Monday, October 8, 2012

overdue WWW

Mon, Sept 24th 1.64 mile walk with Molly
Tues, Sept 25thbusy day at work, so no walking
Wed, Sept 26th1.61 mile walk with Molly
Thurs, Sept 27th1.64 mile walk with Molly
Sept 28th – 30th -  We heading to Asheville, NC for the weekend and did lots of walking in Asheville and at the Biltmore House.
Mon, Oct 1stbusy day at work – I had to give an hour long lecture on medical cell phone apps!   Needless to say, I was nervous. 
Tues, Oct 2nd1.65 mile walk with Molly
Wed, Oct 3rd1.90 mile walk with Molly (used the Nike Run app on my phone, which might be a little off!  Our path with the Garmin is 1.6ish miles, Nike said 1.9 - strange)
Thurs, Oct 4th1.78 mile walk with Molly
Fri, Oct 5thearly work day, so no walking
Sat, Oct 6th2.83 mile walk/JOG with Molly.  I decided it was time.  My foot still bothers me, but I think that is going to be the case for a little while longer.  We walked ~0.4miles, jogged ~0.75miles, then walked the rest.  I actually was surprised how good I felt and my foot didn’t hurt during or after.  I am going to try to add more jogging this week!
Sun, Oct 7th Today was my second missed race because of the surgery.  G and I did go to the race with his sister who ran her first ½ marathon.  She finished in 1:55!!  Awesome!  We did a lot of walking to different parts of the race, which counts for my mileage?!?  I didn’t track it. 
This was my first time being a spectator and I was surprised how fast and how much fun it is to cheer.  Hopefully, it won’t be doing much spectating in the future.


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