Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stained glass

I have a soft spot for stained glass.  Geometrical patterns and stars are my favorite.
Office building in Calgary
Made by my Aunt last October.

Obtained from my hometown last Christmas.

From Banff, AB.

Turtle I have had forever from SoCali and a sneak peak at the grey office paint.
This past week, I have added 3 new pieces!
Anniversary gift from my sister!

Gift to myself for passing the PMP

I love her Etsy shop!
A friend and I took a beginner stained glass making class over the weekend and I made my own heart.  We cut and grinded the half circles and foiled and soddered it all together!

Like becoming a crazy cat lady, there is a fine line of having too much stained glass and being "that house."  I think I might have reached the stained glass border!

Do you like stained glass? Do you have any?  Do you have any particular art fascination?

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