Sunday, March 2, 2014


I have no motivation... Hopefully the upcoming time change will change that!

Mon, Feb 24th2mile walk with baby P after work and 200abs.
Tues, Feb 25th2mile morning run with Molly 2.01miles in 19:42 (Mile 1 @ 9:50, Mile 2 @ 9:44) and 200abs and 25 push-up.
Wed, Feb 26thLong morning workout and an additional 200 abs.
3x {25 push-ups (on my knees)
       30 crunches
       50sec wall sit
       10 dips
       45sec plank
       30 lunges on each leg
       15 squats}

Thurs, Feb 27thSuper busy day at work and an early morning taking P to physical therapy.  I only did arm weights with 5 and 10lb weights.
Fri, Feb 28thAnother super busy day at work, so I didn’t do anything.  We are moving our lab and office, so I was on my feet most of the day.
Sat, March 1st2.13mile walk with baby P.
Sun, March 2nd4mile run with Molly and then a 2mile cool down walk with baby P. 
Run – 10min warm-up (1mile @ 9:48), 2min easy walk,
3x {5 min “fast”, 2min easy walk} (0.55miles @ 8:59, 0.56miles @8:56, 0.57 @ 8:48)
0.86 miles @ 9:31 Cool-down run.
This was probably the best run I have had since before P was born.  I loved it!  Maybe I have found my groove:)


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