Sunday, October 21, 2012

WWW - 2weeks worth

Mon, Oct 8th2mile walk with Molly and some abs!
Tues, Oct 9th1.94mile walk with Molly and more abs!
Wed, Oct 10th2.02mile walk with Molly – do you see a pattern?!
Thurs, Oct 11th1.93mile walk with Molly and more abs!
Fri, Oct 12thWalked the airport since I was heading home for the weekend to meet my besties new daughters!
Sat, Oct 13th3.21mile walk with my mom around my parents neighborhood and to Starbucks for coffee!
Sun, Oct 14thWalked with my bestie, her baby, and The Bob around a local festival.
Mon, Oct 15thHeaded home, so more airport walking.  I like walking instead of taking the train around the airport!
Tues, Oct 16th2.0mile walk with Molly.

Wed, Oct 17thLace up the running shoes! Molly and I walked 0.35miles to get the poo out!  1mile RUN in 10:05!  1.12mile walk home.  My foot felt good and I felt in control!  Looking forward to more running!

Thurs, Oct 18thUnscheduled off day.  It was raining in the morning and I didn’t get home until after 7pm, so no walking.

Fri, Oct 19thRepeat of Wednesday… 0.35mile warm-up walk, 1mile RUN in 9:22, 1.65mile walk home.  Again my foot felt good, but was tired later in the evening and needed ice.  I think I’ll stick with this workout routine for another week before adding more mileage and running without Molly.

Sat, Oct 20thBack in the spring I bought a 20class Bikram yoga pass on Groupon.  My foot is still healing, but it is time I get back into a regular workout routine, so started Bikram!  It was hot, hard, and the standing posses did bother my foot.  My ankles are weak, but hopefully after a few classes the standing posses won’t be so hard!
Sun, Oct 21st2nd Bikram yoga class!  And painting the office bookshelf….
After 2 coats...
Rainforest by Martha Stewart
I think the paint will need three coats, which isn't too bad since the 2nd coat only took me 30min.  Hopefully, by the end of next weekend I can start putting the office completely back together!
What workouts or home improvements have you been up to?

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