Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 years!

You know that tradition where you save the top of your wedding cake and eat it on your first anniversary?  We sort of skipped it and failed last year!

I am not a big fan of wedding cake.  It is usually over priced, there is too much, and I don't think it is that tasty.  I do love cupcakes!!  (The whole reason I wanted to have an 18th birthday party in high school was to have this great cupcakes from a local baker.  Unfortunately, the bakery closed before the party, so no cupcakes :( )

So, for the wedding I wanted cupcakes!
We ordered 200 cupcakes for ~100 guests and I had recycled to-go boxes for the guests to take cupcakes home with them!  No leftovers for us to worry about! And then for our anniversary, I would get fresh ones from the bakery.

Here comes the fail - the morning of our 1st anniversary, on our way to my half marathon race, I realized I forgot to get cupcakes!  The bakery isn't open on the weekends:(  Training for a marathon, just getting back from Europe, starting a new job, and moving combined to distract me from ordering cupcakes!  Bad wife!

To redeem myself, we went to Whole Foods and bought what looked like 2 tasty cupcakes.  They were not:(
We used our China for the first time last year!
 1st anniversary cupcake - Failure!!

One year later and I wasn't going to fail!  Yesterday, I went to the bakery and got 2 beautiful cupcakes in flavors we had at the wedding! 

What anniversary traditions you follow?  I like the traditional anniversary wedding gift guide.  Last year G, got me personalized stationary (1st = paper) and this year I got G cotton t-shirts with the #2 of them (2nd = cotton)!

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