01 miles in the morning! (Mile 1 @ 9:38, Mile 2 @9:45) and this leaves me with ~10miles left before I hit 200!) and Day 5 – 5 reps of each x3.
Sat, Dec 14thThe plan was to walk, but then baby P had a rough night.  He was up at 3am, 5am, and 7am!  We figured out that he had a fever (100.6) and is probably starting to teeth (lots of drool and when the paci falls out he sucks on his hands) so no walking.  I was able to get in Day 6 – 10 reps of each.
Sun, Dec 15thThe fever broke and P is feeling great!  Later in the afternoon, we all walked 1.77miles and I did  Day 7 – 8 reps of each x2.

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