Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wedding update

We have been making lots of progress on the wedding:

Venue booked (that was done awhile ago)
Caterer tasting done (mini sliders for the cocktail hr!!)
Florist found and flowers selected.
Cupcakes selected (no wedding cake, 6 flavors - old fashion yellow, quatro leches, cannoli, peanut butter mousse, ancho chocolate mousse, and dark chocolate mousse)Lego cake topers (yes we are nerdy and I love lego men - as a child we had legos, but my dad would never buy the sets with the men, so now I have my own lego wedding people! - hope the cats don't make them their toys!)
My dress, the bridemaid's dresses, and tuxes are done!
My shoes purchased (reception shoes - hint - I was a converse tween and Ed Hardy makes shoes...)

Invitation are here (plus other paper products for the wedding) from EarthlyAffair - We are keeping the wedding "green" and I really wanted beautiful fall themed recycled paper invitation. The owner Jennifer, was wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her company. She has also been a great resource for other earth friendly ideas for the wedding. She even sent me two tubes of organic chapstick as a thank-you. Another plus, is that her company is located in Georgia, so we helped stimulate the local economy!!

Additionally, all the paper products for the wedding are 100% recycled paper. We are using Nashville Wraps Eco-Friendly Packaging for the cupcake to-go boxes and guest bags.

For the more furgal person, Vistaprint has a new line of eco-friendly paper products.

Keeping the wedding "green"has been easier than I thought!

In keeping with the "green" idea, there will not be programs and we ask all our guests to please recycle any of the wedding paper products after the wedding.


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