Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I have a lot of shoes!
61 to be specific!
That doesn't count the 12 flip flops I also own.
All neatly stored in shoes racks on 2 closet doors and 2 under-the-bed storage case.

It seems like a ton, but don't women usually have a lot of shoes?

I have been cleaning and reorganizing the house. I filled up 2 bags of goodwill donations before the holidays! Tonight was shoe night :) I am tossing 6 pairs of shoes and 1 pair of old running shoes.

Some of my shoes are multiples - grey and green converse, 3 pairs of Brooks running shoes - one to run in, one to cross-train in, and a red pair that were once running shoes that I now use for casual wear, 2 pairs of NEW Brooks running shoes - I bought them for $60 each!, brown and black Dansko clogs - I work in a lab and spend days on my feet!, pink and green puma sneakers - these should be on the chopping block, brown and black patent leather flats with a cute bow on the toe! and my latest black (Christmas present from my mom) and silver (just-cause gift from G when we were at the mall) sparkly Nike Air Cole Haan flats! If they only came in red :)

Now some of the shoes have specific functions - black plain 2" heels for interviews, snow hiking boots, wellies, brown 3 1/2" Mary Jane heels - only pair of brown "fancy" shoes - I should probably get rid of these...., my Kate Spade wedding shoes, black ballroom dance shoes, Halfinger slippers - best slippers ever!, and brown and black boots - I don't wear them often, but they fit and don't hurt the tops of my feet, so I keep them around (have bone calcification on the top of both feet. Had bone removal surgery ~7years ago and the Dr said I would probably need to have the procedure done after 15 years. The bone is growing back and wearing anything tight across the top of my foot is painful. Tall boots are pretty much out of the question.)

I do have ~10 pairs of shoes that I could/should get rid of. You know, "If I don't wear it this season, I should get rid of it." But I keep telling myself I like them, they aren't bothering anything and G doesn't seem to care how many pairs of shoes I have! Maybe one of my New Years resolution should be to wear a different pair each day until I have cycled through all of them!

How many pairs of shoes do you have?? What seems like a reasonable number?

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