Tuesday, December 20, 2011

200th post!

I probably should have something more exciting, but I think I am getting a cold - 2 people in my research group have colds :( So it is just going to be a workout update.

Monday, Dec 12th – Morning walking with Molly and G. 1.67miles in 33:41, followed by my back exercises and some abs.

Tuesday, Dec 13th – Morning walking with Molly and G. 1.75miles in 35:01, followed by my back exercises and some abs. This wasn’t our best walk….about half way in, Molly got excited by another dog on a walk. G was having a hard time controlling her, I got in front of the leash, and then crash-go-boom! Molly ran into the back of my legs, tripping me, and my knees took the brunt of the fall. It was awful. Even a week later, my knee still looks just as bad. It was definitely a comedy of errors and we all are at fault. So much for running this week :(

Wednesday, Dec 14th – Even though my knees hurt, I still took Molly out for a morning walk. 2.01miles in 38:24, followed by the back exercises and abs.

Thursday, Dec 15th – More morning walking with Molly. 2.01miles in 39:51 and then the back exercises and abs.

Friday, Dec 16th – Off day! My friend was in town for her Residency interviews and she had to be at the hospital early. Molly and I would have had to walk ~5am. Not going to happen.

Saturday, Dec 17th – Today was the H side of the family’s Christmas celebration. I was up early for a tasty breakfast and the original Flying location (In my life, there are two lovely Flying restaurants – biscuit and star. I get names confused depending on where I am!) and then off to the airport to drop my friend. We got to the in-laws house ~10am and were there ~7pm. It was a long day with presents, food, children, and naps. No workout today.

Sunday, Dec 18th – My back and knees are feeling better, so I decided to do the 3.1mile loop around my house! My legs felt good, but I did feel out of breath.

Splits –

Mile 1 – 8:33

Mile 2 – 8:34

Mile 3 – 8:26

0.1miles in 0:50.3

I am excited to start picking up my exercise routines.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Oh no!! Get that knee well soon!! :)You're still faster than me even with an injury. Ha!