Monday, December 5, 2011

Over due workout summary

My back is feeling better. I have been off of drugs for a week and haven't any severe pain. My MRI has been postponed until the first week of January, so am going to increase the workout intensity during December, with a 6mile run being my goal. I haven't run in 2 weeks, so I need to get my fitness level back up, so I can start 1/2 marathon training in January!! Obviously, with this injury my goal of 1000miles is out. I am a little sad about this, but there are plenty of long runs in my future!

Wednesday, Nov 23rd - I went to the malls with my parents and did plenty of walking! I did end up taking a nice long nap later in the day - muscles relaxers are nice!

Thursday, Nov 24th - I had signed up to run a 10k Turkey Trot and then do a 5k walk with my mom. I just did the 5k walk. Of course I had my watch going!
Splits -
Mile 1 - 20:13
Mile 2 - 18:57
Mile 3 - 18:35
3.1 miles in 59.15!

Friday, Nov 25th - We get to an art museum with my parents and did some Black Friday shopping in the afternoon. No additional walking needed!

Saturday, Nov 26th - My mom and I did the neighborhood loop walk -> 1.66miles in 33:38. We left Molly at home, since she pulls a lot on the walk.

Sunday, Nov 27th - G and I took Molly for a walk -> 1.74 in 36:42. Note - I don't usually stop my watch when picking up her poop or if she pauses because of other dogs or random smells!

Monday, Nov 28th - 1st day back at work after taking a week off with all the awful back pain. I didn't want to push myself too hard and add a walk into my long day. Making it the whole day was an accomplishment in itself!

Tuesday, Nov 29th - Afternoon walk with Molly -> 1.64miles in 34:17.

Wednesday, Nov 30th - Morning walk with Molly -> 1.73miles in 33:01.

Thursday, Dec 1st - Morning walk with Molly -> 1.73miles in 34:03.

Friday, Dec 2nd - Morning walk with Molly ->1.71miles in 33:50.

Saturday, Dec 3rd - Morning long walk with Molly -> 3.1miles in 58:11.

Sunday, Dec 4th - Afternoon walk with Molly -> 2.32miles in 43:20.

Monday is going to be more of the same and Tuesday, I am going to add in some running!!

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