Thursday, December 20, 2012

33 weeks

You probably know that there are 52 weeks in the year.  G has been in Calgary for 33 of them!

I have been thinking about writing this post for a while, but just haven't had the strength.
G owns his own IT architecture firm that does back-end storage/server stuff.  They are the middlemen when it comes to implementing large company's storage solutions.  Most of the work can be done remotely, but these big company's like face time = on-site meetings = lots of travel.  Owning his own company and not working for "the man" has been one of his life long goals.  So I have to be supportive....

My family has only ever worked for "the man" and as a one of my besties said to me, "you were born in the black!"so the thought of owning your own business to me is scary.  I do sort of have a dream of opening a bakery, once I retire from the engineering world.  Have to put my PhD in electrical engineering to use! but that is many many many years away.

G started is new company adventure shortly before we got married and officially once we landed home from our honeymoon when the company he was working for locked out his account!  That is another story for another time.  Also at that time, I was working and living in Maryland part-time and flying home every 2 weeks for 2 weeks.  The plan was to move permanently home January 2011.  But somebody needed to have a solid job (remember the black thing?), so January turned into September 2011.  Tough, but Yay for being in the same house!

At that time G's company had started to get some major jobs, and as I moved home he started traveling to Dallas and Phoenix on a regular basis.  Then January 2012 rolls around and G is working for a major oil company in Calgary.  Great for the company!  Hard for me.  And G.  We are both home bodies.  We prefer the comforts of our house.

I can't begrudge this work.  It has honestly been wonderful for the company and has helped it grow in leaps and bounds in the last year.  The Christmas party in 2010 had 6 people (wives included), 2011 - 4 people (us and another owner and wife), this year 28 people (wives included)!  Amazing!

But it is has been very hard on me.  I try not to think about it. I put on a smile and say I am fine.  Things are fine! 

I saw this quote on pinterest - It is from this blog.

Great words to live by.
Even if someone is putting on a brave face, sometimes a hug is just what they need.

G's project in Calgary is wrapping up, but he still has his corporate apartment there and they have 2 projects they want G to work on in the coming year.  We have talked about this and again I am conflicted.  I know the company is important, but so is our marriage.  I like having G home.  Running a household alone is hard.  As it stands, G will go back to Calgary sometime in January for ~1week.  He has told the project manager for the next project that he can only be in Calgary for one week a month.  The PM replied with why?  "Because my wife wants me home.  She had to put up the Christmas tree all alone (after this I decided that decorating the tree is not fun and I actually don't like doing it.  Love all the other Christmas decorating.  Unwrapping the ornaments is fun.  Handing the ornaments to someone else to put on the tree - awesome!  Alone = sucky), she wants me home.  I need to be home."  Good man!
The project after that is more involved and will require more time.  The goal is to get other people in the company up to Calgary.... or move closer to Calgary....
The oil company will fly G or me up there every weekend, but there are not any direct flights.  You either connect in MSP or SLC.  Yes, I know many airport codes.  Calgary = YYC, Toronto = YYZ
I went up once on a Thursday and came back on Monday with a plague/killer cold that lasted about a month.  Not fun!  Moving closer to Calgary = direct flight = home more often!!  
I guess we will just see what the next year brings....and if you see me, give me a hug!

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