Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekly workout in review

Monday, Jan 9th – ½ marathon training! The plan was 45min easy run, then 8 pick-ups (30sec hard, 30sec easy). It turned into 4mile easy run and 8 PU.

Splits –

1mile @8:48

1mile @ 8:43

0.26miles @ 9:30 - Hilly!

1:16min walk break (0.07miles)

1mile @8:49

0.68miles @8:51

1:54 min walk break before starting the Pus.

#1 – 0.08miles @ 6:53

#2 – 0.08miles @ 6:14

#3 – 0.07miles @ 6:50

#4 – 0.07miles @ 7:36

#5 – 0.07miles @ 7:07

#6 – 0.07miles @ 7:11

#7 – 0.07miles @ 6:59

#8 – 0.07miles @ 7:09

After, I did a cool down walk with Molly – 0.51miles, my back exercises, and arms with 10lb weights.

Tuesday, Jan 10th – off day! I had my follow up appointment with the back Dr. Nothing major – good, but some indications that things could get worse, so I have been sent to physical therapy (PT). I plan on writing a post just about my back.

Wednesday, Jan 11th – 1mile walk with Molly in 19:52 – slow! It was supposed to be a run day, but it was raining in the morning and I wasn’t motivated in the afternoon. I just ended up doing a bunch of floor exercise – abs, back, arms, buns of steal, and stretching!

I did find a 2-week-ab routine on pinterest and thought I would try it.

Everyday for 2 weeks -

25 crunches

25 crunches laying on your left side

25 left knee touches

25 crunches with feet flat on the floor

25 crunches laying on your left side

25 right knee touches

25 crunches with legs flat on the floor

25sec plank hold

25 lower abs raises

I am keeping track of how often I do it, so hopefully I will make the 2 weeks!

Thursday, Jan 12th – 1mile walk with Molly in 19:53 – we need to pick up the pace! Again the weather was crappy, so I didn’t run. Instead I did a Nike Training workout from the Nike Training Club iphone app. I picked “Get Lean” -> Advanced -> 30min Heartthrob. The app is free, so you should definitely check it out. It was hard and fun!

The workout required a medicine ball and 8lb dumbbells. I only have 10lb dumbbells, so I just improvised with one weight when it asked for a med ball.

The workout –

1min light log

1min high knee runs

1min recover

1min alternative medicine ball push-ups

1min plank walks – I HATE these!

1min plank row to burpee – I am awful with plank rows with any weights!

2min squat jumps

1min side lunge with rotation

2min leg deadlift reverse fly – need to get lighter weights for this!

1min broad jumps – I am terrible at this. I can’t jump!

1min plank row to rotation

30sec high knee runs

30sec modified burpee

30sec high knee runs

30sec modified burpee

1min Russian twist

1min alternating forward lunge with arm curl

2min ski jump to cross back lunge

30sec mountain climbers

2min squat jumps

30sec froggers

30sec mountain climbers

30sec froggers

1min walk out push up to swivel

1min crazy Ivans

2min standing hamstring stretch

2min pretzel stretch

1min lower back stretch

After, I did do the 2-week-ab routine.

Friday, Jan 13th – 1st day of Physical therapy for my back. I’ll get into the details in a future post.

I did do the 2-week-ab routine.

Saturday, Jan 14th – 10 mile long run! Lets just say it wasn’t pretty, but I did it. My motivation has been lacking, it was cold – 25F!, I am still dealing with some congestion, and my legs felt like dead weights. But, like I said, I did it. Instead of stopping my watch, I just hit lap, so the splits are a little weird.

Splits –

1mile @ 9:04

0.74miles @ 8:58

1:21min walk break

0.2miles @9:18

0.79miles @9:03

1:47min walk break

1mile @ 8:51

0.13miles @9:12

2:14min walk break

0.68miles @ 9:00

1:29min walk break

0.95miles @9:00

0.53miles @ 9:06

1:25min walk break

1mile @ 8:53

0.56miles @9:11

1:44min walk break

0.62miles @9:01

1:04min walk break

1mile @ 9:10

0.25miles @8:50

10.01miles in 1hr 36min.

My training plan, has me scheduled for 13miles next weekend. Maybe a better idea is repeat the 10mile run and try to eliminate the 7 walk breaks!

I did cool down walk with Molly – 0.52miles.

Later in the day, I did my recommended PT back exercises and the 2-week-ab routine.

Sunday, Jan 15th – off/rest day. I did do my PT back exercises and the 2-week-ab routine.



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