Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Homemade non-refried beans!

Do you pinterest?
It is addicting and I love it:)

I like trying new things - like the ribbon on my kitchen cabinets to display our Christmas cards.
I saw that someone posted a recipe from a blog for slow cooker refried beans (without the refry).

I like beans. I like to cook with our crock-pot and digital slow cooker. I want to move away from canned goods and instead make things from scratch. The recipe looked easy and her picture looked tasty!

(Side note - Before I started making the beans, G started talking about canned tomatoes - he has noticed that they have a weird taste and makes our chile taste funny. He wants to move away from canned tomatoes! Perfect!)

I made them Saturday during the day and had them Sunday morning with huevos rancheros. Very tasty!

This is definitely a keeper recipe!
What do you think of pinterest?
Found and tried any great recipes?

I would love to hear all about them!

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