Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last weeks workouts

So last week was jam packed full of workouts and not getting home before 9pm, so blogging didn't happen.

Sunday, August 21st - off/rest day! It was a nice rainy day spent inside.

Monday, August 22nd - Boot camp with Stephanie! During the mile run, I paced a friend, trying to get her to break 8min/mile. She ended up going 8:20! Her best for this course.
5min plank and 32 push-ups in 2min. We had a new instructor and we did lots of squats and lunges. Then during the advanced class we did wall sits, buns of steel, and 10 min of jumping lunges. Needless to say, my buns and legs were killing me after. It was a good workout.

Tuesday, August 23rd - 15min warm-up, 6x {3min @7:30 and 2min easy}, 10min warm-down
15min - 1mile @8:57, 0.68miles @8:53
6x {0.39miles @7:42 - this was hilly!
0.41miles @7:16
0.40miles @7:25
0.41miles @7:28
0.39miles @7:36
0.42miles @7:08 - I guess I still had more in the tank!}
1min - 1mile @8:23, 0.26miles @8:12

Total - 6miles in 55:30!
I like this training!

Wednesday, August 24th - Boot camp with Stephanie! My goal for the mile run was to break 6:30. My friend and I chased each other and I went 6:36! My best time!! I did do 5 min plank and 34 push-ups in 2min. The rest of class we did two 9min routines with 1min of an exercise with bands, then 30secs of dead man burpees (the first round) and plank jacks (the second round). We were all ready to pass out at the end. We finished the class with some ab work and stretching. It was a great class!!

Thursday, August 25th - off day. I was going to run in the morning, but the late nights had caught up with me. I listened to my body and took a day off. This afternoon, I found out that my 10mile race on Sunday had been cancelled due to Hurricane Irene. Annoying!

Friday, August 26th - Morning run! 15min warm-up, 3x{10min @8min pace, 3min easy} 10min warm-down.
15min - 1mile @9:02, 0.67miles @9:00 - still a little tired.
3x {1mile @7:50, 0.28miles @7:50
1mile @7:52, 0.27miles @7:58
1mile @7:51, 0.27miles @8:02}
10min - 1mile @8:19 and 0.44miles @8:23

Total - 7.37miles in 1hr6min. Great way to end the week!

Saturday, August 27th - unplanned off day because of rain from Irene. We did have steady rain all day and some wind. Fortunately, we didn't loose power and there wasn't any noticeable damage.

Sunday, August 28th - Travel day. I wanted to do something active because I did feel a little cabin fever after being inside all day Saturday, but it just didn't work out. I like rainy days and spending a day indoors, but two days - I start to get cabin fever!
I'll make it up on Monday with a long run.....


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