Monday, January 9, 2012

1st workout update of 2012!

Sunday, Jan 1stHappy New Year!!

I am registered for a ½ marathon in mid-March and 5 x 5K run on April 1st.

I wanted to try and average 8min/mile for the ½ marathon, but with my back problems and this lingering cold, I am hoping to just finish the race under 2hrs. I am going to do a few fall marathons and hopefully I will be able to train to achieve 8min/mile!

As for the 5 x 5Ks, my plan right now is to try and be consistent throughout and possible get a best time. My goal times will solidify once we get closer to the race and after I do a 3 x 3K training run with a 10min break in between.

Monday, Jan 2nd – 1st run of the new year! 3.10miles in 27:15.

Splits –

Mile 1 – 8:54

Mile 2 – 8:44

Mile 3 – 8:43

0.1miles @ 8:47

Nice consistency!

Tuesday, Jan 3rd – MRI day! I have had an MRI on my head when my migraines changed and they thought I might have a pituitary gland tumor, so I wasn’t too worried about feeling claustrophobic. This test was different. It was really loud and I did start to feel a little uncomfortable. Hopefully, this will be my last one! My follow up appointment to go over the results is on the 10th.

I did walk Molly in the afternoon – 2.0 miles in 38:29. After, I did my back exercise, abs, and I have added in arms with my 10lb weights. My arms are getting a little flabby :)

Wednesday, Jan 4th – 3.76mile run in 32:37. I was trying to increase my mileage, but the lingering congestion is still bothering me and I have a hard time breathing. I did a cool down walk with Molly - 0.53miles in 9:16 and then back exercise, abs, and arms.

Splits –

Mile 1 – 8:51

Mile 2 – 8:38

Mile 3 – 8:33

0.76 miles @ 8:42 pace

Thursday, Jan 5th – 2.04mile walk with Molly in 39:03, followed by back, abs, and arm work.

Friday, Jan 6th – 2.12mile walk with Molly in 38:35 (trying to pick up the pace!), followed by back and arm work.

Saturday, Jan 7th – 7.01mile run in 1:03.28! It wasn’t pretty since I felt out of breath a lot, but I did it and it is going to be hard work getting back up to marathon condition!

Splits –

Mile 1 – 9:01

Mile 2 – 8:51

Mile 3 – 8:52

Mile 4 – 8:43

0.5 miles at a pace of 8:53

0.12 miles walk break (2min)

0.8 miles at 8:51

0.06 miles walk break (1min)

0.52 miles at 8:44

1 mile at 8:49

It was hard, but I am happy with it!

Sunday, Jan 8th – Easy stroll with Molly. 2.04miles in 41min.




  1. YAY! For a new year of workouts. Are you really going to do multiple fall marathons? WOW.

  2. Opps! Meant 1/2 marathons! No more marathons! 1 was plenty:)
    Probably the 13.1 series since it is usually early October and then the Detroit 1/2 which is at the end of October.