Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Office update

I am 95% done with office!!  This post has some more before pics...



The recovered chair has a matching blanket.  Not as cute, but easier to wash!  I also made a matching dog bed for Molly!

And this is the 5% that needs work - G's stuff that he needs to go through and either trash or organize for storage in the attic and some artwork for that wall.
Maybe add some curtains.

And add more artwork to the collage.
 Notice the doors??  All of our interior doors were flat paneled and the previous owners had put holes in most of the them and just patched them up with drywall and paint.  Awful!!  Getting new doors (6 doors) and new hardware (we had a mix-match of gold, silver, round, oval, and square-ish door knobs) was on our eventual to-do list, but my MIL decided new installed doors would be our Christmas present!  Her goal was to have them done before my parents came for Thanksgiving.  So within a 72hr period, we picked out the doors and hardware (antique bronze finish) and they were installed by the door fairy (AKA my FIL).  Goal accomplished!!  Now I just need to sand and paint them.... maybe after the new year.
I am also thinking about adding painted detail to some of the doors as suggested by project #29 in Young House Love's book!

Now some detail pics -
The middle artwork is my favorite flower and is a print I got when I went to Hawaii with my family in 2003.
On either side is artwork (actually blank greeting cards) I got in Calgary from a Canadian artist.  The green/teal goes well with the bookshelf paint and rug.

I really like how the bookshelves came out.

Another beauty shot!  
I know the rug is pushed back a little too much, but until G sorts through his junk, I mean precious stuff, this is the best fit!
I really like how the room came out.
Grey paint is my favorite!
The wall paint is Bedford grey and the bookshelf is Rainforest, both by Maratha Stewart.
The rug is from USA Rugs and is Surya Jill Rosenwalk Fallon in turquoise.  I had a groupon for it, so it worked out to be a little less than $200.

What updates have you been up to?
What updates do you want to do?

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