Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekly walking summary

So my workouts are still pretty boring. I thought I might start running this week, but my back just doesn't feel right. I think sticking with walking, my assigned back exercises, and some abs is great. This week I would like to add some running and weights, but we will just have to see how I feel.
On the positive side, I did walk every day, with a weekly total of 14.27miles!

Monday, Dec 5th - Walked 1.76 miles in 35:13 with Molly and G in the morning.

Tuesday, Dec 6th - Walked 1.75 miles in 33:20 with Molly and G in the morning.

Wednesday, Dec 7th - Walked 2.01 miles in 40:45 with Molly after work and then did my back exercises and 150 sit-ups.

Thursday, Dec 8th - Walked 2.01 miles in 38:28 with Molly in the morning, followed by my back exercises and 150 sit-ups. I did wear my new Merrell bare foot shoes. I bought them for my birthday, but they have been sitting in my closet for a few weeks. I didn't think it was a great idea to wear new shoes with my bad back. I bought them to help build up muscles in my feet, prevent bruising the balls of my feet, and for general use. I don't plan on doing any running in them. I love my Brooks too much! So far, so good!

Friday, Dec 9th - Walked 2.0 miles in 37:29 with Molly in the morning in the bare foot Merrells, followed by the back exercises and 150 sit-ups.

Saturday, Dec 10th - More walking in the Merrells (wore them all day while running errands)!! 3.01 miles in 56:08 with Molly in the AM and back exercises and 150 sit-ups.

Sunday, Dec 11th - Walked 1.75 miles in 32:30 with Molly and G in the afternoon (in the Merrells). I have plans to do the back exercises and sit-ups later tonight:)

Pretty exciting week! I do have to take the small victories while my back heals.

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