Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekly workout review

Mon, Jan 16thRun day!

15min easy warm-up – 1mile @9:10, 0.66miles@8:54

5 x {3min @8min pace – 0.37miles @8:11, 0.37miles @8:11, 0.37miles @8:02, 0.38miles @7:55,

0.39miles @8:01

3min easy}

10 min easy warm-down – 1mile @8:58, 0.12miles @8:44

Total - 5.36miles in 55:02

This was the first run (in awhile) that I felt great and really enjoyed running!

I did do my back exercises/stretching and 2-week-ab routine later in the evening.

Tues, Jan 17thMonday night I put our Christmas tree away and tweaked my back. Oh the pain! Work was awful. I tried to stay at my desk most of the day with my heating pad. I had a Physical Therapy appointment in the afternoon and it was wonderful. I was there for 2hrs and the therapist worked out the knots, showed me new exercises, and ended the appointment with electrical stimulation and heating pads. Heaven! When I got home, I did some more back exercises/stretching and 2-week-ab routine.

Wed, Jan 18thNike Cross Training Shakedown (30min)

1min light jog

2min straight leg kicks

1min slide and glide

1min walking lunges

2min recover

2min wood chop with 10lb weight

2min mountain climber

30sec tuck jumps

1min push away balance

1min walk out push up to swivel

1min ski jumps with 10lb weight

1min froggers

1min recover

2min plank row to rotation

1min alternating step back lunges

30sec high knee runs in place

1min 2feet lateral hops in place

2min broad jumps

1min bicycles

1min shoulder press

1min bunny hops

2min pretzel stretch

2min lower back stretch

1min standing hamstring stretch

Followed by my back exercises/stretching and 2-week-ab routine. This is my favorite iphone app!

Thurs, Jan 19thThis was supposed to be my 2nd run of the week, but my back was hurting again. I am back to taking the pain and muscle relaxer meds in the evening. It helps, but PT helps the most. I can definitely notice a change.

Molly and I did go for a 2.10mile walk in the morning and in the evening I did my back exercises/stretching, 2-week-ab routine, and arms with my 10lb weights.

Fri, Jan 20thPhysical Therapy day! My therapist “massaged”/worked out the knots in my back and tightness in my legs. It hurt, but felt much better after. In the evening I did more back exercises/stretching and the 2-week-ab routine.

Sat, Jan 21stSupposed to be the long run day, but I woke up to thunderstorms and back pain. I don’t mind running in the rain, but lightning is another thing! So, I went back to sleep with the heating pad and planned on doing the Nike Cross Training workout later. After waking up the 2nd time the rain had stopped, so I took Molly for a 1.52 mile walk warm-up, followed by the 45min Transformer workout.

2min light jog

1min back pedal

1min slide and glide

1 min straight leg kicks

1min recover

3 x {1min ski jumps with 10lb weight

1min squat jumps

1min plank walks – did this on my knees

1min jump rope – I hate jump rope, so I just jumped in place

1min recover during the 2nd and 3rd time through the circuit

2min alternating step back lunges

1min kick downs

1min modified tricep push ups

1min recover}

2min alternating step back lunges

1min mountain climbers

1min hip lifts

2min standing hamstring stretch

1min lying quad stretch

It was hard and I was tired after. My legs were sore later in the night!

I did do my back exercises/stretching and 2-week-ab routine in the evening.

Sun, Jan 22ndLong run day! My plan was the same 10mile loop as last week with less walking breaks (took 7 last week). My body had other plans. As you probably read, I have been having back pain all week and this morning was no different. I decided to push through it – 8 weeks until the ½ marathon! My legs were sore and I had little energy, so I turned towards home around mile 5, making it a 7.5mile loop. I am happy that I did it. I am going to keep training as I can and not worry about how long it takes me to finish the ½ marathon in March. Finishing the race is the biggest thing, since it is a “Do the 2” event – double medal! One for the ½ marathon and a second one that says 26.2 since I did the sister race back in October! Love it!

Splits –

Mile 1 – 9:25

Mile 2 – 9:01

0.75miles @9:07

2:24min walk break

0.38miles @8:49

1:37min walk break – was over heating and my legs were killing me

1mile @9:11

0.44miles @9:26

2min walk break

1mile @9:18

1mile @9:04

0.62miles @9:05

Total - 7.5miles in 1hr 12min!

I did a cool down 1.08 mile walk with Molly.

I plan on doing my back exercises/stretching and 2-week-ab routine in the evening.



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